Tesla Model X Reservations Zoom Past 6,000


Model X Reservations Now Over 6,000

Model X Reservations Now Over 6,000

The Tesla Model S is selling like crazy on two continents now, but soon the electric crossover Model X might just steal the Model S’ thunder.

Over the past weekend, Model X reservations shot past 6,000.

Surprisingly, reservation for the Model X continue to pour in, despite nobody knowing what the X will cost.

Reservations are fully refundable, of course, so there’s no guarantee that these 6,000-plus reservation will translate into sales.

It’s worth noting that reservations for the standard Model X are only $5,000, whereas the Model X Signature requires $40,000 to get in line.

The Model X will go on sale in the US sometime near the end of 2014, however only a precious few will be made as CEO Elon Musk had this to say on the electric SUV at the last shareholder conference Q&A in August:

Elon Musk:  Tesla is ”hard at work on the Model X” and refining the design.  Adds that the company expects to deliver a small number of units at the end of next year,” with volume production in 2015.

The Tesla CEO adds that he thinks there are still some things they can do to improve the Model X over the prototype shown earlier.  “I think there is room to make it better…we are going to push pretty hard to make it better than what people have seen.”

Source: Tesla Motors Club via Plug In Cars

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Since when was it possible to sign in for Model X? Have something like august 2012 in mind… how much had the Model S before it’s launch? Like 10k? Model X could top that.

A big selling point will be its increased road clearance and ability to cross road debris without bursting into flames.

Golf clap.

It’s good to see Tesla moving forward with the Model X. It sounds like a good vehicle, minus the falcon doors.

Did Tesla just release this info or is this information from before the fire?

Tesla did not provide this information. it was pasted on some websites based on comments made at teslamotorsclub.com

OK, the only reason I asked is that Tesla has been very proficient on the PR front of trying to mute “bad” news with more positive news.

OMG. How dare a company do that? None have ever done that before. Are you sure you aren’t asking for other reasons? Your comments come across with a consistant negative bias against Tesla. Not that had Tesla timed a release as you intimated that it would be a relative negative in today’s corporate culture. Every company of size does this. The traditional car companies are some of the worst offenders.

your car would have exploded into flames if it ran over that piece and you would be dead model s took the hit like a boss foh 5 adults and 2 kids could have been sitting in the model s while it was on fire in the front and they would have been perfectly ok inside im sure your shitty gas car would have been entirely engulfed in flames you lame

The AWD version of this is going to be something else. Probably $10k add on.

Do they say anywhere what the difference between standard and signature models are? All I see is that the signature is “wonderfully equipped.”

This is unknown. Some people have both a signature reservation and a general_production reservation so they are in both queues/lines. Gives them flexibility depending on how the signature turns out. $45K is not much different than $40K (i.e. both deposits).

It is basically a Model S but taller and with falcon doors, isn’t it?

Three Row seating as well.

I guess you could also say Honda Accord is same as Honda Odyssey with the same differences between them..right?

Show me video of the assembly line being built for the Model X.

Watch out – an AWD crossover is going to be more susceptible to chassis impacts from rocks and debris than a Model S sedan. The Model X definitely needs adequate shielding for its battery, otherwise it’s going to be a disaster waiting to happen. Which could kill the company.

I wouldn’t bet against Elon Musk. Unless you’ve sold your first company for $300 million before you were 30, then sold your second company three years later for $1.5 billion, or have built an entirely new car company and an entirely new type of vehicle that Car and Driver said was possibly the best car it had ever tested, paid off your government loan 9 years early and turned a profit quickly enough to drive your stock price up 400% in a year, making you worth $8 billion, and on the side maybe you won the Space Achievement Award for the successful launch of a private rocket into space…unless you’ve done something like that, then I wouldn’t take your advice to bet against him either. This is not a guy who fails. He seems to shield himself from failure even more than the 1/4″ steel plate that shields the battery compartments on the Tesla. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Model S the highest safety score of any car ever tested, despite ONE accident, with a fire, in which the owner was grateful he wasn’t in a gas-powered vehicle. I’ve had a Porsche catch on fire, WITHOUT being… Read more »