Tesla Model X Reservations Approach 10,000 Units in US


Model X Reservation Email - Image via Motley Fool

Model X Reservation Email – Image via Motley Fool

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Model X

Courtesy of Motley Fool, we can now officially report that Model X reservations in the US have topped 8,000 units.

As the image above shows, at least 8,356 standard production Model X EVs have been reserved.

Motley Fool reports:

“Tesla’s customer email correspondence says that the “Reservation Sequence Number indicates your place in our reservation queue and the order in which you’ll be invited to finalize your Model X configuration, options, and packages.” If 8,356 really is the number of reservations for the vehicle, that’s a considerable number — more vehicles than Tesla has delivered in any single quarter so far.”

However, we know that figure doesn’t include the Signature series version of the Model X, which adds more than 1,000 or so to the total.

So cumulatively, Model X reservations in the US are quickly closing in on 10,000 units.

First Model X deliveries will start at the end of 2014 in the US.  Tesla expects to be a full production volume with the Model X by April 2015.

Model S Next to Model X

Model S Next to Model X

Source: Motley Fool

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game over for all SUVs when this comes out

god i love Tesla

You mean game over for all SUV’s in that price range…. Because there is no way a typical soccer mom is going to buy one of these over a Honda CRV or something.

Have they said what the price range is?

I want to see thousands of these in NJ, NYC and Texas…

the X’s styling isn’t as nice as the S but that doesn’t seem to be holding back the reservations.

I wonder if Gen 3 will look more like an X than an S. It wouldn’t surprise me due to the X’s superior interior space.

The next car after the X is claimed to be a car more competitive with other electric cars with pricing around $30K. It should be called the Model E. Range will be around 200 miles and comes out around late 2016 to early 2017. Should compete with nissan leaf, chevy volt, honda fit ev, and the ford focus ev

The funny thing is that, even with the gull doors in that tight parking, mostly people who can AFFORD one, couldn’t squeeze between the cars…

Myth: All Rich People Are Fat

While it certainly does happen, generalizing for a diverse group always leads to problems… If one assumes the quality & variety of food increases along with household income; rich people should be statistically thinner and healthier than people with lower incomes. And most poor people can’t hire personal trainers, either. 😉

Myth: All Tesla buyers are rich

I just got my S with a $35,000 salary.

Tesla Lover125

Interesting, tell us more!

Their called falcon wing doors


What did the Model S have in reservation in the similar timeframe (pre-Production) as the Model X?

Was it more or less?

According to Tesla’s 8-k filing for May 2012, they had 9,800 reservations at the end of Q1, 2012. They passed 10,000 during Q2. They started deliveries at the beginning of Q3. We are still 3 quarters from Model X deliveries, so definitely the Model X is ahead. That is of course expected.


Thanks! GTK!

Just as a random thing, the Model X reservation numbers here are for the US only – it is just the way they are tracked.

There is, I want to say, 1500-2000 more internationally on top of this. So maybe 12,000 total “on paper”

You can never really say exactly how many there actually are however, as abandoned reservations are not re-sequenced and Tesla never says … also, the company began taking X reservations long before the S went into mass production which is a consideration to account for as well – there was a couple thousand of these.

ie) I would imagine a fair number of these early X reservations (as well as more than a few since) got shifted to S deliveries as the expected production and delivery window of the Model X got pushed on to the summer of 2015 for most

If its anything like the S reservations you are probably looking at follow through to delivery of about 50-60%

I don’t think Tesla has been taking X reservations much, if any, longer at this point prior to production than with the S. There are several considerations that complicate comparisons of the X and S reservation count. Time is probably least of them. Early S reservers were taking a much larger risk which would have held the count down. Much less competition existed for the S during the reservation period than exists for the X, most notably the S. This was in the S’ favor but once the X was announced it started to cannabalize S reservations. I expect the X reservation abandonment rate to be much lower than, about 1/3 of, the S rate. The X won’t have a comparable Tesla model coming to cannabalize sales, EVs are less risky in the public, Tesla is much less risky, and the X’s characteristics are better known. Superchargers are also a great tailwind that the S reservation period didn’t enjoy much of. There will still be changing driving habits, financial, and time considerations to drive some to abandon reservations. With Asia opening soon and Superchargers poised to proliferate in Europe, NAM, and Asia reservations should gain momentum from here to production.… Read more »

Those rear doors are still a deal breaker for me. I’m all for doing new and exciting things…but…I don’t know…I just couldn’t do it.

My words exactly, I wish Model X had suicide doors instead…

The Falcon wings doors were allow a passenger to “step into the 2nd & 3rd row as apposed to contorting into a yoga position to get in or out. Plus Elon has 5 kids (twins and triplets) and this allows him and other families much easier access when putting kids in child-seats. Personally, I only need/use 2 doors, but it’s a very practical and unique design. Kiddos for Tesla again thinking outside the box.

I have reservation number #1620 in Norway 😀

Since it was opened for reservations in February of 2012 with 2013 promise sales, this is no real celebration. The MS had more reservations a year before production than the MX has now. World reservations appear to be below 12,000 now and this is perhaps why they have delayed the start of production.

Gullwing doors are a poor design.

You mean falcon wing doors. And since no one on Earth has yet used falcon wing doors how are you able to critique the function of their design?

Sure it won’t be as quick to open and close as a regular door but there is a reason for that. When you have a large opening to have access to two rows of seating you always will have to deal with a non standard door. Right now the most common solution is to use a sliding door whether manual or motorized that minivans use. The falcon wing is the same concept but it opens straight upward instead of sliding sideways. Both would likely take the same amount of time and energy to open and close.

why do you think it’s a poor door design?

while innovative and interesting, certainly the constant references to “gull wing” doors must remind some people of the collectibility of those early Mercedes designed for races, but they are going to be a problem in practical applications for SUV buyers. We are prone to want to put things on the roof, kayaks, surfboards, skiis, sleds, etc. that will cause a problem trying to open those falcon doors, even if a specially designed articulating roof rack is designed for them, since there isn’t enough room between them open for anything thicker than perhaps skiis, at best. I could foresee possibly living with passengers in the rear through only one side if they could disable one from opening, but you’d still lose at least half your functional roof storage space. It’s an issue for SUV owners, albeit possibly a minority who wouldn’t be happy carrying only 7 passengers inside.

Around here, you *almost never* see an SUV or minivan with anything other than an *empty* roof rack. If it were as much as 1% I’d be surprised. Having owned a Grand Caravan for years with 2 kids, I can tell you that we only ever needed extra room when moving the kid’s stuff to college – and a U-Haul trailer was far more effective.

I agree with David, practically speaking people don’t often put things on the roof of their SUV. If you did, you’d get another vehicle.

I’m not a big fan of the Model S or the upcoming X mostly because the size: HUGE (as in wide and long in particular). I hope the Model E can really be the size of a Leaf.