Tesla Model X Reservations Blow Past 21,000


Tesla Model X Concept

Tesla Model X Concept

Model X Spotted Previously in CA - Image Credit: Instagram ID @jmtibs

Model X Spotted Previously in CA – Image Credit: Instagram ID @jmtibs

21,000 reservations and rising. According to Tesla Motors Club forum,  reservations for the Tesla Model X exceeded 21,000 by the start of October. The reservation breakdown shows that, as of August 31, 2014, Model X reservations were being added at a rate of 43.6 per day or ~1,353 in the month of August alone. For September, a near identical 1,334 more had been roughly calculated as well (there might be a few month end stragglers to be tallied still). Some geographic demos on those 21,000 reservations:

  • 15,000+ have originated from the United States
  • 3,000+ from Europe
  • 2,000+ from Asia
  • 1,000 from Canada

In typical Tesla fashion, the draws towards the vehicle is huge, despite it still not being shown anywhere in final form and Tesla still anti-selling the vehicle ahead of its launch. Pricing and specs are largely unknown at this point in time too. Source: Tesla Motors Club

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Oct 2014 and no betas being shown yet. Wow.

Graphic of the reservation rate:

Nice chart!

So much for those who were dooming and glooming Tesla yesterday, saying demand has “flat-lined” or even “exhausted”.

Trolls and hydrogen evangelists.

Slightly off topic to Model S.

Highest assigned Model S VIN number is 59,377.

Info is from Tesla Motors Club forum.

Seems like most observers think Tesla needs to build AND deliver Vin number 60,000 before year’s end in order to make their 35,000 car production goal for 2014.

I’ve got global Model S sales at about 21,000 through September which leaves about 14,000 yet to be manufactured and sold in the last three months of the year.

Interestingly, on an English electric car blog it was mentioned that through June (the end of Q2) that 192 Model S had already been registered in the U.K. and that the cars were being delivered at the rate of about 50 cars per week.

Tesla announced a while back that there was a delivery backlog of about 4 months in the U.K. If Tesla is delivering about 50 cars per week, that would put the U.K reservation backlog at about 800 right hand drive cars.

The backlog for right hand drive models in Hong Kong was 300 at the time deliveries started there.

U.K. registration information is from:


+1000 cars for Canada? That surprised me since I think that Model X isn’t very well suited for snow (to drive on yes, but not to be covered in). I long to hear some owners winter reviews of the Model X.

My guess is a lot of those Canadian cars are likely sold in Vancouver, which really doesn’t get that much snow. === As for snow: I think that the RWD hurts Tesla model S sales far more than many realize. Most people in the Frozen North simply won’t buy a RWD car, regardless of the even distribution and heavy weight. Especially given the low clearance of the car. The Model X solves both of those problems with higher clearance and AWD. In addition: people simply like CUVs and SUVs more than they like Sedans. Thus, again, the X solves this. That said: Falcon Doors are a huge gamble. They may be cool looking to some people, but they are impractical. The biggest issue is snow. Tesla Fanboys say “duh, just wipe the snow off the car before you open the doors.” They’ve obviously never lived in snow before. The problem is that it is impossible to get ALL of the snow off the roof. Even with the normal doors on my Lexus RX330 a little snow gets onto the seats after I wipe off the roof of my car. Imagine how much will fall into the cabin with those Falcon… Read more »

Still gnawing on that “RWD is horrible” bone? Yeah. We get it. Minnesota is the center of the universe and RWD must be thrown in the dustbin of history because Michelle Bachmann will run for president again and annoy the rest of the country with her loonie word salads.

What anybody else in any other state wants is irrelevant. We understand now!

Btw: SUVs aren’t popular For any practical reason. Minivans, trucks, and sedans all perform better than SUVs. They really sell to satisfy a reptilian mind of power over other drivers because of inherent self absorbtion and self entitlement that they own the road and the SUV provides that emotional weapon to be aggressive assholes on the road. SUVs are a scourge!

Tell me how you really feel.
12% of ICE cars sold in America are RWD.
34% are AWD
54% are FWD.

Outside of California and the south RWD doesn’t crack 5% penetration.

So despite your vitriolic response, RWD is not a popular choice for AMERICA.

As of 2010 50% of new car sales were SUVs in AMERICA.

You can save the rest of your meaningless rant to yourself as it’s based on nothing but anger

Your petty whining aside, Americans have voted time and again with their wallets. And the chose FWD and AWD. And SUVs over micro compact city cars.

EV makers would be wise to acknowledge this.


RWD=Luxury and performance cars.

FWD makes for a more economical car so it is the most common.

I lived in Buffalo with RWD. It really isn’t a big deal.

Obviously SUVs are popular. Obviously they are evil. Their popularity is the worst indictment of American culture.

“Obviously SUVs are popular. Obviously they are evil. Their popularity is the worst indictment of American culture.” Perhaps. And one of the major reasons is because SUVs use a lot of oil. Wouldn’t it be great if we got people out of ICE SUVs and into PHEV and EV SUVs? Wouldn’t it be great to give people a PHEV or EV alternative to what they already drive, instead of offering them a vehicle that they perceive (rightly or wrongly) to be unable to meet their basic needs? In the height of irony, Trace says: “What anybody else in any other state wants is irrelevant. We understand now!” But the problem is exactly the opposite. The majority of the EV cars out there are made for just a tiny slice of America: Californians and Affluent people. Californians want RWD, so we get RWD. Meanwhile, the lack of AWD means that the desires of 34% of Americans are completely ignored. The desires of 88% of the market are ignored for two of the most popular brands (Tesla and BMW). Californians evidently want micro city cars and small sedans. And thus we get that. Meanwhile, 50% of the market that wants a CUV… Read more »

I said nothing about teeny city cars. I don’t like them either. But that’s what the manufacturers are offering right now. Myopic business plan to be sure, but there it is. I’d rather have those than a death trap SUV. It may be fine on your conscience if you can’t stop the damned thing and run over a Geo Metro with a 3 year old smashed head and eyeballs popping out of her head in the back seat of it, but I couldn’t live with myself knowing my vehicle choices killed her in the most gruesome way.

With her liver wedged in your tire treads.

Say what? How does a car choice result in someone else’s death? I would imagine the actions of individuals result in the consequences. There seems to be some deep seated feelings with you and SUVs…….

Ok, sorry for this stridency but you really do harp on the RWD hate in 90% of your posts. Broken record!

As I said. We get it.

And the #1, 2 and 4 (California, car culture central… Texas, big Caddilacs & bigger trucks, and Florida, convertibles, and old lady Buicks) most populous states in the U.S. are in the southern part of the country. FWD cars just plain suck. Understeering, uninspiring, boring transportation.

Well my friend My wife drives a big suv and some idiot in a little piece of crap who thought he was a race car driver hit her in the back doing 100K and she came out of it without a scratch. Little cars little brains. Do you see a big suv dodging in and out of traffic I don’t. I am glad she had all that protection . Escalade had a few scratches little piece of crap looked like an accordion.

Bully for your wife. My mother rolled her Bronco II on black ice in Washington State, and 15 years later my best friend rolled his Chevy Tahoe trying to avoid a blown tire in Florida. Months of physical therapy later, and a complete spinal rebuild, I don’t buy any safety claims on these unnecessary monsters.

I hope you wife loves her Escalade and doesn’t roll it over.

But you have to admit it’s a lot more fun driving RWD in the snow, especially in parking lots….

Next time you get a fresh snow with ice. Find a huge parking lot and write your name in the snow with a FWD. If your not sliding everywhere your not going fast enough.

Wait try my name instead it just has more turns.

Time to make the doughnuts!

It’s been 19 years since I made donuts in a parking lot with my old Toyota Tercel. I admit it was fun.

Snow is not as much of a problem as pot holes.
The low profile tires, at $600 a pop (literally), do not deal well with pot holes here in the great white north of Michigan. I have heard the same problem is seen by my colleagues who drive Mercedes.

I live in Canada (Québec) and have grown with RWD only. No problem at all, and the electric traction control is instantaneous on the Model S, It is very hard to “make donuts” with it.

And for the falconwing doors, it will be like any other vehicle, simply wipe off the snow …

In a storm, some snow will get inside but not more than others cars because it is the side winds who always affect most.

It will be interesting to see which car will sell the best, the Model S or Model X.

I hope they sell so many Model X’s that they have to stop taking orders.

So many in fact Tesla has to speed construction on the Gigafactory, and open 2 more production lines just to meet the demand.

When counting RWD don’t forget the massive amount of pickup trucks used as cars.

It’s 90% tires.. Snow performance has little to do with drivetrain layout.. More to do with CG, traction/stability control, and suspension. Besides why by a vehicle for less than 1% of your driving? Need to transport a washer machine? Rent a box truck for 35 bux instead of spending 5 grand a year on gas to use your F150 once per year as a truck. Dumb Americans. News flash: RWD IS NOT BAD IN THE SNOW. Your open differential Oldsmobile with bias ply tires and 60% weight on front is a lot different than a modern RWD with LSD, Pirelli P7s (or winter tires if u prefer), ESC and TC and 50/50 low CG weight distribution.

Not so sure “dumb americans” buy a truck to use once a year. Some put those trucks to use everyday and some use them on the weekends. Kind of hard to put yard waste, camping gear, dirty tools, ATVs, hunting results, construction gear/waste/supplies, and a plethora of other things in the trunk of a car or back of a SUV. Or should they rent a truck everyday or weekend? Pretty sure thats why trucks are sold to the public in the first place. I think it is important to remember that not everyone lives in an apartment or chooses city entertainment as their only form of recreation.

Model X will be the best Tesla yet with an SUV platform and all wheel drive. Very Special worth the wait. Anyone interested in getting their hands on Model X as one of the first owners. I hold a very early reservation and I’m not able to purchase it after all 🙁 You can reach me at macenthusiast 9469 @ gmail if interested.