Tesla: Model X Reservation Holders To Configure Before End Of 2015, Next Wave Soon

OCT 7 2015 BY JAY COLE 26

Tesla Informs Model X Reservation Holders That It Will Be Opening Up More Configurations Soon, Hopes To Release All By Year's End

Tesla Informs Model X Reservation Holders That It Will Be Opening Up More Configurations Soon, Hopes To Release All By Year’s End

Tesla Motors has sent an email out to many (if not all shortly) reservation holders, that it will soon invite the next wave of Model X reservation holders to configure their cars.  Currently the order backlog is estimated at around 28,000 persons (ex-cancellations).

Tesla Is About To Open Order Books For The Model X

Tesla Is About To Open Order Books For The Model X

Says Tesla in the email (which is copied below):

“We will invite the next group of reservation holders to configure in the next few weeks.”

No word on how large the group is; to date only the premium Signature Model X (spec/pricing details) reservation holders have been able to configure (~1,200 persons).

As the notification email is to all Model X would-be buyers (who are not unexpectedly anxious to configure and price their SUVs), Tesla gives the heads-up on when everyone in their reservation queue will get the chance to order.

“We hope to invite all current reservation holders to configure their cars before the end of 2015.”

Our first thought after seeing the email was, ‘great now we will get all the information on the standard 90 kWh Model X trim levels and options’

Our second thought was ‘what does Tesla CEO’s twitter revelation (now deleted) that the ~70D-ish Model X won’t be announced for 12 months do to current reservation holders expecting that vehicle when their number comes up?‘  – many of whom had assumed they would be able to order that trim level of the X on launch.

Tesla CEO Musk On Model X Pricing (via Twitter of course)

Tesla CEO Musk On Model X Pricing (via Twitter of course)

The Tesla CEO previously tweeted (above) that Model X buyers can expect to pay a $5,000 premium over the Model S on similarly equipped all-electric SUVS.

Below: Full Tesla email bulletin

Tesla Model X Reservation Email

Tesla Model X Reservation Email

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Any thoughts on why they raise it to 3.4 seconds 0-60? Is this under-promise, over-delivery psychology?

3.8 seconds for the X P90D and
3.2 seconds for the X P90DL.

http://www.teslamotors.com/modelx stills says: “And it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quick as 3.2 seconds.”

Learn to read…

Wow. Harsh.

Inaccurate headline. If Tesla says they “hope” to invite everyone to configure by the end of 2015, that means there’s very little chance of it actually happening. Tesla is awesome, but they are always late.

I’m fairly happy with them not being able to deliver 28,000 cars in 3 months, I know configure dose not mean deliver but realistically I think if they can deliver those 28,000 cars in the next 9 months without slowing production on the model S that is pretty good.

LOL! They better invite more than 6 this time.

Damn ST that was actually funny. See, with all this practice you are getting, one day you are gonna be a big boy and be able to make jokes, go potty and talk sense all by yourself.

Stay in your mom’s basement See Through your irrational hate.

@ ST – one can only hope… 🙂

Lol. Yeah, 1200 configured + 6 delivered seems like a awefull quouta.

I’m disappointed that full pricing/optioning info wasn’t given in the official X announcement a few days ago… Not to mention the full vehicle specs (all exterior/interior measurements, luggage capacity etc.)

When you’re a startup, it’s somewhat excusable to take paid reservations before the product is fully defined (which includes price if you only have direct sales), but not if you want to be considered a serious car company. Generally speaking, it’s an unethical business practice. It shouldn’t continue at this stage of Tesla’s development.

It’s also starting to look like the base X 90D (non-signature) might be a lot more than the base S 85D, so instead of ~$90K (pre-incentives) as per Musk’s tweet above, more like $110K-120K.

The problem isn’t whether there will still be 50K customer for the Model X at that base price next year; maybe there will be.
However, it would be very worrying for the company’s ability to keep to a price budget for the Model 3 three years from now. It much easier to hide production costing mistakes when vehicles are >$100K a pop than $35K a pop.

If it turns out the Model 3 will be $45-$50K pre-incentives, it could wipe out Tesla’s credibility.

Don’t worry, battery costs are going down fast… be happy…

Yeah, it is disappointing, and somewhat surprising, that they haven’t announced the pricing and options, and why the configurator isn’t open to anyone (like the S is). My guess is that they are revamping the options (might see changes to the S option packages soon – they tend to change on a sporadic basis as it is).

I am definitely not an SUV fan, but if I had the choice, I’d pay the 5% price premium for the Model X over the Model S, mostly for that beautiful windshield.

The trailer hitch, larger cabin space, self opening driver door and trick rear doors are just added bonuses.

I simply didn’t find the Model X appealing at all prior to release. Now it’s what I think of owning when I think “Tesla”.

Agreed. Being 6’4″, most vehicles, even SUVs, still require me to duck a little when I’m in front at a red light in order to see it. That Model X windshield looks like it would solve all of my visibility issues with most vehicles on the market.

Tired of media misquoting Model X price as $132,000. 😛

There used to be something called Journalists, who actually researched what they wrote, instead of simply echoing something someone else puked on a page.

Real “news” has been dead for a while. News stories presenting a “fact” which leads the reader to the wrong conclusion due to an absence of context is nothing more than Propaganda.

I disagree. Journalists stick to facts, and outside of a few vague tweets the only solid pricing for the X is for the Signature Edition. If Tesla wants to clarify the situation, the ball is in their court to do so.

Anon said:

“…something someone else puked on a page.”

LOL! I’ve never seen writing, no matter how poor, described quite that way before. 😉

I’ve used that sort of analogy before (but not in comments, I don’t think). It tends to fit when little else does.

Three Electrics said:

“Journalists stick to facts…”

I take you you never watch TV news reports. Sticking to the facts has been on the wane since Walter Cronkite retired, and by now reporters and TelePrompTer writers increasingly blend opinion in with fact, indistinguishably, calling it “infotainment”.

I’m glad that InsideEVs staff really do try to try stick to actual facts as far a possible, and generally do a good job of clearly delineating subjective opinions.

I agree that TV news is not journalism. It’d been a while, since I don’t own a TV, but I imagine the Internet has only made them worse. There are still a few good print journalists out there, however.

I really doubt they will make a Model X 70D since it would reduce the range too much and only be a small reduction in price percent wise. If you are on a “budget” you simply buy the S instead of the X.

At contrary it is way more likely to see a future Model X 100D which would regain a range similar to the Model S 90D.

A lot of Americans want to drive a larger car, such as an SUV or CUV. Tesla would be pretty foolish to not offer a lower trim level of the MX, given that popularity.

However, by the time Tesla gets around to offering a smaller MX battery pack, it might be 75 or even 80 kWh, with the larger pack size perhaps being 100 kWh.