Watch A Tesla Model X Do Some Real Off-Roading – Video


It’s about time we see how the Tesla Model X fares in some true off-road conditions.

This is a pretty incredible video posted by a photographer for the Adventure Racing World Championships. His job is to follow the racers from 50 teams from all over the world. They’ll be repelling, mountain biking, bushwacking, and canoeing through some 500 miles of wilderness in Wyoming. He just happens to be following them through this wilderness in a Tesla Model X.

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Tesla Model X

About 200 lbs. worth of charging plugs and adaptors for the Tesla Model X

He was told ahead of time that following these racers with a vehicle could not be done. Also, there’s been concerns with ICE cars in past running out of gas since there’s sometimes 200 miles between gas stations and the trails are taxing. However, there’s generally always somewhere to pick up a little charge.

He prepared ahead of time by buying a bunch of plugs and adaptors (about 200 lbs. worth) so he can charge anywhere, whenever there’s an opportunity. In fact, he has nearly every type available, including every unit Tesla makes. He’s also pulling a trailer with his personal gear for the excursion, which makes off-roading even more of a challenge.

Check out this amazing trip to see if the Tesla Model X can pull it off.

Video Description via AdventureArt on YouTube:

This is a ‘review’ of the Tesla Model X in some off-road conditions. I had to work in Wyoming and traveled many muddy, back roads and trails.

Total road trip distance from Toronto, Wyoming, Utah, Wyoming, Toronto was 11, 311km @ 272Wh/km (7,028mi @ 438Wh/mi) from August 2nd to 27th.

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That’s really cool, and I tip my hat to folks that would do that with a $100k vehicle.

What do you think about using oversized (diameter) off-road tyres on the same wheels to increase ground clearance and traction? Also, roof installed solar panels?

If you are doing larger tires without other upgrades it may cause problems with wheelwell clearence and possible stress to other components. That would simply be a mall crawler.

Right. If you’re gonna use oversized tires, then you’d better modify the car with dropped suspension.

Since I’m not a car modder, I have no idea if that would be easier or harder with a Tesla car than with a gasmobile.

One bad thing about that is that Tesla cars, like most plug-in EVs, have a fixed gear ratio. Using larger tires will change the effective gear ratio, lowering the torque at the outside of the tire… which is probably the last thing you’d want to do for off-roading in rough terrain. If modding a Model X for using larger tires means also changing the fixed gear ratio, then we’re talking about some pretty serious modding.

When the car already has nearly 1000 ft pounds of torque, you shouldn’t worry to much about lowering the torque while getting larger wheels. Even if you lost half of your torque, which would be extraordinary, you would still have nearly 500 ft lbs of torque, well enough for almost all off roading situations. This is where you can see a major benefit with EVs, that they make stupid amounts of torque.

Bigger concern is possible stress to the drivetrain, steering, suspension and braking components when you increase the rotating mass of the wheel /tire and increase unsprung weight. The stock components may or may not hold up ok.

I am not an expert either and the little bit I know comes from reading about Toyota Landcruisers. I think they are neat due to their longevity and reliabilty in harsh conditions. I think at a certain point it helps to have body on frame construction, lockers, and good aftermarket support like Jeeps and Landcuisers have. So the X would have the same limitation as other unibody crossovers.

In terms of the EV aspect and potential modding for offroad I would be concerned about the battery placement even with higher ride height. You could not submerge that area of the vehicle like in a gasmobile, and if something guaged into it that it an expensive “part” to replace.

I wonder if the Teslas are sealed like the Leaf (which is a sealed pack and was tested driving the vehicle through fords)

I’d rather raise the suspension, while leaving the wheel diameter the same. I’d use smaller rims, with beefier tires, but the same overall diameter.

How hard would it be to mod the Model X to have a raised suspension?

I like the smaller rim idea provided there the brakes would fit.

I want to see a telsa x raised cut wheel wells on 42″ tires

The Model X doesn’t have a fixed gear ratio. It has no gear at all. The EV’s could afford not to be bored by that due to the permanent torque the electric motor gives, no matter how many rounds per minute it performs. Changing the size of the tires will be no problem. The Model X also has an integrated system for clearance change, hence the bigger tires will find the extra space needed.

You’re new here, aren’t you. 🙂

Generally speaking, all production BEVs have a reduction gear to allow the driveshaft (and wheels) to spin slower than the motor, because for best power and torque the motor needs to spin faster than the wheels.

Each motor has a separate reduction gear, so Tesla “D” (dual motor) cars have two sets of reduction gears.

According to Mr. Google, the gear ratios on the “D” (dual motor) Model S are:

9.71:1 for rear motor
9.34:1 for front motor

I don’t know if the Model X uses the same ratios or not.

Hmmmm ok, but it looked more like onroad to me. Have you seen what true offroad is like? What car with proper tires would have not been capable of doing this?

“Finally A Tesla Model X Does Some Real Off-Roading” …nope, still hasn’t. That video looked like a pretty fun adventure and all, but those looked like typical dirt roads of Wyoming to me. We did similar dirt roads in a Nissan Quest minivan getting to a trail head parking lot in Wyoming.

I’m all for the Tesla being a great vehicle, but still probably wasn’t the right one for the job. 200 lbs of charging adapters would have been the equivalent of two full tanks of extra gas in a small truck or Jeep…

Off road? Any vehicle could do the roads shown. Lets test it on the Moab white rim road, see how it does.

That river wasn’t a hazard for the Model X. Even a Leaf would have been 100% ok crossing it.

None of the trails seem to be that tough. Like the owner in the video said, he said the tires to fail before the car would. Most of those trails shown here are easily handled by most 4WD/AWD.