Tesla Model X Puts On A Christmas Show After Enabling Latest Easter Egg – Video


Model X Christmas Show

Model X Christmas Show

Tesla has apparently just released a new hidden Easter egg for the Model X. When activated, the X puts on quite the show by flashing its lights, playing some tunes and operating the Falcon Wing doors all in sync.

Also of note:  The recent software update also enables one to travel to Mars via a SpaceX interplantary shuttle – watch here.

DragTimes was one of the first to report on this Easter egg by posting a video with this description:

“Check out Tesla’s latest software update for the Model X which enables a hidden easter egg feature that is enabled by entering in a “secret” code. After putting in the code, leaving the car and pressing the lock button the key fob, the Tesla Model X puts on quite the show with synchronized flashing lights, music and falcon wing door dances.”

We should note that you need ample overhead clearance to activate this mode and that the “secret” code is said to be either “Modelxmas” or “holiday” and that your X needs to have the latest firmware.

If this looks flashy show by the X looks familiar, that’s because Tesla applied it to 3 of its own X’s last year (see video below).

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Some folks might criticize this, but to me it reveals a desire to delight customers. I don’t know if it will convince the skeptics, but I like it.

I’d only criticize it if it took resources away from accelerating Tesla 3. But we all need break sometimes, it’s a fun way for developers to geek out.

It was written last year, they just re-used the programming.

Fantastic stuff. Loved the light/door show. Shows Tesla cares about it’s cutomers. Not just numbers and income but fun! Apple used to be this way, maybe not so much anymore with the huge growth over the past 10 years. I hope Tesla gets as big as Apple but doesn’t ever lose the personal, fun side of the company.

AMAZING!! If they get the Door s to flap faster ,it might Levitate ! Ooops ..,,I don’t want to put any Ideas in Musk’s head , He may just make it Happen ..l o l ….

Haha, that’s great!

This is only possible in a company run by engineers, not “business administrators”.

Not quite true. You’ll be surprised where I hid easter eggs. 🙂

Please tell Sparked. I’m dying to know.

Can’t get it on my X

Try modelxmas

Freakiest thing I have ever seen! Love it! LOLOLOL!

Didn’t quite recognize that Christmas carol.

Light show, interesting music but certainly nothing to remind me of Christmas.

So any other cars able to do this sort of thing? Looks pretty cool.
A few things:

1) is Elon a fan of Dune? Falcon doors remind me of Ornithoptors, maybe that is long term goal (joke)
2) give me a mode where I can cycle the head lights from outside to inside and back, like you see in this video, then you have a sort of Night Rider effect or Cylon effect. That would be much more interesting driving lights than static display we have now.
3) no doubt many cars can control individual lights via CAN bus, but to be able to send me software and practically demonstrate this control, that appears to be something only Tesla can/willing to do, love it.
4) they should do something similar for Model S, looks like they can open the doors, so not as cool as Falcon Wing doors, but still would be impressive.

Awesome! And of course it is TSO. Saw them n concert once, what a show!


And this folks is what makes Tesla desirable, edgy, cool, human. I now really want to get a Tesla (model 3 is all I can afford, but) this is awesome… Wait for Easter egg Christmast light show for your Cadillac Escalade or Ford edge. Never. Future is looking brighter for Tesla.

Not working on my Model X after software update. It may only work on 90D.

Agree “holiday” not working on a swiss P100D.
FW: 8.0 trying “modelxmas” tomorrow.

Light show not working anymore since Jan 17 2017.
Was great before. I guess Xmas season is over!