Tesla Model X Production Ramp Up Well Underway

DEC 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 27

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X production and deliveries are definitely speeding up.

According to CleanTechnica’s “Tesla insider,” weekly production of the Model X is in the hundreds now as “every other car off the line is the X.

It’s hard to estimate, but we can for sure say that Tesla is starting to making several hundred Model X per week now. How much over that figure is still unknown – maybe as high as to 800, according to CleanTechnica.

Looking at the promise dates to Signature/Founder reservists for December, and provided there is no unexpected glitches, Tesla could in theory deliver/start production on anywhere from ~500 to 1,000 units before the new year begins.

That’s probably enough to satisfy most of the Signature Series buyers in the U.S. this year (at least those who are able to take delivery of their X right away).

Source: CleanTechnica

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*Happy Dance*

Happy Holidays all. 🙂

Seriously, after three months of single-digit deliveries, Tesla is suddenly building more than 500 Model X’s per week?!?!

Color me astonished! Not to mention very pleased.

🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s the difference between hand building them and actually starting producing cars on the production line. 🙂
The car was not ready before that but after all the delays they had to get something out there even if it was just a handful units.

We’ll have to see what actually gets delivered but it’s looking good. Let’s hope it will go smoothly so that they can focus on making money, expanding and developing the Model 3.

“The car was not ready before that but after all the delays they had to get something out there even if it was just a handful units.”

Why exactly did Tesla “have to” get something out there? To prop up the stock price? The damage to Tesla’s next Income Statement is already done. They spent capex on a new production line that was shut down, yielding no return on that capital.

High factory utilization rates is one of the main reasons why Toyota has been so profitable the last years, while their competitors with lower factory utilization rates were much less profitable. In a very capital intensive industry like automaking, factory utilization rates and the efficiency of the production process are what separates profitable/successful companies from the losers, the unprofitable/unsuccessful companies.

For media purposes. Musk had said a date and repeated it many times. They couldn’t push back again. Not everything is about income statements. Few people read those.
It’s about the story. They Model X is out! That’s the story.

You are comparing the a long time well established (since 1933) number one world car company with 79 manufacturing facilities world wide, with who knows how many assembly lines, with this small (first to succeed in 85 years) start up at their second home brewed model and new second assembly line in their only facility! They are ramping up production as fast as they can since the introduction of the Model S in 2012.

Toyota can produce in 2 days what all Tesla produced last year!

Very unfair comparison, but very flattering , if it would not come from the official Tesla hater on this site.

Official Tesla hater? Did SeeThrough get banned?

The serial Tesla/Musk hater See Through is no longer with us.

Sven has now assumed that role!

I think you’re being unfair. sven does do some Tesla bashing, but he’s far from the persistent short-selling troll that “See Through” is.

Tesla is investing in a dead-end technology! Gigafactory is for batteries, which are DEAD!


In two weeks Tesla will be bankrupt!

😉 I can troll too. No need for see-trough 😉

Supercapacitor you mention still only has very low energy density 40wh/kg. Needs to be of the order of 800 to compete with latest battery tech. Ideally super capacitors are the holy Grail due to massive power outputs and fast recharge but not there yet.

BUT, recalls can cripple the level of profit a company earn on a given model year. Just because the books look good in the current year does not mean they will do so in future years.

This is why it may be better to run a bit under utilized that at high rates. In 2015 Toyota announce the most recalls in a given year and has year to complete many of the required modifications.

VW is going to be an extreme example where good profits from 2009-2015 with be eaten into in 2016+.

Um, no, its a single production line that handles both the S and the X, so nothing was idled.

Tesla is making over 1000 cars a week in a factory that Toyota gave up on

It is not uncommon for 1 critical part to delay an entire production line in the early days of production. No matter how hard you try to avoid this there is always a chance that something will be delivered out of spec and the supplier will need to change something or that a supplier is 1-3 months later to the party in terms of volume than hoped.

It is quite possible that Tesla have a thousand model X’s waiting for 1 last part and that the first 20 or so were sent out with a hand machined part or with parts from the original prototype batch. I suspect from the numbers of model S’s being kicked out that may be Tesla shifted its focus to the S while some snagging issues were sorted on the X.

What ever happens I suspect it will take another 3-6 months for the line to stabilize and for constant solid numbers to be kicked out.

Exactly my thoughts

Thanks, Just_Chris.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, but you said it much better than I was going to.

A nice Christmas present for Model X buyers.
As Anon said: Happy Holidays:

I was told that Sig# 603 (VIN 0026X) was not even in “production” yet. Messes up several carefully planned out aspects that started about the end of Sept 🙂 Money/loan/travel/etc. Bummed.

great Scottf. Glad to see you and MarkZ may be getting your Model X’s soon.

This news will become relevant to me ONLY AFTER Model X’s are in company stores for inspection. I will not buy a six figure car sight unseen. Until they make enough for their own display models, the ‘ramp up’ is ‘smoke & mirrors’.

The initial plan was to have them in stores by EOY. Tesla doesn’t have a large number of stores, so this may yet be achievable.

This should help december EV sales, unless model-X takes away from Model-S production.

maybe not in the short term as the initial Model X reservations were made by current Model S owners

I was really referring not so much to sales but as to actual production volume. Can they produce hundreds of Model-Xs per week, and still produce the same number of Model-S they’ve already been producing?

The oil companies and OPEC should not prepare for a cession of the rising numbers of electric cars. But a exponential growth with no upper limit to the numbers of electric cars that will be hitting the roads soon.

But if you do get 800,000 Teslas on the roads in the United States and 100,000 on the roads in Canada you will see large upheaval in the global oil markets.

Lewis @ Custom Fittings

Nice! I’m still saving up my pennies, but I’ll be ready for the 2017 model