Tesla Model X Panoramic Windshield – Video


Tesla Model X Panoramic Windwhsield

Tesla Model X Panoramic Windshield

Aside from its Falcon Doors, the Tesla Model X’s panoramic windshield is its most talked about feature.

Here’s a brief video (via USAToday) that focuses on some of the innovations found in the Model X, including that trick windshield and the Model X’s “bio-defense” air filtration system.

There’s even a brief discussion on how the second row of seats sits on some unique pedestals, which enable easy entry into the third row.


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Love it, now the question is:
What feature is Model 3 going to have from the Model X? Hoverhead clear windsheild? Battery options? Falcon wing doors? Towing capacity?
So many questions…

Anything cool that the Model S and X have will not be standard for the 3 just to get the base version down to $35k. That being said, the options you can pump into the little sedan/CUV will be interesting.

I think Elon already tweeted that he wanted to put falcon wing doors on the Model ≡.

Personally, I find that just as premature as the Model X bashers pronouncing the doors a “failure” even before a single person has reported any problem with them.

Maybe the falcon wing doors will prove to be a great innovation, one imitated by other auto makers. Or maybe they will prove to be “a bridge too far”, too complex and prone to breakdown, or unable to reliably deal with ice and snow.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. So will Elon.

“I think Elon already tweeted that he wanted to put falcon wing doors on the Model ≡.”


Hope it makes it to the Model ≡, fingers crossed…..

I certainly hope not as I am looking to buy the Model 3 crossover.

I don’t find the fancy windshields or doors that practical. But since Tesla is the only one that will offer one that is affordable, I might not have a choice.

The Model 3 is going to be a smaller, single-motor, S60 with some steel in the frame and life supercharging for $2k extra.

The base nominally “200 mile” Model ≡ will probably have a 45-50 kWh battery pack, not 60 kWh. Smaller car, smaller range than the so-called “300 mile” 85 kWh Model S.

My gut feeling is that the 3 will have full autonomous drive capabilities from day 1 just awaiting legislation to be activated.

Not a fan of the panoramic windshield.
I hope they offer a way to blackout the top portion and insulate it.

Paint it black or don’t buy it! I’m tired of haters whining about things they never tried.

Agreed. This vehicle is amazing.

If folks can’t handle the future, they can just go out and buy a VW TDI– and SUCK IT. 😉

Can’t handle a difference of opinion? Go and read Tesla forum instead.

Last time I looked, this is the internet and freedom of speech is allow.

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it or reply.

*cough* Glass is an insulator.

I don’t know why you’re scared of seeing the sky, but you can always put some vinyl up there, if that would make you feel any better…

Must be why people cook with it. Ever hear of Pyrex?

Man, make one simple statement and these Te$la cheerleaders get all bent out of shape and burst into PMS.

Anon said:

“*cough* Glass is an insulator.”

Yeah, but when a Model X is sitting baking under a hot summer sun in Kansas (where I live), nobody will care that glass insulates. The black-tinted glass on the roof will absorb plenty of sunshine and radiate heat into the car’s interior. It doesn’t help that glass is an insulator, when it’s the glass itself which is the hot object radiating heat!

I’m not in the market to buy a CUV or SUV, but if I was, black glass on the roof would be a deal-killer. This would perhaps have been a great option for those who want such a thing, but there should have been another option for those of us don’t want the roof of a car to add to the tendency of the car to act like an oven, baking under a hot summer sun.

In this 21st century, we have phones with apps that starts the climate well before you enter the car.
Does it solves this issue?

The “issue”, as you term it, is this: In actual real-world tests, a car painted black sitting in the summer sun averages 20° hotter inside than a car painted white. (I’m not saying that the Model X will be a full 20° hotter; obviously the glass roof only covers part of the exterior, so the excess heating will be less.) Being able to turn on the A/C before approaching the car would mitigate the frequency and degree of discomfort from an oven-like car interior, but nothing is going to “solve” the “issue” of black being a wholly inappropriate color for glass on a car, at least in regions where it gets uncomfortably hot in the summer. Faster and higher interior heating from black glass will also cause the interior of the car to age and need replacing faster, in such regions. There are also problems with things left in the car being exposed to heat. Some things, such as CDs exposed to direct sunlight, may warp from the heat and become unusable. Again, this “panoramic” roof is great for those who want it, just as a sunroof is great for those who want it. But not everybody buying any model… Read more »

I forget if I read it in a review/test drive of the Model S by CR or one of the car mags, but the article mentioned that the A/C system wasn’t able to cope with all the heat gain due to the pano roof, in a drive somewhere along the east coast in summer. I’d certainly not want that kind of roof unless it had a sliding cover, preferably reflective, much as most sunroofs have. Otherwise, you’re sitting in a very expensive solar oven.

Well, maybe when the car is off, the glass is transparent

“cough* Glass is an insulator.”


Glass is only an insulator in terms of electrical sense.

Glass is a thermal conductor, not a great one, certainly not a poor one either. That is why people cook with it and trying to insulate the heck out of it at homes with double or triple panel filled with inert gas in between.

Limo Tint film should do the trick.

Ever put your hand on a Limo tint window on a 95° day? Turns the window into a thermal conductor.

If it’s hot, and sunlight comes through or the glass gets hot, that’s counter productive to the AC and drains more of the battery.

Adds to the net drain, that’s common sense. Obviously that went out the panoramic windshield/sunroof…..lol

My guess is summer driving from LA to Vegas would get only 220 miles. Just 20 more than the Bolt!

Buy one, perform said test, then tell us you were being needlessy whiney and apologize for it publicly. You think that’s just standard limi tint on the X????

You’re GUESSING about so many things, your comments are merely laughable entertainment.

I could swear your sucking Elon’s Richard……

Let’s guess how much it will cost to replace the largest single piece of glass ever installed in a car?

Wait, you don’t like guessing? That’s something you do constantly when it’s negatively directed at companies other than Tesla — you’re as transparent as their panoramic windshield.

Didn’t people/observers whine about the panoramic roof in the Model S? Yes, and that tint made it turn out to be a non-existent issue.

The good thing is there appears to be third party products to do heatshield…


Fortunately you don’t need to buy everything that is offered on the internet for a car.


Try here too…

Looks like they plan on Model X Products as well.

Knowing Elon, he’ll go with something like this:

A thin film that goes from transparent to opaque white with the flick of a switch…



scottf200 said:

“Didn’t people/observers whine about the panoramic roof in the Model S? Yes, and that tint made it turn out to be a non-existent issue.”

I do recall a few whines about the Model S’s large windshield… don’t recall anyone ever called it “panoramic”. But there are minivans with windshields every bit as big.

Are there any other cars with a single piece of glass as big as this combo windshield/glass roof? I don’t think so, but I invite anyone to post evidence to the contrary.

Like the falcon wing doors, the “panoramic” windshield/roof seems to be a risky bet by Tesla Motors. It’s possible the falcon wing doors have been so well engineered that they won’t result in higher long-term maintenance costs, but I don’t see how that much square footage of glass on the front of the car, where it can get cracked by bouncing gravel and pebbles, can possibly avoid increasing the average maintenance cost for the car.

A risky move on Tesla’s part, and only time will tell if it turns out to have been a good risk.

roof not windshield

Citröen offers them on their minivans (C4), they are cool.

Comment was related to big car glass. They offer panoramic windshields that are as big as the one on the Model X.

But it looks like the glass roof is a separate piece of glass, not a single piece windshield/roof like the Model X has.

Plus, it’s optional.

It looks beautiful, but in Vegas I just don’t look forward to my car getting up to 150F in the summertime.

It should be optional in my opinion.

With how much rocks are flying on the US hwy these days, I certainly don’t want to pay for expensive windshield replacement.

Won’t the sun poke out of one or both sides of the sun visor?

You mean, like happens with every other car? Yeah.

I was talking about above and below, not left and right. Even the $15k Citroën C3 that features an extended windshield also has a standard sun shade to cover the overhead portion of the glass. See pictures below



No matter how much of a Tesla fan-boy you are, it’s difficult to argue that the lack of this feature on a car 8x as expensive as a Citroën C3 is anything less than an oversight.

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The ugly wire down to the rearview mirror is just horrible. Does the mirror offer an LCD mode? Otherwise, who would put up with it?

Ah, it’s likely for the autostop camera. A worthy cause.

Where do the sun visors go when not in use? Do they rotate up towards the middle?

They retract to the side, into the “A” pillar.

Yes an automatic shade should be standard on a windshield this large for sun blocking when we want it. Just like we want the sunroof on our MS closed sometimes, we also want full shade … when we want full shade!

If Tesla wanted to go really fancy, they could have used the glass that goes opaque when you remove power from it (AKA “intelligent glass”)

Nice, but all that does is make the glass translucent instead of transparent. I’ve seen similar tech that darkens/tints the glass instead.

To make that work properly in the Model X, there would need to be two alterations:

1. The glass roof needs to be a separate piece from the windshield (so you can opaque the roof without opaquing the windshield)

2. The material inside needs to turn white, for good reflectivity, to fight solar heating. (Silver is equally good, but causes glare.)

For those that see this, the ‘film’ shown above does minimize solar heating, I installed it on my kitchen window to accomplish exactly that. Mine has a photocell that turns it ‘on’ (blocking white) when the light from the sun hits it, so it is clear but for the hours that the sun baked our kitchen.

It -seems- like it would be perfect for rejecting sun heat on the mX as it is effectively LCD, lo-energy technology.