Tesla Model X Paintless Dent Removal In Real Time – Videos


Dent Removal

Almost like magic, the dents vanish without a trace.

The trick is in the lighting and in having access to the proper assortment of tools. There’s quite bit of training involved in paintless dent repair too, but once mastered, it’s really a sight to see, especially in real time.

Video (above) description:

“This is a 2016 TESLA MODEL X with a horizontal crease in the passenger front door. THIS WAS A BLAST TO WORK ON!! Be sure and stick around for the AFTER VIDEO, with a demonstration of the doors and interior view.

Video (below) description:

“Final touches on this Beautiful Tesla, This car is flawless!!!”

And here’s video from the past showing similar work again performed on the Falcon Door of a Model X.

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Well… fairly underwhelmed. Depends on what you rate as a ‘dent’. All but invisible, to me!

Well…guess you had to be there, huh?