Tesla Model X P90DL Takes On Ferrari 458 Italia – DragTimes Race Video


Typically, DragTimes takes its Model S P100DL to the track for race day, but this time around their Model X P90D was out on the tarmac for some racing action.

Model X Races A Ferrari

Model X Races A Ferrari

And wouldn’t you know…a Ferrari 458 Italia showed up to challenge the Model X.

Video description:

“Watch this epic 1/4 mile drag racing battle between the Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous taking on a Ferrari 458 Italia in a heads up drag race at our recent StreetCarDrags.com event at Palm Beach International Raceway. Should we get the new Model X P100D?”

We should note that the new P100DL Model X gets a .1 second 0-60 mph (~2.8 seconds) and 1/4 mile bump thanks to an upcoming software bump – which is about .3-.4 seconds quicker to both metrics compared to the P90DL raced here by DragTimes.

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458 was not launched right.

Ah well, that sucks, doesn’t it?

The Ferarri 458 suffered a bad “launch” when they installed an ICE at the factory.

Inferior drivetrain.

The 458 was not even in launch mode, you did not hear any revs before start, it just drove away

That reminds me of the rabbit turtle race- Bugs Bunny!

Nothing…seen one seen ’em all…the immediate torque of an electric motor makes even a car that weighs a thousand pounds more look good in a short distance race. A 30 minute road race is a different story. The Tesla would overheat and quit. Looking forward to the Tesla GT races where the Tesla is prepared for road racing.

Where do u plan to do a 30 min road race?
Building your own race track?

What the hell is “To the floor driver –>”?

Maybe it’s some drag race lingo.

No idea either, just that the floor seem quite wet there

My guess is with most electric cars you just press the accelerator “to the floor”. A good launch requires very little skill and is easily repeatable. AWD and launch mode do most of the work.

There is no launch for EV. The motor is software controled and electronically commutated. Torque control runs normaly every milisecond. Don’t know how fast is the torque control on the Tesla because I didn’t desinged it myself. But it will be similar to 1ms like stated above.

This means u can put your Grandma in the dirver seat and tell her to floor the accelerator. The designers took care of everything else!

The Ferrari won that race in terms of having a lower elapsed time from launch to 1/4 mile, beating the Tesla by .12 sec.

The Tesla launched .19 sec quicker and so crossed the finish line first.

I see no point in these races. We know the electric instant torque will beat any ICE on a short straight and only there.

However, apart from being the showoff car for the rich, Ferraris are designed to handle and tackle curves at high speeds, a different breed of vehicle. Lineage, heritage, design, experience and that aura surrounding the big F. Fascinated by Teslas feats but heart says…prancing horse any day.

U do realize, u are comparing a 2-seater sports car with a 7-seater SUV, don’t u?

No doubt about it the tesla is fantastic but the car starts before the lights go to the bottom and Ferrari definitely not in launch mode. But Ferrari is a creature of beauty and the tesla is a true work horse for the family. Both incredible.