Tesla Model X P90DL Acceleration Test To 157 MPH – Video


Bjorn Nyland pushes his Tesla Model X P90DL to the max in this acceleration test to 157 MPH.

Tesla Model X P90DL Acceleration/Max Speed Run

Tesla Model X P90DL Acceleration/Max Speed Run

Video description:

“Acceleration test of the 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous.”

“The car had some luggage and full spec, 6 seat configuration.”

“The test was done on unrestricted autobahn in Germany.”

“The time is in seconds and frames. I shoot 25 frames per second. So one frame is 40 ms or 0.04 seconds.”

“I didn’t use launch mode because I never used it before.”

Officially, Tesla lists the top speed for this version of the Model X at 155 MPH, so it’s clearly capable of that speed and a bit more.

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i bet the battery went up a couple degrees by the time he was back down to 0 mph.

I’ll bet the battery in this Tesla Motors Model X as well as the exhaust system of the Bentley Motors Bentagya that had its lunch handed to it both went up as well.


Link Goes To Motor Trend, hilarious Drag Video, “2017 Bentley Bentayga vs. 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous – Head 2 Head Ep. 76 (Includes 2nd Drag With Model X towing 5,000 lb trailer!-



Thomas J. Thias



Another Euro point of view

I come here to watch funny Tesla drag races videos etc… but to actually get informed about EV’s I need to read the mainstream news…:-)


I’m pretty sure that InsideEVs may know a thing or two about electric vehicles?
Perhaps if acceleration tests aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll want to read their other news with regard to what’s going on with EVs.?

What is so special about that Bloomberg piece?

“Mercedes will create a new sub-brand for the cars” and “company planned to unveil an electric car at the Paris motor show in September.” and “Mercedes will start selling its electric line-up before the end of the decade”

Well, that was all in this story here about a month ago:

“Mercedes parent Daimler AG is planning its first all-electric heavy-duty delivery truck” is in this story:


(continued due to link limitations….)

“Bremen plant will also build a fuel-cell electric version of the GLC SUV”

That’s reported here:


“The company has also promised electric versions of each of the vehicles in the Smart city-car brand.”

That’s reported here:


“BMW’s holding off on a new “i” model for another five years.” That’s 2021, reported here:


BMW sales results “up 87 percent in the first half”? Insideev’s has all the sales numbers here too, in detail.


And more about Mercedes plans are here:


and here:


Frankly, Bloomberg could have written that article by reading insideev’s archives over the last couple of months.

When I read that story, I kept thinking “I already read that here… I already read that here… I already read that here too” all the way through the entire Bloomberg piece.

Wow, Zero to 200 in 11.9 seconds, now that is fast.

Just got a nifty Model 3 conceptual drawing in the mail from Tesla with a thank-you for ordering my Model 3. Nice letter size print of this image:

Cool little piece of memorabilia.

The blue would be a nice color…

He has the founder’s edition, its top speed is not limited.