Tesla Model X P90D Signature – Walkthrough and Review Video

JAN 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Is About To Open Order Books For The Model X

Tesla Model X

Here is an interesting walkthrough and review of a gorgeous Tesla Model X P90D Signature edition in Signature Red.

The owner seems to be extremely positive on the Model X in every aspect – with more glowing reviews, don’t count on the queue for the Model X decreasing in the coming months.

“Get an overview of the entire car along with a quick summary on how it drives. Hope you find the video useful!”

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Sadly, the driver’s side front and rear doors don’t seem to match up. Hope they fix this as QC gets better. Not acceptable on a $130k car.

I noticed this as well. Since my deposit is non-refundable at this point, I’m going to chance it anyway. Who knew (besides yours truly) that Signature models (which require a 40K interest free loan to Tesla) would turn out to be test mules?

Every Tesla is a Beta / Mule / Test vehicle. Model S Hardare changes weekly and software updates OTA. Model X will be no different.

I suppose that’s critical for some folks, but for a lot of people it’s arguably the nicest, safest, lowest-emissions family car. It would be for me if I weren’t already paying for two EVs!

Not sure I’d be worried about small imperfections like slightly ajar door handles.

That is a beautiful mini van


I’m sure I’ll get jumped all over for this question, but I thought the P90D models all came with ‘Ludicrous’ mode? The owner said his wasn’t, does anyone out there know the answer?

Ludicrous mode is a $10,000 option which I think is ludicrous.

Thanks, I think I remember reading that. That does seem pretty pricy to shave 4 tenths off 0-60 time.

Well, it is a lot, but I remember discussions on Ludicrous Mode for the S, and it turns out that this is about the same difference for 3 or 4 tenths of a second quicker in ICE cars.

Is it a steep price for a few minor tweaks? Sure it is. But you don’t have to get it. It is there to make extra profit from the type of people that don’t have to ask what the price is.

The door handles side by side were no good idea, they will never exactly flush. Lexus at the end of the video looks about the same size.

Has there been any review of the Model X by any high-profile car review magazine or website? I haven’t seen any so far.

What would be interesting is a review by a car dealer that sells similar styled or sized SUV’s! Even more if the dealer principle bought the Model X for a personal or reseach vehicle.