Tesla Model X P90D Review In 4K – Video


Tesla Model X and Model S side by side

Tesla Model X and Model S side by side

Here is the first part of a brand new (and exceptional) Tesla Model X P90D presentation and review via YT/Marcus Adolfsson.

The review focuses on a white Model X equipped with seven Ultra White seats.  We really like the look of the white interior, although we would not be keen to attempt to maintain it ourselves.

The review includes doors, seats, luggage space, little things like cup holders, rear climate control, comparison to Model S size, windshield with magnetic sun visors attached, as well as some limitations – like opening the Falcon Wing doors only when garage doors are fully closed.

First tests indicate 3.4 seconds  for 0 to 60 mph, according to the speedometer, and 5.4 from 0 to 80 mph.

More insights and potential limitations to be revealed in the upcoming next parts.

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19 responses to "Tesla Model X P90D Review In 4K – Video"
  1. Bob says:

    Sorry it is just my opinion but the front end of the Model X looks ugly without the cone I hope they bring the nose cone back on the model three so bad

    1. Arnold says:

      Sorry, I think the opposite. The fake grill is so unnecessary. Ones you get used to that look, the cone on the model s looks outdated to me…

      1. sven says:

        I’ve seen “that look” before.

        1. Speculawyer says:


          Yeah, I saw the bucktooth too.

      2. Speculawyer says:

        But it is NOT a fake grill. It is a nosecone.

        1. Mart says:

          Of course it’s a fake grill. It’s surrounded with chromed trim, shaped like an Aston-Martin grill, and black to look like an opening. Take away the trim and make it the same color as any other body panel if it’s only a nosecone.

          1. stupid says:

            The nose cone houses the sensors and cannot be painted

      3. Koenigsegg says:

        Nope, the nosecone is the face of the Model S

        and only spaceships have nosecones

        it looks wonderful and its not ugly in any way

        no nosecone does not look right and looks like its missing something

    2. MikeM says:

      Right on!
      Let’s hear it for tail fins too!

    3. Speculawyer says:

      Yeah, I’m on team nose cone too. I think it looks good and more importantly, it is nice & functional . . . a smooth curve to break through the wind like the leading edge of a raindrop falling through the air. It is the natural shape the water takes to be the most aerodynamic.

    4. Foo says:

      I think it looks like a cat… meow, kitty.

  2. ffbj says:

    A real marvel of modern technology.

  3. Edward Arthur says:

    Well done review and car!

  4. Open-Mind says:

    From the front, that white Model X looks like a Storm Trooper.

  5. Boris says:

    It would be Red Model S and Blue Model X for me 🙂 Maybe one day…

  6. Jaymac says:

    Those falcon doors are an unnecessary gimmick. I like wiz bang as much as the next guy but it just don’t see any justification for such a complicated design. Maybe if the front doors were also falcon style it would make more sense.

    1. Foo says:

      All the openings should be Falcon… Falcon hood, Falcon hatchback, Falcon charging port, Falcon glove box.


  7. Nichen says:

    Is Marcus Adolfsson the swedish guy who created minecraft?

    1. Speculawyer says:

      No. That is Notch . . . AKA Markus Persson.

      (My daughter is a Minecraft junkie.)