Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous vs McLaren 650S – DragTimes Race Video


Without McLaren 650S Engaging Launch Control, Tesla Model X Dominates Off The Line

Without McLaren 650S Engaging Launch Control, Tesla Model X Dominates Off The Line

The point of the video is to show a “real-life” situation regarding what might happen if a high horsepower, all-electric Tesla Model X was pitted against a gas guzzling super car such as the McLaren 650S.

Video Description:

In this video we race the all new Tesla Model X P90D with Ludicrous Mode vs the McLaren 650S Supercar down the 1/4 mile with and without launch control.

While everything needs to be appropriately planned and in place by the driver of the conventional super car, ie) launch control (or not), high revs engaged, etc., the Tesla driver merely hits the accelerator.

Watch the video to see the results!

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The last race want even close. 17mph trap speed difference is usually about 170HP advantage. So if the Tesla actually produced 700HP, the race would be closer.

If you listened you’d have registered that it was mentioned: the Tesla can “only” produce about 560 hp, limited by the battery pack. So given the weight disadvantage it is performing much better than you’d predict based only on “max power to weight”.

In a sense the comparison is unfair. In an EV, traction control is all you need to implement launch control. This follows from the torque curve of the electric motor – so long as there aren’t any gears (i.e. only one).

Two seat super car vs a suv. Kind of a mismatch. It will be interesting to see if Tesla makes a true second generation roadster. By that time will probably be dual-motor, 120-130 kWh battery. Let’s guess 3600 lbs and 800-900 ft-lbs of torque off the line. That will be an apples-apples comparison.

Only Problem ,Now I may be wrong ., The Tesla will weigh in at A lot more than 3600lbs..Because of the batteries, Especially if they put in a Big Battery..Unless if , by then, they find a way to reduce Battery weight… cheers !

Not so sure about that. With the greatly reduced size and weight the roadster can run a smaller battery to get the same range.

The existing Roadster with a 70kWh battery gets 360 miles range… there is NO WAY they are going to cram a 100+kWh pack and it’s weight into the next gen Roadster. And I’d be willing to wager they are already exploring a quad-motor setup for the car.


Bravo for taking this to the track.

I really like the fact that Teslas have best in class 0-30mph acceleration. What I like even more is that we can push the car to the limit without alerting the whole neighbourhood to it. This has a tremendous value in day-to-day driving, as practical “0-30mph acceleration without being a dick” is way higher than in any other car.

However, these 0-60mph “tests” are just stupid. They were kind of interesting four years ago but the novelty has long since worn off and they are just plain annoying.

There are plenty of poorly explored benefits of EV drive (for example instant and precise torque vectoring) and plenty of deficiencies (weight, Vmax, overheating). It would be much more interesting to track progress in these areas rather than watch another 0-60mph video.

If someone really wants to do another acceleration test, it would be interesting to compare e.g. 60-90mph times. That is also very useful in daily driving but, probably because it isn’t as flashy as 0-60mph, it hasn’t seen much attention.

Hear, here!

I, too, would rather see a few in-depth articles on such subjects as EV powertrain performance, torque curves, ability to handle heat dissipation, etc.

At this time, it is a waste to do these.
Instead, time to wait for the Tesla Roadster in about 2 years. Of course, that will be dangerous with 0-60s in the 1 second range.

Hpw is it that the go fast boys NEVER mention that people…real live people are DYING in Iraq so you can have gasoline? Or that the CO2 in the atmosphere is over 400ppm. Elon Says it FREQUENTLY…..EVers buy cars that are more responsible because of it. There ought to be some “responsibility” to some extent on the part of the go fast boys… and the USA has been in the Middle East for 75 years….since we defeated Irwin Rommel and never left…oh…and the NAZIs were only there for the OIL WARS too!. I am so proud that I drive a car that is “Right” for the environment…and no-one has to DIE so I can buy gasoline.