Tesla Model X P90D Launch Is Impressive – Video

MAR 21 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Model X P90D Launch

Tesla Model X P90D Launch

Here we have very short video with Tesla Model X P90D accelerating in the wild.

It’s pretty impressive form the side perspective, especially for car of that size.

Official 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) acceleration times:

  • Model S (70) – 5.5 s
  • Model S (70D) – 5.2 s
  • Model S (90D) – 4.2 s
  • Model S (P90D) – 3.1 s
  • Model S (P90DL) – 2.8 s
  • Model X (70D) – 6.0 s
  • Model X (90D) – 4.8 s
  • Model X (P90D) – 3.8 s
  • Model X (P90DL) – 3.2 s
Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (February 8, 2016) - some data estimated

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (February 8, 2016) – some data estimated

Just for comparison there is also second video with two Tesla Model S P85 in the same place:

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Gonna need bigger diapers.


I’m going to take a friend of mine over to the factory to pick up a Model S and go on the factory tour. Yeah!




Have fun stormin’ the castle! 😀


Goodness that X sure looks like a bloated pig. Easily the worst looking $100k+ SUV. Love everything else about it though.

EV Driver

I think it looks odd in the video because of the angle. The color (close to the background of the video) and rims (the worst ones you can choose) also probably don’t help. I have seen quite a few driving around lately and they definitely look very attractive in real life, so I say reserve judgement until you see one in person. It is much better looking than any other 6+ seater I have seen, at any price point.

Model S

X is the best looking SUV on the market.

But SUV’s aren’t very attractive being large, therefore having excess, which makes it look bloated.

However, the X looks sick with 22 black Turbines and in Black

Saw one at the Oxnard supercharger, looked real nice. And the suspension was on Low.

George Parrott


First, I am not particularly impressed with the front end of the X either, BUT…

Have you looked at any of the OTHER “$100k + SUV” options? IMHO, relatively speaking, the Model X is actually “the best of the brood.”

But I am open to your input for what IS the “looker” in this class.

I think the key is $100k+ SUV. You could get an Escalade that can do 0-60 in 5.2s and with tax not get over $100k and have more luxuary features. So it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you really need an SUV for towing or passenger space for longer trips the Model S isn’t the best choice. If you want a vehicle that has space and occasional trips and light towing and want and EV then Model X is it. I think the Model X was the wrong vehicle for Tesla to build at this time. A smaller SUV or a CUV would have been a hot seller. The use case for a large electric SUV is limited at this time. If it had 400 – 500 mile range it could start making sense because you could tow, carry passengers and still get decent range. I’m not sure if you could make it between SuperChargers if you were towing a camper or boat along with passengers. But a smaller SUV/CUV wouldn’t need to compete on towing or passenger space. So it becomes a vehicle to travel to grandma’s house or the vacation spot with 5 people plus… Read more »
George Parrott

Further, I am not impressed with videos like the above which show any Tesla “launching” by itself. IMHO, what is actually impressive is when one sees a Tesla “launch” along with a typically impressive ICE model.

Then that Tesla tends to disappear in the distance while the ICE has a long study of its backside.

Model S

Tesla has made the S ugly by making those slipstream rims the standard rims now.

They are too wide around the outside which makes the entire rim look bad.

And they are especially ugly on the X being too small for its huge bloated body.

George Parrott

Tesla’s product plan, set several years ago was to clone an SUV off the sedan platform, hence the X. Then, after the initial introduction of the Model 3 and its smaller platform, there WILL be a smaller SUV on that engineering. Next after that, according to those original product projections….is a return of a roadster/sports car on the smaller Model 3 platform.


“…impressive form the side…”?

Don’t you mean “From” the side?