Tesla Model X P90D Puts A Beat Down On Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 – Race Video



Check out the Tesla Model X P90D as it faces a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 in a 1/4 mile drag race.

Yes, we are not talking zero to 60 mph stats here, but a full 1/4 mile and then some. In one corner, weighing in at 5,381 pounds, the Model X is a pure-electric luxury midsize SUV with an MSRP of $115,500. In the other corner, weighing in just over 3,000 pounds, the two-seat Gallardo will set you back about $275,000.


Hmm … it looks like it’s not even close!

The Model X boasts 691 horsepower and 713 pound-feet of torque. The Gallardo packs in about 550 horses and 398 pound-feet of torque. Of course, the Model X is the “quicker” car, but the Lambo is surely faster right? Despite these facts, you may be as shocked about the results as the JR Garage guys are.

They give it a few different runs just to be sure and even afford the Lambo a rolling start since it has a single clutch transmission, but the results are even more staggering.

Watch until the end for another great matchup.

JR Garage on YouTube:

Watch the brand new Tesla Model X P90D ludicrous race a $275,000 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560! This 1/4 mile drag race battle will shock you. Our reactions were hilarious. The power of ludicrous electricity!

Check out the video below for another fantastic feat by the Tesla Model X. Drag Times sets a new world record with the Model X P100D; The World’s Quickest SUV. Of course, the Tesla Model S P100D kicks some butt as well:

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I am starting to see Tesla’s appear in my area. Though not trumpeted as a early adopter community, it’s got lots of well to do, “comfortable” people. The country club set, whereas a guy gets a Tesla, then a month later 3 more show up in the parking lot.

What I am getting at, aside from the spectacular capabilities of the vehicle, partly evidenced above, it has people here willing and wanting to buy it because it’s practical, cool, and the latest thing. They also like to think of themselves as green.

And they probably also prefer to just charge over night in their garage instead of making time for gas station, oil change and smog check visits. And be able to turn on their AC / heater from their iPhone from wherever before walking to the car, as in, never scratch ice again. And being able to chose your lane when the light turns green while the legacy gas cars are still revving up behind you is a nice plus too..: not to mention autopilot 🙂

True. Which is why I find Toyota’s president’s comments all the more incomprehensible since ev’s are all about conveinence.

Is it just advertising or wishful thinking or does Toyota’s president actually believe his battery EV nonsense?

Giving him the benefit, perhaps he honestly believes it. I have seen presidents and CEOs of companies (I used to be one) get surrounded by boot-licking yes-men. These sneaky backstabbers only tell the boss what they think he wants to hear. Its a great danger, that leads to things like the captain of the Titanic being unconcerned about major problems like icebergs. (His people called the ship “unsinkable.” A car example, was that GM would never go bankrupt, until it did).

To avoid yes-men, Elon Musk said in many interviews, that it is important to get negative feedback from friends, to prevent big mistakes. (One example: Musk promised to create a new platform for the Tesla Y model pickup. After talking to friends, he realized this would be a terrible mistake and set them back a year. So Tesla may use a modified X frame).

This guy needs to upgrade to the P100D.
I mean, you’re embarrassing the ICE drivers now.

GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS and save humanity from the grip of oil

Stay tuned for more ludicrous drag videos.

We like thrills, we’re human. We like competition, we’re human. I get it.

But at what point are these videos not fun anymore? Teslas are quicker than snot, we got that, too.

An American-made SUV beats a traditional exotic German-Italian sports car that costs more than my house…Impressive, and embarrassing for the Germans and Italians. Not even a P100D – even more embarrassing.

Kids on YouTube with Ferraris and Lambos? A current trend I don’t get.

It always must be said that the exotic looks sexier, goes 200 mph, which it’s owner will never do, and can run circles around the Tesla passenger car on a road race track. It also tickles the human synapse with sounds we historically equate with speed. Vroom vroom.

What do we learn here? I still don’t know.

Humans are EVolving. Seems we never tire of comparing things we know with new things that many are still trying to wrap their heads around.

In time, all traditional automakers will have to go electric – because they are better.

Supercharger would be better for off the line improvement. Not so sure twin turbo’s would help that much.

1) Was the guy taking it to the red-line? Looked like a bit early in the shift, before the redline.
2) And he used the paddle shifters, so a bit surprising.

Would like to see at what speed the Lambo finally overtakes the Tesla. But, those Mexican roads need to be longer.

A P85D?!

Tesla car be faster for a few minutes until battery heats up which is problem with EV.
On a race track, even a golf GTI beats a Tesla S.