Tesla Model X P100DL Out Accelerates A Lamborghini


Top of the line Tesla P100DLs set 0-60 mph times of 2.5 and 2.9 seconds for the Model S and X respectively...but perhaps more importantly stronger high speed metrics too

Tesla P100DL Model S and X

The Tesla Model X P100DL, the company’s new top of the line SUV offering, boasts zero-to-60 in 2.9 seconds. For the weight and size of such a vehicle, this is a quite a feat. It is actually quicker than a Lamborghini.

lambo aventador

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

With the new, highly anticipated 100 kWh battery, the Model S 0-60 sprint is reduced to just 2.5 seconds, to join the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the McLaren P1, and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Again, we are looking at competition that is six to ten or more times the cost. The three competing vehicles are supercars and were only made in small numbers. Let’s also not forget that these cars are hybrids. When Elon Musk unveiled the new upgraded battery packs for the Model S and X, he said:

“The fastest car in the world, of any kind, is electric. In the future, people are really going to look at gasoline cars in the same way we look at steam engines today: They’re quaint, but it’s not really how you get around.”

Now, back to the Model X. It’s a seven-seat, two-trunk SUV with a curb weight well in excess of 5,000 pounds. Its 2.9 second 0-60 time is faster than the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which sold five years ago for over three times the Model X P100D starting price of $135,500, and couldn’t get your an your whole family up to Whistler for the weekend. For the record, the 100 kWh Ludicrous Model X will match or beat just about any Lamborghini out there. We’ll give you a few seconds to let that sink in…

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I certainly wish people stop being lazy and fully say the name of a car. Just saying “Lamborghini” in the title is ridiculous, name the model as well. It has become very popular culture to just saying the make of a vehicle when talking about it with speaking of the model as well.

I wouldn’t tell people “I drive a Chevy” I’d tell people I drive a Chevy Malibu.

I wish you would stop being lazy and say the full name of the car. You, poor soul, drive a Chevrolet Malibu.

this one probably

Can’t say Chevy Volt.

Someone asks I say I drive a Volt

I say A VoltsWagan

Hahah.. That’s how I feel at work. I work in the I.T. department and when a user calls and says “I’m having trouble with my Microsoft.” I’m always like, “Microsoft WHAT? Outlook? Excel? Word? Publisher? Windows? Streets and Trips?”

I read Macintosh! Don’t they give the most trouble?

This what I and most people hear:


“For the record, the 100 kWh Ludicrous Model X will match or beat just about any Lamborghini out there. We’ll give you a few seconds to let that sink in…”

So pick a type of Lambo and get over it.

Yes Teslas out accelerate most everything in a straight line…
And the sky is blue…

But please do let me know when a Tesla can take the Lambo on a track with twists and turns or in a 100 mile race….

It seems that you know nothing of the awesome handling of well made electrics, especially teslas

1- The exceptional low center of gravity with the floor full of batteries
2- The ease to steer because of the absence of the ICE systems weight (and gyroscopic resistance of the crank shaft) under the hood.

Agreed… You rarely hear about Teslas outperforming other cars on a road track.

Love Teslas, but from a performance aspect it’s a one trick pony with outsized marketing hype on the one trick.

Your comment implies that the Lamborghini et al are somehow NOT one trick ponies. Let’s see, they go fast around a track. Sounds like one trick to me.

So if Tesla is a one trick pony does that make everything else a zero trick pony?

Btw…noone knows how P100D performs on a track.

Lamborghini’s are one TRACK ponies

Tesla’s are cars made for the real world. Which is actuality.

Lamborghini’s are not designed for daily driving or for regular people. No cargo space, low ride height, 2 seats, top speed which is worthless because there are these things called stop lights and traffic and speed limits

Track is for fun, Real life is for real.

Accelerating to 60 in less than 3s is hardly real world utility.

It’s an over marketed trick to imply comprehensive “performance”, which it doesn’t have.

We all agree it’s a great vehicle, but it appears some people are getting tired of hearing about the out-of-place acceleration trick.

Sure. In part its a party trick. Bu then again it comes well in handy when slotting in to traffic from the slipway.

Accelerating to 60 MPH in 1 sec is a real world use, because 60 MPH is legal and acceleration is not limited by law.

Driving around corners at 60 MPH like they do in track is not the real world. All roads have speed limits, and corner typically are rated for limit for worst handling cars under wet conditions.

So, yeah, Lambo, etc. are for track use only and lag Tesla in the real world.

True that! Lamborghinies just do one thing. Go around a track very fast and just that. Model X can out accelerate Lamborghinis to 60 mph, carry loads of people and cargo, haul a trailer, self drive, be safe, run cheap, be useful everyday, improve over time, do party tricks and pretty soon, wait for it, be able to fly with OTA update 9.0!

And Model X is the one trick pony. Rolling and lauging and rolling and..!

Anything will beat a Lamborghini on track. Awful car. Just good for posing and noise.

Oh shucks. Now look what you done!!

U want to see how a Lambo does on the track?

Well is not better then a relatively cheap 4 door sedan.

A Model X will probably slauther the Lambo on the track.

I agree that articles like this is fluff and I wish they didn’t appear on InsideEVs.

That said, a (fairly) practical and family-friendly SUV out-accelerating some of the world’s most expensive hypercars is quite amazing.

It is a great way to showcase one of the advantages of EV propulsion.

Of course, as some pointed out, it’s not like EVs are superior in all performance aspects. It might be fun, or perhaps not, to know how fast the Model X could get around the Nürburgring… but it doesn’t seem like the Tesla crowd is quite so keen to talk about that.

Considering I live in Los Angeles, I fail to see how the Nurburgring has any relevance… to anything… in life.

It replicates the road conditions of just about every road in the world so it is relevant. You people from LA are stuck in a bubble.

Roads like this?

Or this?

Or this?

No, I don’t think so. The Nürburgring race track is known as “The Green Hell” precisely because it’s an exceptionally tough course, testing race cars and drivers to the limit. It most certainly does not replicate the driving conditions that most ordinary passenger cars in first-world countries face on a daily basis.

So, who’s the guy in the bubble here?

No they just stuck in traffic! Might as well walk!
Hopefully Elon can think of something original! Maybe he has and it’s a fast moving bubble in a tube. Sfo here they come!

Has anyone seen if the new pack cooling system will help with the trackability of a tesla? I know the current p90d will overheat fairly quickly when pushed.

We are all eagerly awaiting news of how well the new cooling pack architecture, similar to what will be used on Model 3, will perform under a variety of environments…

Yup, we Tesla fans are all waiting to hear.

But I expect only a modest improvement in how many minutes you can push a MS or MX to the max before it overheats. Tesla cars are not designed to be racetrack cars.

I would love an X, but would love to to replace my Outback with a $30k midsize SUV EV for our Whistler trips. Wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the Model Y or similar.

Subaru will have one by 2021 or so they say.

How typically American to equate being the fastest car in the world with acceleration times. I have never seen or heard of any comparison like this that used any other metric like lap times that would really tell you which car was faster or just plain top speed. I suspect the reason these tests are never done are because the Tesla would loose miserably and loose to even less exotic machinery! Steam car indeed when compared to a modern hyper car (the laFararri, 918 or P1) using the best of both worlds or even super car just using internal combustion, the car using internal combustion does what it did 100 years ago make an electric car look slow, heavy and certainly unexciting!

Propaganda Much? Truth is, gasoline Fueled Vehicles lost their advantage years ago.

If you want to build an EV for long, endurance style Track racing, it can be done with a specialized design, just like other vehicle makers do. For a BEV, it’s an even simpler process: thermal battery management. Everything else is already track ready.

As you well know, Tesla makes cars for normal, every day drivers. Their cooling systems are optimized for that kind of utilization.

If Tesla decided to make a Track Ready HyperEV, the G-Forces alone could cause some drivers to suffer physical injury. So, crawl back to mama Exxon, and ask her for more propaganda money.

This kind of nasty discourse really does spoil “Inside EVs”. Shame, really…

Yes, it is a shame when some petrol head tries to come to an EV website and extol the virtues of ICEs.

I’d rather have quicker accelerating car than cars that can travel at 1000 MPH. Speed limit is far less while acceleration has no bound, making it legal to enjoy as you wish.

By the way, I was on my bicycle on a leisure ride and passed Lamborghini or some such many times. They were in traffic going 5 MPH. What’s the point of having such “high speed” and “good handling” cars on public road when the most you can do is about 65 MPH (or 15 MPH in Los Angeles). I’d take quicker acceleration that I can actually enjoy any time I wish, even to 15 MPH.

You understand Model X is an SUV right? Perhaps the title of the story should read Model X takes half as much time for 0-60 mph compared to the next best SUV.

Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s are powerful in all words, cars that one would be proud to Drive & Own.Most Tesla / Volt owners would not be able to pay for their oil changes yet your so bold to compare ones performance.Thats like comparing a bolt of lightning to a Titan 3 ballistic missile.Or like comparing your wife’s vibrator to electric or gas powered, who cares, the question is,if you could afford either which would you rather drive.

As a daily driver? The Tesla by orders of magnitude.
Nothing Lamborghini make is remotely serviceable as an everyday car.

Everything Tesla make excels as an everyday car, and adds electrifying (forgive the pun) straight line performance.

At a track day? I’d actually love to try both for comparison, but I don’t doubt the Lambo would be the better track day car. After all, that’s what it’s designed for.
The point in this article is that electric vehicles built as family sedans are now quicker than stripped out multimillion dollar hypercars. Only a total cave dweller could fail to recognise the achievement here.

I should point out that I live in Tesla’s second home (lower mainland, BC) and most of the Tesla owners I know can either easily afford a supercar or have owned one previously. Your contention that people own Teslas because they can’t afford supercars is patently ridiculous.

*Ferraris, Lamborghinis, you’re

I’d rather drive something that doesn’t spew carbon pollution.

For a fair comparison between ICE and electric, why don’t you have a look at the Rimac Concept_One, 1088 hp, silent, zero emissions. It wipes the floor with Lamborghinis and Ferraris in every way, and it’s comparable in price.

I’d rather drive the Rimac. ICE is history.

Rimac Beats them all!!!

The Ice Age is almost over

Sad that its already over, i liked the movie 😀


Yeah, this probably the question you should ask yourself. You have 2 million dollars to spend on one car and thats the only car you can have. Would you rather buy a LaFerrari for all of it or would you give away 90% of the money and still get the Model X?

Model X in a heartbeat!

it Is My understanding that the electrical engine had a much prompter easier power delivery that a mechanical engine
with similar power the electrical engine will always beat the inertia intrinsic to a internal combustion engine
these tests are stupid and just to sell sell sell

I would say that even on a track a Tesla would benefit from the acceleration. After every corner you just accelerate. Even a Lambo need to break to a reasonable speed to be able to change direction 🙂 Anyway, when Prius came, everyone was pointing their finger at 0-60mph times and laughing. Now another green car can make it really quick and now it’s not important anymore? Gimme a break…

Well said, +1

Funny thing though… While a P100DL will be exhausted and need to stop for cooling, the Lambo can operate within claimed performance until fuel is depleted.

A Tesla can’t even get around a race circuit before cooling system is exhausted and power needs to be dialed down.

What Tesla is quoting is a temporary peak power output, while Lamborghini is quoting continuous power output.