Tesla Model X Owners Are “Loving” The Electric SUV

JAN 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 38

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

According to Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, cited by Benzinga, early Tesla Model X owners “are just loving” the car.

Chowdhry believes not only in Model X success, but is optimistic about the company and also set a $385 price target for Tesla shares in the next 12-18 months. (Tesla has been trading around $200 after some very rough sailing for the US equity markets in general so far this year, off ~8%)

“We now know of 3 TSLA Model X Owners,” Chowdhry said. “These owners have given rides to their family members, relatives and friends…they were so impressed by Model X, that they also reserved a Model X.”

Chowdhry said Model X owners he’s talked to “are just loving” the car, adding that they liken the experience to “sitting in a helicopter cockpit.” The analyst predicts demand to continue to outpace Tesla’s actual production.”

Source: Benzinga

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Good. Tesla just needs to make more of them…


Tesla needs to make Model 3’s for Us Poor Folks! l o l

mr. M

The M3 for poor people (price<3000$) will arive in the used car market in 2030 or later.


Toyota Camry without option: $22,970
10 years x 15,000 miles x ~28 mpg x $2.73 = $14,425
Services and repairs: $500/year x 10 years = $5,000
Total: $42,395

Tesla Model 3 without option: $35,000
Federal income tax credit of up to $7,500
State incentives: $0 to $2,500 (depending on the State)
$35,000 – $7,500 – $500 (average incentive) = $27,000
Electricity cost (¢/kWh) : 8.89 (Washington) to 30.21 (Hawaii)
Tesla Model 3 “fuel” efficiency = ~4 miles per kWh
15,000 miles / 4 = 3,750 kWh x 12.5¢ (average cost)
Electricity cost for 15,000 miles: $468.75
Subtract 20% for free Supercharger power: $375
Electricity cost for 10 years = $3,750
Services and repairs: $250/year x 10 years = $2,500
Total: $27,000 + $3,750 + $2,500 = $33,250

Cost of vehicle ownership after 10 years:
Toyota Camry : $42,395
Tesla Model 3 : $33,250


$15,000 for the battery pack replacement now that the car get 30% less range.


How do you know there will be a 30% loss?
Even if the owner wanted to replace the battery after 10 years it wouldn’t be that expensive anyway. You don’t think the price of these batteries will be a lot cheaper in 10 years?!?


We don’t know what the pack will cost in 5-10 years, what we DO know is Tesla is working to get the replacement cost down to 25% of the initial new price. So a $80,000 Model S battery pack will come down to $20,000…some day.


Don’t forget, the “L” on your forehead when you drive a Camary… Priceless


“you drive a Camary… Priceless”

Before you use the “L” label, better check the spelling of “Camry”.

I am usually not a spelling police, but it is important to get the key names correct in my opinion.


““We now know of 3 TSLA Model X Owners,” Chowdhry said. ”

WOW! That’s a huge sample size!

mr. M

Maybe its three out of six, if they interviewed at the end of october. That would be 50% covered. 😉


He’s an idiot. Just search for his AAPL (Apple) analysis.


Even extreme Tesla bulls ignore him. As far as I can tell he just makes stuff up.


I read it as model x owners who also own company stock. How many of the ~200 model x that are on the road have stockholder owners? Most, I imagine, but it’s definitely a small pool.


Indeed, if you go on “Teslamotorsclub” site, on the “forum” part. The very first topic of discussion is not about the cars, it is about the stock (Tesla investor discussion). Probably this is just a coincidence but in that specific case it is a funny one.


Ummm… no. The first category in the forum sections is “Media” (news etc.); the second is “Tesla Motors Forum”; the first sub-category under that is “Tesla Motors” (the company itself, rather than the cars), and the first sub-sub-category under that is “TSLA Investor Discussions”.

It’s not the first.



Indeed, it comes as first topic in the “discussion” part of the forum, failed to make this precision.

Michael Will

If what I read on teslamotorsforum and the Facebook model x owners page are true, not all sig editions have been delivered yet, and some have significant technical issues that tesla still needs to solve for the doors and seats.

Once those are resolved, it will sell like hot cakes, but until then, a few hundred happy customers exist and also a few unhappily waiting ones whose car has been on hold until issues are resolved.

I would not be surprised if there is some kind of recall coming after the figured out fixes that could not be done in software, probably why they have not started delivering to overseas…



Hope Inside EVs revisits this article in the summer of 2017 and reminds us of this “$385/share” prediction….


A quote in the article:

“The analyst predicts demand to continue to outpace Tesla’s actual production.”

This isn’t a prediction, nor an analysis; it’s merely an observation. Initial Model X reservations have come in faster than initial Model S reservations.

I am formulating a hypothesis that the entire “investor analysis” field is a confidence game.

David Murray

I think a lot of that Tesla stock price will be determined in March when they reveal the Model 3. I think Tesla’s future will be determined by what people think of the Model 3.


and don,t forget the oil price -“war”……(it has some -major-importance too,for the ordinary guy!)


0il is moving up again .WTI is $32+, For the masses 0il will have an impact, but for others that really want an EV, it won’t matter. They will just have to produce EV’s with longer quicker.. Gas mobiles are on the way 0ut..they feel & drive like dinosaurs when compared to an EV. With all the noise, tail pipe & all..


Oil will dance the jig the Saudi’s pipe.


That is with longer “Range” quicker, to compete with the gas mobiles range..


If Tesla continues to produce well received vehicles offering a unique driving experience that cannot, at present, be replicated.

In some ways I think it has been good for them to have trouble with the Model X, as being innovators breaking new ground they will encounter difficulties.
Probably the most impressive car company of the early decades of the 21st century.


The question is how many Tesla Model X deliveries will there be in Q1 2016?

Simon Williamson

From ‘over the pond’ in the UK I find it difficult to understand why so many comments about Tesla and Model X in particular contain messages of resentment. They are leaders and leaders experience setbacks and get stuff wrong. That said I am sure their efforts will mean that in one generation EVs will be the norm. Lower oil prices and turbo’s are the internal combustion engine’s last dance before it becomes the new ‘steam engine’ and whilst I am as bigger petrol head as most will be happy when the mainstream road world moves to this quieter, more efficient and possibly faster place.

mr. M

I think it is more because someone made a stock price analysis based on a interview of three (3!) owners. To make a analysis out of three people is really scary regardless of which car you want to examine.

Others pointed out that some of the hundred owner are not that estatic about the Model X compared to these three people. Therefore the analysis might be a little bit to optimistic.

Sure tesla is allowed to make errors, but the “analyst” states the car is perfect and almost holy.


In my opinion: I think they are making these cars with too many “UN-NEEDED” Complicated electronic features that are a 1st.,So, there will be consequences, things are going not work properly @ their infancy ..they should slow it down build an above basic car, with the necessary “Proven” safety feature , build it right & get on with it, & Eliminate setbacks.IE: most people don’t want or “need” “driverless”..Gotta go Back to basics to go forward sometimes.

Michael Will

supposedly even visionary steve jobs did not think that there was a reason to have an app store for third-party apps on a smartphone… my boss way back when said: Nobody will ever use email for business… unneeded features and not meeting the status quo. Innovation has to skip ahead of that. The falcon doors were one way to address the long standing ‘how do I get into this car its parked so close’ issue, the hepa filter addresses driving behind a clean diesel or past coalinga, the auto park feature addresses the drama I see every day on the streets, autopilot addresses fatigue on long monotonous road trips with occasional stop and go… over the air updates address expensive software-related physical recalls, the direct selling model addresses being allowed to do over the air updates and the negative experience associated with car sales people as well as the power of suppressing alternative vehicles that the sales people had. Exciting times!


A lot of the old EV fans are either do-it-yourself types who want dirt-simple implementations on the road now, or EV evangelists who want dirt-cheap short-range urban cars in huge numbers already.

Although I have a foot in those camps, I don’t reject the logic of Tesla’s targeting of the mentality of the wealthy first adopter, which dictated radically different cars than what us purists wanted. We just don’t like living in the world where innovators must cater to rich egomaniacs with a facile fetish for technology. But I keep hoping that Tesla’s success will attract other new companies that will offer the kind of small, aerodynamic, moderate-range EV I want. Too bad it turned out that capitalism is even more hidebound, cowardly, and conformist than I thought.

Then there’s the people who just want EVs and/or Elon Musk to fail because they challenge too much of their personal belief systems.


These are $80-140k vehicles.
Not $250k to $2 million dollar vehicles.

To start up an entire major automaker means making lots and lots of money in order to pay for all sorts of things.

The Gigafactory is at least $5 billion dollars, of which Tesla is paying around $2 billion.
The Fremont Factory is likely in the billions too
The various service centers, galleries, and so forth cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tesla makes gross profit on its existing vehicles, with an ASP of about $95,000 of about $19,000.

They can, right now, make about 75,000 a year. Gross profit is then about $1.4 billion dollars. But all that money is paid out for expansion, for Supercharger network, and all the other things.

Let say they make $45,000 cars instead and make a gross profit of 5% by making dirt simple versions that aren’t that much better than everyone else’s efforts. That’s less than $170 million in gross profits. That’s not enough to really keep the lights on, and certainly not funding the Gigafactory.


Also, a number of commenters here have short positions in TSLA stock.

They want the view of Tesla to be as negative as possible.

European point of view

If the 3 Tesla owners love the experience of “sitting in an helicopter cockpit” , they can also buy a Citroen C3 Big winshield ( one of my cars) :
price of the car : 15 Keuros .


If they put any more glass on you’ll be able to start a green house on wheels.


Forget all the glass…not something I would want to be driving in Phoenix in August??!!! I don’t how much they might be tinted.


…or in Kansas City in July, August, or the first half of September.

It astonishes me that Tesla made the “helicopter windshield” standard equipment, rather than an option. If someone gave me a Tesla Model X, I would promptly trade it for a Model S; the lack of an opaque roof above the driver’s seat would be a deal-killer for me.