Tesla Model X Offroads With A Trailer – Video


Well this is surely an interesting one. Some of you will probably quickly cringe as you watch this Tesla Model X owner giving the beast a workout.

Tesla Model X Offroad, In The Snow, Pulling A Load

Tesla Model X Offroad In The Snow, Pulling A Load

The trek starts down a fairly steep hill, at what looks like the driver’s orchard. There is no snow or mud, rather it’s sort of a dirt two-track. At this point, you can’t tell it’s a Tesla, and there’s no indication that anything is being towed. It’s just noisy and the jarring is enough to make you sick, but fortunately for your most recent meal, the camera is eventually steadied.

Later, we see the Model X pulling a load of wood around on some snowy grass, at which point the tires begin to spin on the way up a hill and the vehicle seems to struggle to regain traction. In the end, the white Model X could benefit from a good washing. It’s definitely makes for a pricey tractor.

Video Description via Teslaut on YouTube:

Tesla Model X 90D

Wheels: 19″ Tesla cyclone with Pirelli scorpion winter tires

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And truck owners will completely fail to care until they see it towing a frickin’ train.

So here I sit, saying “Um, yeah? And?”

Trucks don’t tow trains. They may tow a few train cars, but train cars have very little drag due to steel wheels on rails, so Tesla owners would say “Um, yeah? And?”

I guess you didn’t see that Dodge Ram commercial then eh?

Point being, that it’s about perception and marketing, not “well hell, I work at the railroad, so that’s what I’ll do at work!”

Why did you think that Ram now has Mr. Gravelly Cowboy Voice doing their commercials in perpetuity until the man dies? 80% of Ram owners live in the city and have little use for a pickup truck beyond hauling mattresses around when their friends move.

Regarding traction, the electric motor torque at bottom end rpm gives the EV the advantage. Back when my 2008 Tahoe Hybrid was new, I watched a program where it was placed head-to-head against a conventional Silverado. The Tahoe Hybrid won two of the 4 events- most notably, the TOWING competition. In that event, the vehicles were timed to see which did better at towing a tractor out of a muddy field. As it turned out, the Silverado was a complete fail, spinning its wheels in the mud. The Tahoe Hybrid, with all its low end (electric) torque, ended up pulling the Silverado out of the mud with the tractor attached. You can see part of the test here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXMcwdWIb6s , although it is hard to find the embarrassing part where the Silverado required the assistance of the Tahoe Hybrid to find a place in the field where it could actually get firm footing for its inferior traction performance. In the video, you will see the folks RUNNING to keep up with the Tahoe…much better than the Silverado’s (eventually successful) pull of the tractor as seen in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA5deF5SIg4 There will be better choices than a Model X for towing, but at… Read more »

“There will be better choices than a Model X for towing, but at present, it is the only game in town for 5000 lbs of towing”

Unless, of course, you need 6,000 lbs of towing. Then you can use the BMW X5 xDrive40e. 😉

Some of the BEV zealots will scream (predictably) “but, but, but… that’s not a real EV!!!”

Those same BEV zealots will also fail to note that the bozos towing a trailer (without trailer brakes) all around this apple orchard were towing FIREWOOD. Which is, of course, a combustion fuel source.

The BMW can tow the Tesla. Tesla can’t tow the BMW.


Firewood is a renewable ressource, available locally, and can be used directly after some drying. When burnt properly, no harm done. Fossil fuels are different, as they have to be mined, refined, transported (all of which cost energy which usually comes from using more fossile fuels and generally leaves a mess for the environment, especially the mining) and when burnt, they release additional CO2 (and many toxins) into the atmosphere (CO2 that was stored millions of years ago).
So I’d say, firewood (in combination with a proper insulation of the building) is the best fuel source for heating a remote residential building (that has not access to geothermal energy or excess industrial process heat).

Human stupidity has no limits. That kind of work should be done by a tractor.

Agreed. It’s just a dumb fan video. It’s really not very impressive. Performs on par with a typical AWD SUV of any brand. Does the job worse than a $2500 used 4×4 pick up with proper tires. Wrong tool for the job for sure, but Tesla fanatics eat this stuff up, so no harm, no foul.

And you are a living example of that.

I assume at about the 2:00 mark he gets out and detaches the trailer after he realizes he’s about to ball up his shiny rig with a crappy little farm trailer.

Its all about the tires and its clear this person has stock performance tires.

Please don’t try any of this at home!!!

That Austrian farmer clearly had no idea what he was doing. It is a shame seeing a Tesla being used like that. 🙁

I’m in the opinion that there should be a better definition for SUV versus Crossover.