Tesla Model X Launches In China – Pricing Announced


Tesla Is About To Open Order Books For The Model X

Tesla Model X goes to China

Yesterday, Tesla Motors announced Model X pricing on the Chinese market.

Model X deliveries are expected to begin in China in the second quarter of 2016 and here is the pricing:

  • P90D Signature (Limited Edition) – 1,479,500 yuan (around $224,887)
  • 90D standard from 961,000 to 1,171,800 yuan ($146,074 – $178,116) – we believe that P90D is in the higher part of this pricing bracket.

Looking at these figures, it is easy to see the effect of not having local production with a partner can really hurt sales in the country.

In China, Tesla listed only 90D and P90D versions on its website, while in the U.S. you can order the 70D base version.  There is no open design studio yet for Model X, like in case of Model S, so we can’t compare detailed pricing yet.

Anyways, relative prices in China are way higher than in the U.S. thanks to to cost to import the model. In the US, the 90D starts approximately $50,000 lower.

Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum

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OMG! It’s like 100% tax! Socialist country, but that seems excessive.

That has nothing to do with socialistic. Its just protectionism and I am sad to say, but it works. Look at most of South America, which took the approach of opening the market to anyone. Free trade isn’t always beneficial to both parties.

Interesting. It is prohibitively expensive to sell American made cars in China due to heavily protectionist tax structure, while here in America, you can’t sell Chinese cars because they are unable to pass our standard.

On a side note the Chinese are starting to use their own archaic standards to quash foreign competition, and assist their own struggling, nascent, car industry.


ffbj said:

“On a side note the Chinese are starting to use their own archaic standards to quash foreign competition…”

China has been using regulations and red tape to suppress foreign competition since… well, since the days of Imperial China. This thing about enforcing obsolete standards for automobiles may be a new thread in the tapestry, but the overall trend is nothing new; it’s part of a centuries-long Chinese cultural trend.

True enough. This is just their latest foray down that well worn path. Did you even read the story?

I read part of the article you linked to, but not all; why do you ask? What I read seemed like a case of SSDD (Same Sh**, Different Day).

Yes, more of the same from the same bad actor.
Its only news because it just happened.

Price is way too high.
They should reduce the import duty on at least the Electric Vehicles.