Tesla Model X Launch Event – Watch Live Tonight Starting At 8 PM Pacific/11 Eastern

SEP 29 2015 BY STAFF 46

Just a reminder and slight update on the timing of tonight’s Tesla Model X launch event.

The festivities/gates open will at 10 PM ET (7 PM Pacific) – likely with a lot of milling around and techno beats, but the livestream presentation and reveal, straight from Tesla, won’t start until 11 PM ET (8 Pm Pacific) time.

So, for those East Coasters, be prepared for a long night.  Maybe sneak a nap in so that you’ll be able to stay wide awake for all the late night Tesla action.

We’ll be covering the event in real-time with all the relevant information, stats, pictures, information (and yes the livestream), so check back tonight for our coverage of the X launch.

Update:  The “crowd” is now inside according to a recent tweet:

Additionally, you’ll find all sorts of Model X launch event info at #Xlaunch on Twitter.

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Time to celebrate! I’ll be there in spirit.

Here in India it would be 8:30 am tomorrow morning. I will be commuting.

doors open, at 11

Launch? Are we talking Model X, or SpaceX? 🙂

The iPhone 6s Plus, and now this. It doesn’t get any better than this….unfortunately.

Yeah it will. Model lll launch. 🙂


Yes. Even if the Model II never arrives, just the threat is pushing GM, and Nissan to respond.

Nissan needs no push. They’re driving the movement. I agree, GM / Ford / Daimler / and all the rest need to be forced into competing.

This is 5am in Europe. A little bit to early for me.

But the moment we’ll get up, the whole recap will be on this site, I am good with that.

As in GMT?

Aaah… here I thought the launch would be on the 29th and then it’s not until the 30th.
I’m a bit disappointed (even though I should have realized that they would do it adapted to CA time only when it’s on a weekday.)

Das 1:00 am here in da rock (Newfoundland) – come da think of it boy – no one can afford power on da island – let alone a electrick car – wish thed make a kar dat would run on ya seawater …we gots a lot a dat..

Hay Bro,

Das done already in Israel! Kars running on Wataar. And not done by dam Tislas


It’s not “adapted”, it’s where they are!

It’s where they are and where it’s adapted to tomorrow.

On a weekend they could have adapted it to a time that would have suited a wider public.

The word you’re looking for is “scheduled”. The word “adapted” has a different meaning.

Hmm… obviously my english skills are not good enough to say what I want to say. But scheduled isn’t enough…

“scheduled to suit”, maybe. Or “ajusted to”

to attune? to key to?

Hmm… maybe just “suited to CA time”, that feels right.

I’m happy to get some more corrections and suggestions, every day is a good day to learn something. 😛

Mikael said:

“…maybe just ‘suited to CA time’, that feels right.”

Yes. In the context of your remarks, I think that perfectly fits what you were trying to say.

Hope you don’t mind me correcting your English; I know some people find that annoying.

Plus un !

I was adapted child.

Woo hoo, sooner they release the Model X, the sooner they can start focusing more on the Model 3 for the rest of us lowly peasants!

Inside EV’s staff: Would you mind putting this at the top for the next 24 hours or so? And maybe update with the livestream link? Insideev’s is the first news site I check every day. I think this promises to be one of the biggest EV news stories in months.

Sure, sounds like a good idea. Will stick this one until the reveal starts, then swap it out.

All the info (and of course livestream) will be up the moment it is available.

Published time is off by an hour. We are in Daylight Saving Time, so it’s PDT/EDT, not PST/EST. This is a mistake that non-technical people make routinely. Sadly, in the past year I’ve even started to see technical people making the mistake.

I recommend use of PT/ET to just avoid the error entirely.

Thanks Chris, the story did note the 10/11 starts as EST…I don’t imagine anyone will be thrown off by that, but all fixed up now! /thanks again

The making of the history! XXXXXXXXX

(ok I have too much free time)

Does the signature series come with a Poe Dameron action figure?

Dude, couldn’t you have at least photoshopped a better nose cone on them?

+1 for the effort!

What are they targeting? ICE 2.0 TDI crafts from VW Imperium?

It should say:

I wonder if they will add Paddles at the Wheel for Regen Adjustments of + / – as in stronger Regen / Softer Regen?(Since there is no shift points – maybe that might feel similar?)

Also – since they mentioned about ‘Nearly 10,000 Lbs. towing’, I wonder if anyone would be willing to give up some top speed, and maybe some range, for a taller geared variant – say the H90D – for Heavy Towing Capacity at the 10,000 Lbs. Mark? Any Thoughts on that? Yes? No? (With the Taller Gears, it might even be quicker in the 0-60 [unloaded with the trailer, of course!])

1. The Model X is rated at 5000 lbs. for towing. Looks like the “nearly 10,000 pounds” remark turned out to be too optimistic.

2. Of course I could be wrong, but I doubt Tesla will make a Model X optimized for towing heavy trailers. A large or heavy trailer will cut into the X’s range significantly, and obviously the bigger/heavier the trailer, the more significant will be the range reduction.

Now, that’s not to say that nobody will try to use their Model X to tow a trailer which weighs in the neighborhood of 10,000 lbs. But Tesla isn’t likely to design and build a variant to sell in a category where the car would perform poorly. That’s not the way to sell a lot of cars, or to give Tesla Motors a good public image.

Setting it up to Tow 10k kills range, but it would be good to otherwise shatter the myth that electric torque can’t move heavy loads.

My truck gets 9mpg, with 7,500lbs, 19mpg w/o. So, I believe 100 miles would begin to challenge a hauling MX. Tesla could develop, and rent, its own battery equiped trailer, but I don’t see any of this happening. 5000lbs will still do a more aerodynamic open trailer, and a lighter car, boat, etc.

Right. I expect the Model X to do well towing a trailer for a small boat, motorcycle, jet ski, or a small popup camper.

If you want to tow a large camper, cabin cruiser boat, or other really large trailer, then get the right vehicle for the job: A full-sized or even oversized pickup.

That applies to gasmobile CUVs, too. A CUV simply isn’t the right vehicle to be hauling large heavy trailers, whether it uses an electric powertrain or an ICE powertrain.

I agree.

Elon shouldn’t have been so optimistic and specific on the 10k figure, but I’m ok with that. I think if they try to make it serve too many purposes it will degrade how well it is able to perform the main purposes.

The market has changed. There are less body on frame models in this segment. There are some exceptions, like the Suburban/Yukon. However, I’m not sure they still sell those in the 3/4 or 1 ton models now, except for fleets. I’m pretty sure nothing on this best seller’s list is rated in the 10k neighborhood.

Now, some of those are smaller like the CRV. Still, there are plenty of successful 3 row models on this list that tow around the 5k.

I highly doubt an H90D will ever come out. They focused the X more to women (Soccer mom, Cheer mom, Baseball mom, MILF’s).

This is like X-mas for me…congratulations Tesla to the new born child! May it bless the world.

Das 2:00 am hair in da rock (Newfoundland) – I love dem Tislas – but not much power on da rock here to fill dem baterys up.

Wish theyd make a kar wit worked on sea water. We gotta lot of dat up hoer. Lord thunderin Jesus ya could sell a shit load of dem Tislas hair bey..

So…mr. Musky get on her will ya…

Looking forward to this. Doubt they’ll be much new details, but Musk knows how to deliver a message.

anybody else having issues actually tuning in?

Looks like the stream is functioning but it’s just the logo with red background.. as of 8:16

I think I’ve just about run out of patience with Tesla.

But hey, after 12 years, what’s another 30 minutes?

If you stare at the logo, hold your breath and cross your eyes, you can start to see “electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer”.