Tesla Model X Is “eXtra Surprise” at Palo Alto Store


As a follow-up to our recent post on Tesla celebrating its grand opening with an “eXtra surprise” at its Palo Alto store in California, we figured why not show what “eXtra” was on display.

Tesla Model X Reveal From July 2012

Tesla Model X Reveal From July 2012

As we speculated, it was the Model X that would make an appearance in Palo Alto and we were right.

The Model X isn’t displayed too often these days, so this was a bit of a “surprise,” as Tesla Motors stated.

Model X sightings will become increasingly common as we draw closer to its launch of late 2014.

This particular Model X is still a prototype version.  The production Model X has not yet been revealed.

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We still have hope that the UGLY nose cone will be re-done

Well, apparently there have been some significant design changes. The displayed car was an old prototype.

explain to me how the nosecone is ugly

Unfortunately the doors have huge limitations. Wait till you back out of the garage with one of those babies open. Change isn’t always good, sometimes its bad

Why is that any different from having conventional doors open while trying to back out from the garage? It will be very easy to prevent the car from moving if these doors are open, just like when the car is plugged in. In fact don’t minivans do that today?

You can see conventional doors are open in the sideveiw mirrors

Not the rear hatch door.

What if the Model X has cool warning systems to let you not make a mistake? For exmaple, won’t move if the doors (or hatch) is open. Or complains very loudly, vibrates the accelerator if you try go, etc..

As if that could not be prevented by programming the car not to move if the doors are open. I doubt they’ll do that but you can idiot proof things easily.

As is, lots of bonehead back out of their garages with the Model S back hatch open thus destroying the hatch & garage.

then thats your own fault its not hard to close the trunk or doors, this applies to any car dont understand why this is even being brought up

It certainly doesn’t work well if you ever carry anything on the roof.

Also, one of those short garage in SF is going to have issue with those doors….

The Model X is still there as of Tuesday 10/15 at lunchtime. I went about 5 minutes out of my way to go see it. The McLaren store that used to also sell Fisker is next door.

The middle row seats look like the concept car units that they are. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for production. I sure hope they get rid of the glossy-plasticky seatbacks. The third row also doesn’t look too comfortable but it was roped off so I couldn’t climb in to find out for myself.