Tesla Model X In New York For Fashion Week – Video


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Via Reddit, we’ve discovered that the Tesla Model X will make a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week 2016, which is underway right now.

Tesla has apparently teamed up with Neiman Marcus to showcase the Model X at a Fashion Week event.

Tesla released a short teaser video on the X and its appearance at the show.

Video description:

“From one runway to another – Tesla Motors has partnered with Neiman Marcus to bring you an up close look from New York Fashion Week 2016. Stay tuned for more.”

You’ll find more information on New York Fashion Week 2016 by clicking here.

White Tesla Model X In NYC For Fashion Week

White Tesla Model X In NYC For Fashion Week

Below is a map of the 3 venues for NYC’s fashion event. At least one of the venues will have a Model X on display.


Fashion Week Venues

Fashion Week Venues

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well, considering the photo has Clarkson Square in the background, it’s probably that one LOL

Robert Weekley

It’s going to get interesting as more stars start showing up at awards shows in chauffer driven Model X’s! More buzz!

Now I am wondering about when we will see central product placement of the X in movies? Busines Jet flying company owners arriving at their Lear Jet or Global Express in the Model X!

Robert Weekley

As an aside, does the Model X accellerate to 60 mph faster than a Falcon 9 on launch?


Well, the Falcon 9 clearly has > 1g acceleration or it would’t get off the ground. Trouble is; it has to go vertically.

I’m betting it would outrun a Model X in a vertical climb in the first few milliseconds since it doesn’t need super sticky tires.


Robert Weekley asked:

“…does the Model X accellerate [sic] to 60 mph faster than a Falcon 9 on launch?”

Oh, easily. Only 3.1 or 3.7 seconds into the launch of a large rocketship, it’s still struggling to clear the gantry.

The Saturn V-Apollo rocketship expended 1/2 its fuel just lifting itself its own height above the ground, and I’d expect the ratio isn’t much better for the Falcon 9. As a rocketship uses up its fuel it gets lighter, so the acceleration improves as the flight progresses. It’s the reverse for the Model X; the faster it goes, the slower the acceleration.


It’s certainly is the height of fashion in the automotive field. Tesla is embarking on all sorts of initiatives concerning the Model X, which indicates to me, that they are confident that they will be able to meet the demand they spark.

Looking like a good year for Tesla is shaping up as we move towards the March 31st reveal.


Didn’t they just say on the conference call that “Tesla doesn’t advertise”?


Not “they”, but he — Elon Musk — unfortunately did recently make that obviously untrue claim. I hafta think Tesla’s marketing department reps must often cringe at the unfiltered remarks, and the level of hype, coming from their CEO.

Tesla does advertise. Tesla does pay for endorsements, again directly contrary to what Elon claimed in that recent conference call. That’s what Tesla’s referral program does: it encourages, and pays for, personal endorsements from people who aren’t Tesla employees.

What Tesla has not done, at least not yet, is pay for mass market advertising. I think it’s a question of when, not if, they will start to do so.

Robert Weekley
So – PP, If he said that they advertise – would not most people ask – where? Ina Magazine? In a Newspaper? On TV? On the Radio? Or – per your line of reasoning – “What Tesla has not done, at least not yet, is pay for mass market advertising” is kind of like Splitting Hairs – in that saying if they show up at a Car Show – they are advertising – just not to the general public (meaning – only to people that come to the car show are they ‘Advertising’) So – without adding the words “MASS MARKET” to his statement – it seems you are saying he was Incorrect, did not tell the WHOLE TRUTH, or what? I expect – in saying that they don’t advertise – means if you don’t come to them, or where they are – you will not otherwise see them, or their product, which in my mind – is a bit different that what most call advertising – in that Advertising usually hits you between the content you are seeking – be it TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, or whatever! So – in the sense of what you are saying – and… Read more »

Robert Weekley

“…kind of like Splitting Hairs…”

Robert, you are not just “kind of like” splitting hairs; you’ve just written hundreds of words in a rather wordy, but entirely futile, effort to do exactly that.

Does your income depend somehow on trying to convince people that some forms of advertising “aren’t really” advertising? If not, why would you even try to convince us of something that every educated person knows is simply not true?

Advertising is advertising, regardless of whether it’s aired on TV or radio; if it’s printed in newspaper or magazines; if it’s posted on social media such as Elon Musk’s tweets; or if it’s broadcast on Internet streaming video, like Tesla’s media events.

Heck, even sticking flyers under windshield wipers at a mall, or a carnival barker haranguing passersby to entice them into a sideshow, is advertising.

So go peddle your papers elsewhere. (And yeah, that’s a reference to advertising too!)