Tesla Model X Hot Wheels Review & Top Speed Test – Video


Hot Wheels Tesla Model X

Hot Wheels Tesla Model X

The Hot Wheels Tesla Model X is now available. Overseas at least.

Courtesy of Peak Time Racing and just to show we don’t have to take ‘everything’ so seriously when it comes to the performance of Tesla vehicles, we present this brief overview of the Hot Wheels Model X followed by a top speed test.

This is the typical “review” of a new Hot Wheels from Peak Time Racing. Later on down the road, Peak Time will likely pit the Model X versus other Hot Wheels offerings.

If your looking to buy the Hot Wheels Tesla Model X, your best bet may be to source it from Europe for now, as Peak Time Racing did. It’s U.S. release date seems a bit of a mystery at this point in time.

Check out the video for a more in-depth look at the Hot Wheels Model X.

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model X Hot Wheels Review & Top Speed Test – Video"

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Too bad they’re not made in USA like the real thing…


0-6 MPH in less than 1 second? 😀

Good luck finding one at your local retailers.

They are sold directly from the manufacturers but many states don’t allow that…


Do they have the door issues fixed?

Completely fixed, yeah. Unfortunately the fix created a rollover problem. 😉

Haha, I see what you did there.

IMHO, you get more credibility with Matchbox than with Hotwheels.
Check the values with collectors.

I purchased one at Toys R Us in East Hanover NJ a few days ago! I took a double look when I saw it on the peg board. wish there was a way to post the picture of it here! neat little car.