Tesla Model X At Goodwood Festival Of Speed – Video


Model X At Goodwood

Model X At Goodwood

Tesla released a video of the Model X on the hill climb section at the 2016 Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

The gradient over this approximately 100 meter section is 4.9%.

The Model X P90D has no problem zipping up the hill at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, we can’t make out the speedometer in the X, so we’re unsure how fast it’s actually going.

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Looks Scary!

I’ll say. I find it odd that the driver is wearing a helmet — presumably to protect him in case of a crash — but if that were to happen, no doubt many spectators would be vulnerable, injured or killed. There should be more safeguards for them if the risk is enough to warrant a helmet for the driver!

The speedometer says 79 miles per hour in the caption above? That’s about right for the course, there are hardly anyh straights to it.

The GoPro is placed at the most awkward spot ever with that rear view mirror in the way. Better luck next year.

No eardrums were harmed in the making of this video.??