Tesla Model X Goes Off-Roading – Video


Tesla’s dual-motor AWD system is set up for on-road performance, but that same system seems capable of tackling some rugged, snow-covered terrain with relative ease too.

Tesla Model X Off-Road In Snow And Ice

Tesla Model X Off-Road In Snow And Ice

Video description:

“We’ve put Tesla Model X to the off-road test: checked its passability at diagonal spin test on snow. Also we checked body stiffness. And as a bonus we’ve measured its acceleration at -6C with a VBox device.”

As Teslarati points out:

“Though the Model X appears to be outfitted with a set of popular winter tires among Tesla owners, the video is nonetheless impressive as it showcases the vehicle’s chassis rigidity – helped by the floor-mounted battery pack – and the computer’s ability to intelligently distribute torque to wheels that require it the most. In this case, traversing a slippery ditch.”

That rigidity is put to the test by opening all of the X’s doors when the SUV appears to be in a compromising situation.

Source: Teslarati

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The Russians like it, so maybe Trump will get one now?

He already has the tesla roadster ?

There is no verifiable source for that rumor, sorry.

Does not matter, we’re post truth now.

These Russians are “hacking” the American car market! Time to boycott Tesla, issue some toothless embargoes against Russia, and inch a little closer to war!

No, please don’t…

Sounds good. If he buys it through Russia, he’ll get a great discount too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well hope that everyone that can afford it will buy one, so this electric car revolution will take off!

That rigidity test is pretty impressive.


And as pointed out by the testers there was only a “slight” noise when opening the right door.

I don’t want to be too strict (My doors make noise in every situation…), but wouldn’t a really good result be that the doors open without a noise?

Not really, since physics has nothing to do with your personal expectations of extreme weight exerted unevenly onto an 5000 lbs. vehicle without help of any doors supporting it.

A single groan, with all doors opening and closing without incident, is perfectly acceptable. Do this same test with any other ICE SUV / Crossover and you may never buy another car brand again.

Subaru chassis flex helps keep 3 wheels on the ground. Lol

I’m disappointed they didn’t test the durability of the suspension by taking the Model X down a long dirt road to go mushroom picking. 😉


How about not bothering to check suspension components after going off-road, ever?

Or when there were strange noises, not bothering to get them checked out by a competent mechanic?

Or wanting to have the manufacturer cover the cost of parts and labor for items that are out of warranty?

People that take their vehicles off road usually recognize the higher chance of damage and the resulting upkeep that is necessary.

They only eat fiddle heads.

Russians desperately need these safe Tesla cars, like they need vodka!

Anyone who takes such an expensive vehicle off road is an idiot. More money than brains.

Don’t be so quick to call somebody an idiot. Buying Tesla in Russia, means paying double its price due to ridiculous road tax for EVs and import charges. This makes Tesla a toy for rich people, and that is what rich people do with their toys.

I had never even considered this as a sensible thing to do. The model X is clearly a soft roader at best. If you drive mostly on the road then you should buy a model X if you drive mostly off road then you should be a Range Rover or Land cruiser.

The Range Rover is capable of driving on road but is really not well suited to it, especially in urban areas where it produces unacceptably high levels of toxic exhaust fumes in close proximity to school children, and the Model X is capable to driving off road but again is not really suited to it due to the lack of charging infrastructure, its high curb weight and low clearance.

I figured that the first Model X off-road video would come from russians but I didn’t think I had to wait a whole year for it!

Now some muddy trail videos please!

I want to see the Model X do some rock crawling in Moab or going over the Rubicon Trail.

I know that most americans don’t know/care about the difference but he guys are from Belorusia not from Russia.

They know, it’s then just a bit below Russia!!!

It’s actually now the Republic of Belarus; it was formerly known as Byelorussia in Soviet times. It’s just a matter of time before Russia invades and annexes Belarus, making it a part of Russia. 🙁