Tesla Model X Gets Bioweapon Defense Retrofit For Just $750


Monitoring Air Quality In Model X

Monitoring Air Quality In Model X

Perhaps you skipped out on purchasing the $3,500 Premium Upgrades Package (which includes, among other things, the advanced HEPA filtration system) when you bought your Tesla Model X, but you’re still hoping to get the advanced HEPA filtration system that Tesla refers to as Bioweapon Defense Mode. Well, you’re now in luck

Via Reddit, we’ve discovered that Tesla is making just the HEPA filtration kit as a standalone retofit package for the Model X.

Called the Enhanced Air Quality Package, the kit costs just $750 and includes installation (kit offered to Model X owners in U.S. and Canada only).

Once fitted with the kit, you’ll be able to activate Bioweapon Defense Mode to eliminate manure odors, remove the stench of durian and so much more.

Interested in purchasing the kit? Head over to the Tesla Motors shop for more details.

Test Results

BioWeapon Defense Mode Test Results

Source: Reddit

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Probably due to demand. Plus people will have to periodically replace the filters.
Odd that it costs the same as the DCFC option on the Bolt. Probably just a coincidence.
I agree it’s a good deal.

I wonder how long until you can do this on the S?

How dose it matter if you are driving
Brand new Model X with tape and cardboard
With nobody @ Tesla bothered
Tesla Devon PA customer service poor.


Is this a Trump tweet?

It’s a beautiful filter. It filters all the air. Everybody’s air. Really beautiful.

It leaves only the best air. But America already has the best, so this is the best of the best air. Totally unpresidented. Amazing.

Honda’s air filters blow smoke. Sad! Only I can fix.

You know, I don’t know anybody who has had any use for a bioweapon defence mode, but I have friends of friends who have barely escaped tunnel fires, and they are quite common and terribly scary.

Not only is inhaling the smoke dangerous, you also need to escape the heat, but that becomes difficult, as they say, visibility is down to zero, at least in visible light.

I think it’d be a lot more interesting if the car gained a “get me out of a tunnel fire”-mode, combining the filter and autonomous features, where it could use its sensor package to navigate where human senses cannot. It would be permissive to have a few bumps and scratches in such a situation, if it would improve the chance of surviving a tunnel fire.