Tesla Model X Gets 6-Seat Option

SEP 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 40

Tesla Motors has decided to offer a 6-seat version of Model X, in addition to the 7-seat setup.

Images of both options from Design Studio were posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

There’s no price difference noted, so the choice will depend on consumer preferences only, it seems.

The two seats in the second row are captain chairs in the 6-seat layout.

Tesla Model X Gets 6-Seat Option (source: Tesla Motors Club)

Tesla Model X Gets 6-Seat Option (source: Tesla Motors Club)

Source: Tesla Motors Club

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I think I’d prefer the 6-seat version, looks like you get some room to move around, at least for the rear passengers.

But you get one less sculptural work of art.


I wouldn’t call them “captain chairs” as captains are traditionally fond of arm rests.



Sea captains do love ar, ar, arm rests! There is also no place in a Model X where a captain can comfortably rest his peg leg. 😀

With the 6-seat option, in the 3rd row definitely is!

Lots of people will gladly manufacture captains chair arm rests or any number of creative things for that extra space. My favorite, as we have 2 cats and a dog, is a custom cat/dog carrier for taking your animals to the vet. Custom guys like Evannex (News from the Frunk Tesla videos) are working overtime on it now.

Maybe Tesla realized the skimpy headroom over the middle seat was bound to draw criticism and customer dissatisfaction. And so this became a last minute ‘fix’.

Have you sat in one to verify the headroom?

I’d rather they do a last minute fix of the ugly nose cone.

Nobody knows what the Model X nose cone area looks like other than what appears to be a lighted logo and chrome strip bar shown in the invite to the reveal.

There are some spy shots that show a more petit / rounded snoot, over the earlier prototypes. And no notched bottoms.

I think the nosecones are great for branding, aero and providing an access panel for the 12 volt battery.

Stuart22 said:

“Maybe Tesla realized the skimpy headroom over the middle seat was bound to draw criticism and customer dissatisfaction. And so this became a last minute ‘fix’.”

Perhaps you’re confused? I’ve seen comments/complaints about limited headroom in the 3rd row seats, but all the comments I’ve read about headroom say there is plenty in the 2nd row.

Second row headroom for the outboard seats looks quite adequate, but the thick structural spine in the roof over the middle seat clearly decreases headroom there compared to the outboard seats.

Third row tightness is pretty much a given, with the sloping roofline and narrow width. All the more evidence of X being more about style and not so much about utility.

I can understand how Musk would insist on having falcon doors – every time they open up in public places will be a free Tesla advertisement. Let’s hope the doors are problem free, otherwise those free ads could turn into bad jokes about the car and the company.

None of this would be a problem for our 5 kids.

Neither would a sliding door be a problem with them, I’ll bet.

Only removing the middle seat, but not repositioning the two other seats, looks very cheap.


I would like that space there. Allows easy 3rd row access with wings closed, allows 3rd row passengers a more open feel, allows a full cooler when you are traveling. Love the 2 captains chairs in my current Ford Expedition and it is great for traveling.

Yeah, it looks to me like this is a quick-and-dirty response to complaints on the Tesla Motors Club forum that the 2nd row seats — which apparently cannot be either folded flat nor removed — will make it impossible to carry very long items (for example, an 8′ or 10′ long 2×4) inside the car.

Still hoping for an alternate type of 2nd row seats for the Model X which can be folded flat, to allow the entire back of the car to used for carrying cargo.

There has been some speculation on the Tesla Motors Club forum that Tesla might have planned on offering less luxurious 2nd row seats as standard equipment, and that those might fold flat… but that development of that type of seat has proved problematic, so Tesla decided to move forward using only the upgraded luxury seats.

Again, that’s just speculation; no one (so far as I know) has offered any facts or real evidence to support that guess.

It is cheap. Actually, it is without extra cost :-p

My car, a low-end 2008 Škoda Roomster (a compact MPV), has a flexible interior which does this standard, even on the cheapest version.

The 2nd row has 3 seats, each of which recline and can be removed separately in seconds.
If you remove the middle seat, the outer seats can be moved towards the center about 10cm on each side (on rails), so the passengers now have extra elbow room on both sides (door side as well as middle).

Does anyone else feel like the longer Tesla makes vehicles, the less forgiving people are going to be about the lack of simple creature comforts like, I don’t know, Armrests and Cupholders?!

Are Armrests or Cupholders really that difficult to engineer? I would have thought that these oversights would have been addressed for Tesla’s third car.

It’s pretty clear that Tesla needs to start hiring more thoughtful interior designers. If I can get a rear seat armrest in a Honda Civic or Chevy Volt, I should definitely be able to get an arm rest with cupholders in the second row of a Tesla Model X!

Those are all ‘optional’ cool features. You got to pay extra to secure your cup.

Did Elon Musk run over your dog or something?

I asked that months ago.

So many forums, and only 24 hours in a day for a troll like “See Through” to post…

Focusing on Tesla frees up some time. I bet there’s either a stock shorting going on, or a personal gripe with Elon.

At least Model X owners who ski can lay down their skis and snowboards inside the X, rather than using the crappy rebranded Yakima hitch rack that acts as a magnet for salt, dirt, road grime. This would only work with 4 or less people in the X as the rear seats must be folded down. I hope there is a way to fasten skis/beards down so that they don’t go flying all over the cabin in an violent accident.

Good point. The six seat option seems to be partly addressing the issue that 2nd row seats don’t fold flat.

And how do you know that? Did you engineer them? If so, we can blame you for any shortcomings.


Then I can put in 72 extra cup holders to reclaim my title as the king of white trash.

I guess it would fit a large coolers now. Good for long distance trips where you can pop a few cold ones… =)

They should made the middle seat removable. Sort like a minivan. Since Model X is pretty much a minivan, it should be configured like one…

Well, any hardcore windsurfer will tell you that all seats are removable if you determined enough.

For these premium 2nd row seats, you’ll have to be more determined than usual to remove one. The seats are heated, ventilated, and have power assist in moving. So that’s a lot of wires and air lines you’ll have to splice and cover up.

I was hoping that the seats would be removable (that is, designed to be easily removed and replaced), and hoped that those challenges were why Elon said the 2nd row seats proved to be more of an engineering challenge than the falcon-wing doors. But apparently, from the evidence we have, these premium 2nd row seats are not designed to be removable. 🙁

Nice. Definitely makes it more luxurious if you are hauling adults around.

Seriously need to add armrests and cupholders lol

Tesla has so much space in the interior that they literally dont know what to do with it


I guess Elon really doesn’t care for cupholders. I can understand, maybe, the lack of 2nd row seat cupholders in the Model S, since it was Tesla’s first completely in-house design. But to repeat that mistake on the Model X suggests that Tesla (or Elon) is ignoring what customers want to a surprising degree.