Tesla Model X Front Door Bangs Into Audi In Parking Lot – Video


That’s not how this is supposed to work.

Motor Trend’s Mark Rechtin recently posted a video of magazine’s loaner Tesla Model X in a parking next to an Audi Q5.

Rechtin attempts to automatically open the front door of the Model X and to his surprise, the door gives the nearby Audi quite a decent nudge.

What’s unexpected here is that it’s not a fault with the Falcon Wing doors, but rather the more simplistic front doors that, although they open automatically if told to, nonetheless still open in a conventional manner. Are we to believe that the nearby Audi was not detected by the door sensors?



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Wow. Tesla stock down to 197.
That’s below the 50 day moving average.
And out of the Bolinger Band lower limit.
Expect reversion toward the mean soon.

A good time to buy.

Exxon however, now looks like a 40 dollar stock selling for 80.
And Chevron is much worse, like 500% over valued.

Looks like the start of the oil-death-march, just like coal.
Increasing debt and no long term growth.

Can you please stop bringing up TSLA stock in the comments. Half of us here aren’t even American and couldn’t care less about the market value.

I don’t get it… why would you want to open the front door automatically?

And why is it a feature on the Tesla?

I love automated things, from my vaccum cleaner to my lawn mower to industrial robots, self driving cars and whatnot. But I can’t see why this feature exists.

Edit: supposed to be a stand-alone comment, not a reply. 🙂

My feeling exactly. Why do I need the door to open itself? This is starting to look like the floating chairs in Wall-E that carry people around and put straws in their mouths.

It’s supposed to be the brag-worthy luxury car for rich people. You walk up to it, doors open, you press the break peddle, doors close. Get it to the highway and engage autopilot for the next few hours. This isn’t a Chevy Bolt. :p

Why? Musk said it himself: hubris

Will Davis said:

“Can you please stop bringing up TSLA stock in the comments. Half of us here aren’t even American and couldn’t care less about the market value.”

We Americans who aren’t stock investors find this more than a bit annoying and distracting, too. All this posting by Tesla stock shorters and pumpers — even in comments on articles having nothing at all to do with Tesla — really detracts from making the conversation here interesting and informative… and occasionally amusing.

It’s too bad that all too many people commenting here seem to think this site is “Inside EV Stock Investments”. Or more to the point, seem to think this is Seeking Alpha and not InsideEVs.

You don’t have to be American to buy TSLA stock. However I agree that not every Tesla story requires a comment on the stock price, especially not buying advice!

As wind and solar are now cheaper then any other fuel, and more than 60% of new project startups.

It detected the Audi, when he walked by the sensor thought the object went away, and opened the door accordingly.

In addition to your reply being completely irrelevant to what that guy said, we cannot actually prove that it failed to detect the Audi simply because the guy walked past it. If the technology is that bad it should be used more cautiously – if at all – when parked in a tight space.

Regardless we can clearly see he’s well clear of the door before he presses the button to open it.

Guys, you’re missing the point. Audi is a part of VW group, it has the reason to be smacked 😀

Unfortunately natural gas is still cheaper than wind/solar in most of the USA. That’s why we keep building 50% or more new plants as natural gas. Of course the price of NG is going up eventually – just don’t know when. If we would stop giving frackers free license to pollute water tables and leak methane into the atmosphere, NG wouldn’t be near so cheap.

Yup, wind and solar are cheaper, but then you have to buy the windmill, the solar panel, the land, and backup for mother nature.

Existing nuclear is out there bidding $.018-.020/kwh. Brand new natural gas, maybe $.033. Put the 30% tax subsidy back in and windmills and solar panels are nearly twice as expensive. Go offshore, well, then we’re talking about Block Island’s $.244/kwh contracts, with an annual 3.5% cost escalator.

I’m all for renewable energy, “repowering America”, New Deals and blue squares, but I know too much not to feel like I’d be lying to say “wind and solar are cheaper”. You’re better off asking people the last time they cared about their electric bill?

Way OT, but thought I would add some facts. This is based on Texas ERCOT grid.

I can’t speak to solar, but 20 year wind PPAs in west Texas on greenfield projects are running around 0.025 $/kWh. There is no 30% ITC for wind, only the 0.023 $/kWh production tax credit for 10 years.

So even if you assume the credit can be fully used, average it out over full project life, you get just under 0.040 $/kWh. That is cheaper than new coal, but not quite as cheap as new gas.

The last new nuclear project was going to come in around 0.090 $/kWh, and take 10 years to build. So it was canceled. The gas price drop basically killed it. Just like it is doing to coal.

Offshore wind is just about regional politics and not good economic sense. It would be much cheaper to just build some new transmission.

Well the Audi wasn’t white, so Tesla can’t use that excuse. But there was a bright sky though.

Nothing better to make a Troll happy. “Seven”

I haven’t seen this troll named Seven of which you speak. But I suggest that you refrain from feeding him.

I think Seven is a “Seinfeld” name George was trying to coin in one episode. Maybe it was the “Shrinkage” episode.

I can’t think of a better car to smash the door on!! Way to go Model X.

Ford Excursion and Hummer H2 come to mind. 😉

Maybe the “Car Personality-beta version” from the X was active and it had a grudge against the Audi… 😉

“Are we to believe that the nearby Audi was not detected by the door sensors?”

Wow, that is a serious malfunction. If Tesla can’t fix this ASAP — by which I mean very soon — then they had better go back to non-powered front doors as on the Model S.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is a good principle, and Tesla violated the heck out of that in the Model X.

Or just have the door pop open that initial distance and not swing all the way open. Having the door open without having to touch the handle would still be useful.

I agree, the initial pop open would be good enough. From there, manual open and close. It avoids the whole burning your hand (during summer) on the chrome handle issue.

That’s a reasonable suggestion, thanks.

Pu-Pu said:
“If Tesla can’t fix this ASAP — by which I mean very soon . . .”

If this is the first time hearing about this issue, then your head must have been buried in the sand or you are in fanboi denial.

The automatic-opening doors smacking into adjacent cars is a known issue that Model X owners have been experiencing and complaining about since the Model X was first released. Tesla hasn’t been able to fix the issue in all that time. Model X owner’s have dealt with it by deactivating the auto-opening front door feature. Other owners have listed the malfunctioning auto-opening doors as a defect in their Lemon Law claims.

InsideEVs even had a news story about a Model X owner filing a Lemon Law lawsuit in which he claimed the following issues with the auto-opening front doors:

the power front doors are opening into cars (and other items),”

“flung open in their garage (damaging the Tesla and his other gear),” and

“the doors have “slammed shut” on his wife”


Dude, your constant obsession with my posts is more than annoying; it’s positively stalker-ish. Give it a rest.

I was commenting on the article. You might try doing that, instead of whining about my posts or posting yet another bit of anti-Tesla FUD.

Pu-Pu must be one of those evil Tesla shorters. Don’t listen to him.

Everything is fine with Tesla, its doors and its finances. Go Elon!


Yep. People said the Volt was over-engineered….the Volt is like the Flintstone-mobile compared to the Model X!

I think that’s a different kind of “over-engineering.”

The Volt (particularly: Gen1) is over-engineered in the sense that the tolerances are above and beyond what you would need; e.g. the battery SOC% is babied, which means the battery will outlast the rest of the car, etc.

In contrast, the MX is “over-engineered” in the sense that you had a bunch of engineers trying to create solutions to problems that don’t really exist, creating new problems in the process. The panoramic windshield makes the driver too hot, the front doors open and autonomously hit adjacent cars, the FW doors open while driving and get caught on garage walls, etc.

Or better yet don’t use automatic doors in a narrow parking space. Since when did humanity get so lazy that we can’t even be bothered to open car doors anymore.

I will wait for Cosumer reports to call Tesla to scrap the Model X.

Rechtin should have just summoned the Model X out of the parking spot. Way cooler to do.


Maybe there was a trailer parked in front of the Model X. 😉

that makes 2 trailers down!!


I think you are on to something. Perhaps Tesla has put “Trailer hunting” software capabilities into the Model X.

Accidents happen when trolls like you drives a high end car.

Well there is no scratch visible on the Q7.
The Model X driver probably did the ‘decent nudge’ to the Q7 himself.
Let’s hope it wasn’t one of the Koch brothers

Lesson learned. Don’t park next to a Model X.


Exactly what I was thinking.

I think this is more of a feature than a bug.

Tesla most likely programmed in detection of German rivals into the sensors. When detected, use aggressive behavior to intimidate.


right on Josh. That’s what I was thinking. “Smash that kraut crap!!”

Bio-weapon Defense Mode’s diesel sensor. Don’t piss it off.

Seriously, I already avoid charging in Tesla’s L2 spaces, and plan to avoid parking next to Model X, ever.

In other big news, today the U.S. DOJ indicted a VWG employee, who tricked cars just like the Q7 TDI. They have all the dirt they need.

Darn, my 2012 doesn’t have that….and something tells me it could be more than a software update 🙂

As a Model X owner, this was yet another “feature” that I really wish Tesla had left out of the car. I have indeed set auto open doors to OFF but I am still always fighting the motor when I open the door. This is the dumbest feature Tesla put in the X, and I really wish Tesla would get a clue and not to try to build a geek-gasm in what is supposed to be a soccer mom car.

Or at least make it an option for those that don’t want it. I’m not getting any auto-presenting anything on my Model 3. KISS.

I’m a Model 3 reservation holder, and I don’t want any of these “cowbell” features. It’s just more stuff to go wrong, especially in -20 degree Michigan winters.

K.I.S.S. !

How would they justify $100k price tag if they would make everything simple, just like yet another simple and reliable $30k car/SUV/minivan? You need some gizmo to play bleeding edge and keep public excited.

What I find disturbing here is that the Model X is still having this problem; a problem which was reported in early production units; a problem that lingers even after Tesla said they updated the software to eliminate false positives from the door sensors. In other words, I think this shows a rather noticeable failure on Tesla’s part because it’s a known problem they still haven’t properly dealt with even after months have passed. Tesla needs to get off the dime and do something to actually eliminate the problem, not just fiddle with things to reduce it a bit. philip d’s suggestion, above, about having the power front doors just pop open a bit, letting the driver/passenger open them the rest of the way manually, may well be the best solution, given that Tesla can’t seem to make the doors’ obstacle sensors work reliably. * * * * * As the Model X was being released, Tesla bragged about how they had managed to make sensors that work right thru the metal of the doors, despite the difficulty of doing to. Well, now that some months have passed and this problem still hasn’t gone away, it certainly looks like that… Read more »

This has been a problem with my X from day one. One issue us that Tesla apparently went cheap and didn’t install sensors in the front doors; thus, they use the FWD sensor and hope that things haven’t changed three feet up the way. Which, of course, is idiocy. Granted, a sensor in the door presents issues with angles of reflection, but this is not the only sensor deficiency in the X. Much of the car is half baked, but some things are amazing.

Appreciate honest feedback from a real X owner.

Too many people wearing rose-colored glasses. “My X is perfect! Yeah, I couldn’t close the doors on my X for a few days, and I had to hold it closed with my free hand while driving, but that’s why you have 2 hands, right?!” *sips some Kool-aid*

Sometimes Musk really blows it. Too soon?

I thought ‘Falcon’ instead of “Gull Wing” was supposed to prevent the thing from hiting side objects?

Read the article again, Bill. This isn’t about a problem with the FW doors; it’s about a problem with the Model X’s front doors.

*Does the Jedi mind trick hand wave thing* “There is no Audi”

Some good comments on this post. 😀

I think Tesla recognized the brand, that is the reason for the door “handshake”. What is a “gentile” nudge between “friends”!

This is a perfect example of why spelling really does count, even in Internet posts.

Andrei, please look up the actual meaning of “gentile”. Confusing that for “gentle” may give people the impression you’re sending a message you hopefully did not intend.

Ok this is just stupid. The Tesla didn’t hit the Audi it was the idiot that pulled the door open and let it go. Hello?

It isn’t that simple. If you hold onto the door, you are literally fighting the door opening motor. Can you? Yes. Is it really annoying? Yes. Sometimes you forget or are too lazy to fight and hope the car does the right thing.

Just another example why Model X sucks…

Especially compared with how good Model S is.

Tesla is slowly becoming like Windows OS version releases… Every other version sucks.

So, Model 3 should be very good. That is good for my reservation.