The Tesla Model X 100D Is Forbes’ Car Of The Year Recipient

Tesla Model X

JAN 7 2018 BY EVANNEX 37

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Instagram: teslafamily_uk)


Every year, Forbes looks at the entire auto industry in order to determine what the best (and worst) cars are — and they’re quite picky. It’s noted that those “with a feverish interest in vehicles will be more picky” and this particular list picks out the standouts (on both ends of the spectrum) that auto buyers should pay attention to when evaluating a new car. Forbes notes that “For this year’s ‘best’ list, we included some cars we’ve driven and had a ball in.”

So who wins the Forbes title this year? It turns out the Tesla Model X 100D takes the crown. Forbes provides plenty of praise for the all-electric SUV: “So much about Tesla’s X 100D just plain makes sense; not only its lack of emissions but its semi-autonomous driving mechanism (the term “self-driving” has been put on ice) which, when all the bugs are worked out, should be the way millions of people get to work and back, go to the store and live their lives.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Instagram: teslafamily_uk)Instagram: teslafamily_uk

How does Tesla’s X stack up against EVs from other auto manufacturers? It’s reported that, “Unlike some lesser electrics we’ve tested and frowned or yawned at since the 00’s, Tesla makes every internal combustion vehicle on the highway seem a clunky, clumsy relic of the 20th century, when men and women replaced their horses with vehicles that belched, burped, roared and required ‘gasoline’ to do their thing.”

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Instagram: teslafamily_uk)

Could Tesla be growing on those picky editors at Forbes? Earlier this fall, Forbes took the Model X out for a spin in London. Nargess Banks wrote, “Tesla is a disruptor. Like the brand or not – and I hear mixed views amongst colleagues – it has stirred the auto world… the Tesla Model S and X are proof that you can design vehicles that ooze with electric confidence.” And, it turns out that Tesla also topped Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies last year.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Instagram: teslafamily_uk)

In any event, there were some other runner-up cars on Forbes’ best list, including Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Mazda 3 Grand Touring, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Mercedes Maybach, and Infiniti Q60 Sport 400 AWD. And, who did Forbes pick for their worst list in 2017? They pointed out two “duds” to be avoided: Mini Cooper Clubman All4, and, Acura MDX Hybrid. However, all the “runner-ups” and “duds” on Forbes’ list did have one thing in common — they were all powered by gasoline.


Source: Forbes / Instagram: teslafamily_uk

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It is the biggest, least efficient EV currently available in the US, except for the P version, which is even worse.

To be fair, it does beat out the 2017 BYD e6, which somebody must think is available here.

An electric SUV. A car that says, “Get the h_ll out of my way! Please.”

Still better than the best ICE vehicles. Way better than comparable ICE vehicles.

No better then ford explorer but only in mpg

No ‘BETTER??’ Than a Ford Explorer? What in God’s name are you talking about??

So in this universe… the only car anyone should buy is a Geo Metro at 50+ MPG… or the 100 mile EVs since most of them are more efficient. Please… the beauty of the X100D is that it easily thrashes on the efficiency of the vehicles it directly competes with… Luxury UTEs. It tows… it hauls 7 butts… and it does so in a marvelously fun, functional package that turns heads everywhere. Love them or hate them… The Teslas are changing the world for the better. I drove a LEAF for 4 years and love the car… but when our finances improved somewhat we replaced one of our 2 LEAFs and our highway cruising Ford FLEX with a Model X100D and have to say, now several months and thousands of miles later… I love it! It is an absolute tech marvel. And it has improved several times over the air since I got it. It is head and shoulders above the rest.

No better than Ford Explorer, except in mpg, handling, crash protection, pollution, luxury, cargo capacity, grip on imperfect surfaces and/poor in the wet/snow, acceleration and braking, navigation, computer software features, maintenance schedule, upgradability from manufacturer, total cost of ownership, and total freedom from independent franchise dealerships.

So yeah, no better than Ford Explorer.

😆 😆 😆

Thanks for the belly-laugh, Steve!

Oh… and don’t forget the pollution in the Explorers… you can die easily in those Ford pieces of crap breathing leaking carbon monoxide in the cab. Wow… Cops falling asleep from it on the highways… Great car to compare with. And in Platinum trim it costs almost as much as a 75kWh Tesla. Fords are quickly becoming a colossal waste of money and lives.

I stopped reading after ford

It has a lifetime CO2 footprint about the same as a Prius, which cost a fraction as much, and doesn’t require an entirely new fueling infrastructure. “Consumers” can do whatever they want. Citizens would be expected to act more responsibly.

Let’s see your source on that. Where are the numbers?

Probably assuming only 120,000-150,000 miles of vehicle life on the X which is bs. An EV has a larger production footprint than an ICE but a much lower operational footprint. So the numbers look better for gas cars vs. EVs when the total miles are low. When you put the miles up to real world at 200,000+ then EVs blow away even a Prius.

Also assuming 2016 grid mix which will continue to get cleaner going into the future while the Prius’ gasoline won’t be.

There are at least three groups doing these analyses. The Union of Concerned Scientists for one, and they are not fossil fuel shills. Of course an electric SUV is better than a gas SUV. It even beats out a gas midsize car. But it doesn’t beat out a 50 mpg Prius hybrid. They assume full-sized cars are running 179,000 miles, and 35,00 for mid-sized cars.

135,000 miles for mid-size

I am not advocating for Priuses. I am advocating electric Prius sized vehicles.

nice try petrolhead shortie. LOL

I own Tesla stock, and drive a Bolt, have an electric push mower, and a passive solar house. Grow up.

You know those kind of vegans who lecture vegetarians about how wrong it is to consume products like milk ang eggs. It’s not “killing” like eating meat, but it’s “torture” they say.

Well, same kind of people can be EV drivers I guess.

Don’t drive an EV SUV, drive a Leaf… hm, an EV Motorcycle would be even cleaner… hm, an EV bicycle would be cleaner… hm, walking would be cleaner…

You can end that thought pattern with living in a cave or not living at all. And while I agree that wanting an SUV without the need for it (no trailer, no large family…) is a human problem (I want big things to feel important), I would argue that:
1. we shouldn’t try to solve to many problems at once.
2. I don’t want to put a comission in charge to decide who has the real need for an SUV and who don’t.
3. I myself tend to buy things from time to time I would call luxurious, because its one of the things that makes living worthwhile (besides love, health, success…)

A FORD Explorer has the came Carbon Footprint of a Prius.
Get off the CRACK dude.
Get OFF – The – Crack.

Where ever you got that info, you need to stop reading from that BS site. Only a fool or lier would write that: FAKE NEWS.

It doesn’t replace Prius’s in the market.
It replaces Tahoe’s, and cars like Mercedes GLA, GLC, GLE SUV, GLS SUV, and the G-Class.

Unfortunately, I think, for many, it is just one more in their stable of expensive vehicles.

Yeah I see 2 of them in line at my kid’s carpool everyday picking up their kids.

Get real. Certainly too rich for my blood but the line is full of other luxury SUVs that cost the same as the base Model X that I also can’t afford.

Sure, expensive. But, the Tesla’s are not burning high horsepower V8 gas. They not polluting at that massive rate. So, social benefit is high.

“It is the biggest, least efficient EV currently available in the US, except for the P version, which is even worse.”

In other words: It’s full-sized CUV, not a compact car.

If car buyers who want an SUV/CUV are not offered EV CUVs and EV SUVs, will they settle for a smaller EV? Heck no, most of ’em will just keep buying gasmobiles. Is that really what EV advocates want? I hope not!

The EV revolution must include larger cars.

If we don’t stop buying huge trucks for commuting we will get a revolution, but it won’t be the one you hope for. It will happen when crops fail, and people get upset.

Straw man.

Your argument did not address my own, but nice try.

We have had this discussion before. My point is that replacing gas trucks with electric trucks will do very little to solve our problems. If we can’t get an order of magnitude decrease in energy use in the next two decades it won’t matter. This is what the scientists have been saying very clearly. You know this as well as I do.

It allows people to feel like they are making a difference while avoiding any significant change. It is the delusion of having your cake, and eating it too.

Warren, the purpose of the X and other Tesla vehicles IS to ‘have your cake and eat it too’. It’s essentially saying to the other manufacturers, look how much people love these autos that AREN’T spewing CO2 in the air. You other auto makers should make cars as good as(or even better) that don’t spew CO2 into the air too. Remember the primary mission. Move energy usage and transport to non or less climate affecting means! Then, we can take Tesla to task about their energy efficiency.

Truck and SUV sales are up, and shock: Cause and Effect: Gas Prices are up too.

Go figure.
These people financially hurt themselves.

It’s more efficient than most other plug-in SUVs when operated in electric only mode .. if they even can. The smaller Niro PHEV is the one bright mark in the field, and it’ll see about as much use offload as a BMW X5.

The entire range of Model Xs are also more efficient than the Pacifa PHEV, which along with the XC90 are the only seven seat electrics.

The lighter Model X 75D is rated at 93 MPGe, which is markedly better than the Mercedes and Toyota Tesla-powered compliance electrics, and within spitting distance of the smart for-two EV, which has remarkably low range and economy. In terms of miles per seat, it’s no contest.

So while you are correct that it is markedly less efficient than other options out there.. against other vehicles in its class, it more than holds its own. Even with a 100 kWh battery pack, something like a BMW X5 would see less than 200 miles of range, which is probably a non-starter until either battery densities increase further or BMW begins sweating the efficiency details like Tesla does.

Germans be ware or go the way of the horse.

Sorry, its priced way out of my range. It is a depreciating asset.

It is out of most people range and yes, all cars are depreciating assets. Was there a point to your post?

The gray with white leather exposed at LA Auto was an eye catcher for sure. Absolutely gorgeous!

Well, you almost have to read Forbes to afford one. Though Forbes has many anti-tesla articles they still like the car, which is an indication of just how good the vehicle is.

I feel like Short-Fever on Tesla has broken.
They’re all broken.
The facts of Tesla’s product, their CAPEX spending into the leading EV manufacturer has entered their imagination.
The shorts are usually right about a new auto manufacturer being a bad bet, just not this time.

I imagine the Easter Islanders had these same conversations about using trees to roll stone statues. Going back to a simple, boring, hard way of life is unthinkable.