Tesla: Model X First Deliveries Still On Track For Mid 2015


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

In addition to admitting that it has yet to complete a Model 3 alpha prototype, Tesla’s latest SEC filing outlines Model X progress.

According to the filing, Tesla has completed both an alpha and beta prototype of the Model X.  These are two of the three completions that Elon Musk needs in order to qualify for an equity grant from Tesla.  The third item that must move to completion is production of the Model X.

It’s widely believed that, despite previous delays, the Model X will arrive in mid 2015, though we suspect the X will be in very limited production until well into 2016.

For those interested in the Model X, the long waiting list, coupled with low initial production, means that if you sign up for one today, there’s almost no chance you’ll take delivery until mid or late 2016.


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What is equity grant? Whom grant it?

I think Tesla Motors gives stock to CEO Elon Musk when the milestones (tasks) are complete.


“These are tow of the three completions” so the MX can tow three cars? Love the typo Eric 😉

James, completely agree. Plus it’s my understanding their are 10 targets to hit to qualify for the grant, not 3.

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz. Wake me up when the Model 3 arrives.

Pre-production Model X’s have recently been spotted and photographed several times while apparently doing test drives, so it should hardly be a surprise that Tesla is indeed going to put the Model X into production later this year. In fact, Tesla’s guidance for production for the year -demands- production of the X, and not in token quantities either.

Given Tesla’s history, I understand why Eric Loveday, author of this article, is skeptical about the X being produced in anything more than very low quantities thru the end of the year. We’ll see if Tesla is able to stick to their rollout plan this time, or if — as with the Roadster and the Model S — their initial production is very slow for several months.

Aside from the Lotus built Roadster, Tesla’s production “history” consists of building exactly one model on a new platform on a first time assembly line with new workers and new processes. Any guesses of Model X 2015 production and ramp based on Tesla initial model “history” is a fools errand at best.

Wow, Eric… I wrote a long piece for another website the other day and a reader ripped me a new one for missing an apostrophe in the word, “its”! He said it nearly caused him to dump my article and not read the whole thing!

Sure, there may be circumstances – but hey, there’s grammatical errors in nearly every short paragraph here! In order for InsideEVs to be respected, there need be more self editing before each article is posted.

“Tow” instead of two, “beat” instead of beta, “believe” instead of believed, misplaced comma after waiting list, “couple” instead of coupled.

The grammar police annoy everybody, but you have to admit, this article is a mess.

It’s Sunday. The grammar editors and spell checkers aren’t at work today.

Sorry about that James, def technical issues here…it must have slipped out accidently today before getting edited. I take responsibility for this one as I didn’t catch/read it between the story getting written and dropped today. /fixed

On the positive side, at least there are some new posts on a Sunday – which is quite unique!

Yes, we do have someone minding the fort 7 days a week, 20 hours a day. Dang…I should have went with that as an excuse why this one slipped by me.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Edit. History.

Seriously though, we messed up on this one. Will try to do better/not let it happen again.

You know what you said is true when someone has to correct your grammar

this the internet, aint nobody give a f**k about grammor!

there’s should be there’re

It’s ok with me that at times grammatical and spelling errors slip through since it gives me something to write about. I don’t really have any technical expertise as some here do in regards to ev’s and their concomitant technologies,

We Grammar Nazis never take a day off!

lol!!! Hey nowwww… I am no grammer Nazi.

I hate it as much as you do when they cry out loud when you miss a comma or ?


I was thinking more about myself as the Grammar Nazi than you, actually. I’ve made several posts here on InsideEVs pointing out spelling/grammar errors… in fact, I wonder if I’ve done so often enough to annoy Jay, so I try to at least occasionally poke fun at myself when doing so.


Once I wrote a blog for Tor.com, and used a semicolon where I should have used a colon. One of the first few comments pointed that out. Fortunately the Tor.com editor made the edit promptly when requested.

Yeah, we Grammar Nazis do give ourselves fits when we make the same errors we take the trouble to point out when others do it, don’t we? What -really- annoys me is when I get tired and use the wrong homophone (their/they’re/there, too/to) when writing an informal Internet post. It always annoys me when I notice others doing that, yet somehow I sometimes do that myself when I’m tired.

How I wish for an “Edit” button!

I bet tesla comes out with a Truck/SUV platform before Model 3. Just my guess.

I think that Tesla X is SUV.

Apart from that I do not think that there is place for “high end” nor “luxury” in pickup market 😉

Yes. That means EVs will not have much presence there, and its not a perfect situation.

But do not expect “high end” and “luxury” brand to enter low margin market just because nobody else is doing it!

Amusing that there is more discussion about grammar here than about the article itself.

I suppose when Tesla says “mid-2015”, that they are talking about Q3? If they start delivering by the end of September, does that count as mid-2015?

Of course in the end the arrival month of the Model X only matters so much. For most people, the initial delays of the Model S are but a fleeting memory.

If Mid-2015 is a guess, that guess could also include June-July-August = Mid 2015, which would be – the last month of the 2nd Quarter, and the first two months of the 3rd Quarter.

If the first Official Model S was delivered on June 22, 2012, THAT would be an interesting Day/Month Target to beat with the Model X First Official Delivery: as in ‘June 21st, 2015!’

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