Tesla Model X Finally Tested By Fully Charged In Extensive Review – Video

APR 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 21

Fully Charged just published one of its longest episodes to date, covering its long awaited Tesla Model X test drive review; in this case, the 90D edition of the X with six seats, to be precise.

Tesla Model X | Fully Charged

The all-electric Tesla SUV was, perhaps unsurprisingly, considered as a delightful and remarkable vehicle.

Host Robert also notes that the fit and finish seems to be better than that of earlier Model S sedans tested.

A lot of the door quirk behaviors appear on the show, as one needs to familiarize oneself to the automation, so as to not interrupt the opening/closing process.

“It took driving 300 miles to fall in love with the Tesla Model X, I was a bit sniffy at first but this is a genuinely amazing machine.

And you can turn off the auto front door systems, which I learned when I handed the car back to Tesla.”

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In other news, my early Model X suffered it’s third door failure this weekend: that’s a total of two front doors and one falcon wing door. It’s spent a total of about two months in service.

I understand why Tesla waited to long to give out review units.

That sucks, sorry about your rotten luck!

My buddy has had his X for about 8 months and indicates it has been flawless. Here’s hoping your luck improves and his luck remains. 😀

Of course you don’t actually own a Model X but I can see how a pretend Model X would fit the troll life style.

People with the sort of income that comes with these cars usually have better things to do with their time than trolling on internet forums obviously.

“Of course you don’t actually own a Model X”

….and you know this because??

Well, what we do know is that “Four Electrics” is constantly lying. He’s a serial anti-Tesla troll who claims to have bought a Model X despite all the Tesla hating posts he constantly posts, and formerly posted when he was “Three Electrics”. He posts just as many Tesla hating posts now as he did then.

He can’t actually believe what he says in all the negative comments he posts about Tesla and its cars if he turned around and bought one.

Which set of lies are we supposed to believe? Personally, I vote for “none of the above”.

Right behind you, at the PU-PU Polling Place!

Hmm, comment noted.

Yeah, and you’re never wrong?

You were convinced I was a Tesla stock shorter once, simply because I critized the company a few times.

You’re behave like an over protective parent when it comes to Tesla.

Tesla has nothing to worry about from anyone who posts on this forum.

I think you’re insecurity over them makes you the main Tesla opponent here, cause you actually believe a few posts can harm the company, as if their products was not good enough to over come that.

Yeah, and then the only real TESLA BASHER here is PUSHI. He claimed TESLA tried to push off a bricked battery as a ‘FLAW’ that wouldn’t be covered under warranty, and that the company’s treatment of owners who did that was deceptive. When it was totally the customer’s fault.

He still has not apologized for his defamatory remarks, nor has he mentioned what the “FLAW” actually was, not what his supposed fix for the “FLAW” would be.

Since he’s rarely is even near an EV, and will never buy one, he just criticizes those of us who spend our hand-earned money on them and then uses PROJECTION – that of accusing others what he himself is the most guilty.

Mine have been solid after getting upgraded sensors and software updates. Very happy with them and glad they are on the car.

I wish I had an X rather than my S….but alas I can’t afford it. I could barely afford my used Model S. I would like the more upright seating in the X.

I know the doors are an issue though.

I wish Tesla would make an X with regular back doors. It would lower both weight and cost but I doubt that will ever happen.

Guess we need to wait for Model Y.

…and hope the Elon decides not to use pigeon-wing… er, falcon-wing… 😉 doors on the Model Y, or makes them optional.

Well elon did tweet that one of the model 3 or y will have falcon wing doors, then he deleted the tweet. So did he change his mind or maybe he decided that he said too much??

IMO, Falcon wing doors is too much cowbell for a supposedly affordable SUV/CUV, but the real question is what does elon think??


10.000 miles on my X 90D and only one small problem… the 12 volt outlet in the trunk isn’t working. It is an exuberant experience to drive every time. I’ve taken two 700 mile round trips and had no range angst and found the supercharger stops to be pleasant and a welcome break. The car is silver and I’ve noticed that the finish sheds dirt easily. The handling is very nimble and the turning radius is remarkably small for 198″ length and 116″ wheelbase. Cornering is flat at almost any speed. Even on a wet road, there is no wheel spinning at full acceleration.

Silver is good if you live in a dusty road environment.

The little girl running to hug it and the mom waving goodbye, says it all. It’s major step forward in personal transportation that affects many people on a visceral level.

Do these people feel like they have to use a lot of extra words and talk on and on and on as some kind of “anti-tweet” or is this just the British being British and talking for no reason other than to hear themselves speak?

My God, after 3 minutes I gave up watching any more.

Yeah he gets excessively giddy when the door mistakenly closes on him.

This was not a ‘serious, in-depth’ review.

The only info at all was the kwh/mile info, and precious little of it.

But I think people watch this guy because of the entertainment value – I don’t think hard information is the primary attraction.

He never said about himself beeing a good car reviewer on the contrary. His car reviews are more about talking about the feel of the car and the entertainment of course. But he is pretty good at introducing a lot of different green tech projects.