Tesla Model X Featured In News From The Frunk


First Tesla Model X in Miami, Florida (News from the Frunk)

First Tesla Model X in Miami, Florida (News from the Frunk)

A recent episode of “News from the Frunk” was on the first Tesla Model X in Miami and in south Florida.

As in case of other early deliveries, this Signature #80 is fully equipped, which means 90 kWh of batteries and Ludicrous Mode.

According to the first drive report, the car feels similar to Model S, very solid, heavier than a Model S, but the quality, fit and finish is at a higher level.

“Juan Osorno has just taken delivery of Model X Signature #80, and he let me drive it. Here’s my interview with Juan, and a few thoughts on the car.”

The car is charged from a dedicated parking space at a condo, as administration agreed to permit charging station installation with a separate meter.

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That guy, the buyer, is really into Tesla.


Typical for most Tesla S owners. Customer satisfaction data backs this up.


I like how he said the inside seems like his S … well missed the gigantic helicopter windshield … LOL

Al S

Nice car, but the real story here is being able to get charging in a condo in Florida. Condo associations are so anti-EV there.