Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Operation Explained, With Lego – Video


LEGO Falcon Door Mock Up

LEGO Falcon Door Mock Up

What can’t be done with LEGOs these days?

Can you mock up the operation of the Tesla Model X’s Falcon Wing doors with LEGOs? Sure can…

YouTuber Trev Page uses LEGOs in this video to show the complex operation of the Faclon Wing doors.

Video description:

“How the Tesla Model X Falcon Wing doors work.”

“See the clever engineering employed and get an inside look of the inner workings of the Falcon wing doors of the Tesla Model X.”

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I had no idea that you could do all that with Legos!

Terrible Explanation….)(*&^%$#@!~!@#$%^?????

Hmmm, well, I give him kudos for being creative and making the attempt.

But it’s not impressive. His model doesn’t really work like a Wing door actuator. If it did, he wouldn’t need to manipulate it by hand.

And his voice-over was neither clear in its explanation, nor concise. Did you notice that at one point, he had to flash text on the screen to “correct” what he was saying in the voice-over? Why didn’t he just re-record that portion of the audio?

So overall, I give him no better than a “C”. There are many far better fan-made Tesla related videos out there. I predict this one won’t get much attention, despite InsideEVs highlighting it.

I personally think it was great !

Order a sandwich and chill.

Don’t gimme no jive Clive.. l o l

Need Extra Napkins !!!

Blah another amateur video.

Think of all the added weight. Think of the reliability ramifications.

Hopefully Tesla will offer an ordering option where you can get a Model X without falcon doors.

Just the pop out door handles on my S give me the willies from a failure mode point of view and these falcon doors are 100 times worse.

Nice camera.

It’s “LEGO” not “LEGOs”