Tesla Model X Falcon Doors Actually Do Keep You Dry In Heavy Rain – Video


Falcon Door Versus Rain

Falcon Door Versus Rain

When the Tesla Model X first launched, CEO Elon Musk likened the Falcon Doors to big umbrellas that would protect you from the rain.

Some were skeptical, but as it turns out, those doors actually do ward off most of the falling precipitation.

Video description:

“Always wanted to shoot this video of the Tesla Model X in heavy rain fall. It does provide really good rain protection when open. Obviously you should open it before you get to the car, but I’m assuming you have an umbrella and you can easily open it with your remote key fob.”

“I’ve noticed how much better it shields you from the rain vs a traditional door like you have up front. There is some minor splashing but there really isn’t anything you can do about that. At least you are dry while standing under the falcon wing doors and trying to strap your kids in.”

“I don’t think I can test this in torrential rain where you get it side ways and upside down! Not sure what would happen to the doors in that situation.”

“But will definitely try to film it when there is high wind situations when I get a chance. With the global climate change, I’m sure I will get a chance to film it. LOL”

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Uh oh, the Tesla MX/FWD haters aren’t going to like this.

Remember all the Falcon Wing Doom Posts of not so long ago?

“Oh, I”ll get wet and melt! My poor interior will get flooded! Boo hoo hoo. I’m not buying THAT SUV!” πŸ˜‰

Of course it works in a light rain that is coming straight down.

Well, it was more of a moderate rain; neither heavy nor light.

The video was way too long for what it covered, but I guess you have to use what youtube gives you.

I was thinking the same thing. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, you could classify this as a light rain. There was no wind so the rain was coming straight down.
To top it off, the child standing under the falcon wing door was saying he was getting wet.
LOL, hardly a vindication.

LOL. Great Video. I want to hear from Scottf200 or someone that actually has a Model X for a second opinion. πŸ™‚

The coolest Model X I ever saw was when I was at the Rocklin, Sacto supercharger charging my Model S. There was a couple that had pulled in that were going to the “giga party” outside of Reno…..anyway the whole back of the car was basically a huge bed for their Blond Labrador doggy.

That’s a class ride for a dog. I asked the dog if he new how much mommy and daddy paid for his accomodations and he wagged his tail…..but all Labs do that so I’m not sure if he meant it or not πŸ™‚

Oh and PS we know the video is not faked since the Falcon door failed during opening. It’s definitely a Tesla.

It’s true; the X is very pleasant to use in the rain. It’s an unexpected benefit of the doors I appreciate regularly. So far it hasn’t been windy enough for rain to enter the car through the side, which is great. Most of the time nobody is going to stand around outside of their car, but for small children and babies one must, and it’s nice to stay dry.

“I asked the dog if he new how much mommy and daddy paid for his accomodations and he wagged his tail…..but all Labs do that so I’m not sure if he meant it or not πŸ™‚ ”

I’m sure the dog understood you perfectly. Don’t you know that just climbing into a Tesla car instantly makes one (both humans and dogs) much smarter? πŸ˜‰

I’m still waiting to see if it will work on me. It doesn’t seem to want to take hold.

I’m actually pretty happy with how it works in the rain. As well they added a feature since first release where it only partially opens up and the lower part of the door kicks out more (2nd hing).

I came from a Ford Expedition. I got plenty of snow and plenty of rain on passengers when opening up the 2nd row doors. Look at the lip that goes up over to the roof. Plus look at the slant of the top of the door. You are a fair amount exposed and the wind would equally bring in rain.


LOL and where is the heavy rain?

Ordinary rain doesn’t show up well on film or video. Movies use “Hollywood magic” to film scenes with rain.

Even then you need to be very generous to call it anything but very light rain. πŸ˜›

But for the Atacamas it would have been massivly heavy rain so I guess it depends on your perspective.

In Thailand and other places with rain seasons it wouldn’t even be classified as rain but just high humidity πŸ˜‰

It is true that they should protect in moderate rain without strong wind, except maybe some minor splashes on seats.

But what is in this video is not heavy rain, it is minor splashing.

I live in Norway. In winter the car will be coverd in snow. And the snow vil end up in the seat. . . Or ?

Or you cannot open dem doors ‼️

It is good to remove snow first if you want it to prevent getting inside whatever you are opening – regular doors that are not perfectly vertical either, hatchback back or gull wing doors. These gull wing doors are not so much different from any hatchback opening, they all work in snow just fine. Except when they are iced from melted and frozen snow, but then you don’t want to force any doors too much anyway to avoid damage. They may be worse in heavy rain and wind, but really you can’t make everything perfect for everybody.

what a air head

I want to see those doors open after freezing rain in Michigan.

I’ll take an omniscient point of view and observe that the community is remarkably level-headed in this thread. It was actually interesting and informative, with thoughtful comments from “both sides” of the traditional banter isle.

Thank you – that made my Monday.