Tesla Model X Falcon Door Versus Nissan LEAF – Video


Which Vehicle Will Win?

Which Vehicle Will Win?

Via recent software updates, Tesla claims to have improved the function of its Model X Falcon Wing doors.

This video doesn’t put those doors in a situation where the improvements are tested, but rather it show a real-world scenario in which a car (a Nissan LEAF in this case) parks too close to the X.

The Falcon Wing doors prove their functionality in this video, where regular doors wouldn’t open enough to provide much access to the rear seating area.

Yes, a typical minivan sliding door would perhaps be more useful, but it’s surely not as trick or slick in its operation or appearance.

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That is so Awesome!

Now all the front seat passenger and driver need to do is climb into the back for easy egress.

Or, the driver and front passenger could get out before parking while the back seat passengers safely remain in the vehicle. Then they “summons” park the Tesla, open the rear doors, and easily squeeze out in the space between the Tesla and Leaf. Brilliant!

Of course, while they’re in the restaurant, the Leaf owner comes out, get’s pissed that the Tesla blocked him in, keys the Tesla, and then swings his Leaf’s door into the Tesla.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to block neighboring vehicles with your Falcon-Doored Wonder?

Lol. Moral of the story: buy a car that is smaller than the parking spaces in your region. You won’t need fancy technology to just extricate yourself from a vehicle.

The falcon doors are back doors. The driver gets out of the front doors. Very often people seem to forget that.

This is very likely, especially if the car next to the Tesla is some cheapo ICE car. “the [other car] owner comes out, get’s pissed that the Tesla blocked him in, keys the Tesla, and then swings his [car]’s door into the Tesla.”

Read it again…It was not the Tesla X which parked to close to Leaf to make a funny video, it was the Leaf which parked to close the Tesla X. It happens so many times here the mall parking in a town near to my house where parking places are so tight.

Look at the video … both cars are left-hand drives. Clearly the Tesla was parked last, or else the Leaf driver would still be there!

I’ve parked ’72 Cutlass closer, and made it out the drivers door, student parking at UofM. I’ll leave it as a puzzle for the reader as to how.

Wonder if the new Roadster will have FWDs?

Yea the sliding door is very 0ld & looks like a cargo door on delivery truck…Falcon wing are so cool & complicated…

what the article doesn’t consider is most sliding doors pop out before they slide, potentially making the gap between the cars too tight for a person to squeeze through.

Which is why one should simply stand in the gap outside the driver or front passenger door before opening the slider door to avoid blocking oneself from entering and needing to walk around to the front of the vehicle.

You stand by the front doors while the sliding door slides BACKWARDS much more quickly than a FWD ever could and way less complicated (even motorized) too.

Over 20 years, I had three work related and owned two sliding door vans and never, ever had an issue with clearance. ZERO.

Sorry this is just a gee-whiz-look-at-me feature that creates more problems than it solves.

The Victorian version would be, “Nothing wrong with mucking a horse stable. Automobiles are just a gee-whiz-look-at-me feature that creates more problems than they solve.”

The early automobile, gas or electric, was quite superior to travel by horse by multiple measures. Why didn’t scissor or gull-wing door designs taken over? They were geez-whiz too back in the day.

Yes, a lot of persons cancelled their Tesla X reservations because FWDs…but a lot will buy it because of these doors, not because it a electric car or a Tesla. As everything in the world or every one, you can’t please every one.
Here in Portugal, most of drivers considers cars with automatic gear box a complicated thing than can have issues and think these cars are for pussies…One more time, we will have more and more cars with these doors and we will continue having cars without it…You don’t like it? Don’t buy it, period.

“One more time, we will have more and more cars with these doors and we will continue having cars without it…”

Just like scissor and gull-wing doors never took off, I suspect the FWD won’t either. I think in 10 years time, nearly all but the most ardent FB will look back and say, “yeah, those weren’t really a good idea”.

The point of having such a large vehicle is because you have multiple people getting in the back. So yeah, you expect all four people getting in the back to cram next to the front door so that you can open the sliding door? Or should you do it one at a time, opening the door four times? Sorry, this is a much better solution, falcon wing door haters.

OH good lord, you just back up the vehicle and give everyone some room to get in. How often will this ever occur? As I said, in over 20 years of using sliding doors this never happened to me.

What about MS owners with rear seat passengers? Are they forever stuck in the parking lot? Oh wait, they can just auto-summon the car out of the spot.

FWD are rube goldberg-esque engineering at best.

Yes. Speaking as a former minivan driver: With sliding minivan doors in a cramped space, you actually have to slide yourself in past the door before opening it.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out… since I’m not one.

It’s certainly true that sliding minivan doors aren’t as “cool” as falcon wing doors. But will those FW doors still be working as well five or seven years after the Model X is purchased, as when the car was new?

For me that’s the important question, and one which likely won’t be answered for awhile.

Yeah motortrend had the same comment about Summon making FWD redundant when they did the Bentayga comparison.

Can he open the doors in his garage???


If the garage door is lower than this one then the sensors in the door will stop the falcon wing doors early.

What about when it’s not the only car in the garage? The video I saw a while back showed it would not open enough with the garage door open with another car in the garage. The owner had to rig up a system to make it work… Fail IMO.

Even with my not so nice cars I park across the lot where it’s empty and walk. There is no way I would that close to someone.

Exactly, in the sun in winter and in the shade in summer.
I’m not afraid of getting out or in my car this way, but I fear the clumsy people who would slam their doors in my car because they don’t care if I park too close to anyone.

Same here. Usually in the time it takes to find a close spot you can walk across the parking lot. Up until recently I drove a beater (pontiac Vibe) and people thought I was weird for parking so far out, but walking is very under-rated. Oh, and people think I’m weird no matter where I park, so whatever.

I was once on crutches for over a year, so during the time I’m walking across parking lots, I’m always grateful just for being able to walk. It’s actually pretty mind blowing to think of all the processing power and programming brought to bear on the challenge of creating a robot that can walk as well as a human. Maybe they’ll get there in our lifetimes, but what is that, millenia of human technological progress just to make a robot walk? Yet that three pounds of meat in our skull does it unconciously!

Why doesn’t the door open all the way?! Seem to have plenty of room (the sky).

I was thinking the same thing. Tesla obviously doesn’t have these doors working properly yet. There’s nothing like over engineering the stuffing out of a simple operation. It’s painful to watch Tesla go through this.
Tesla management should read and make “The Inmates Are Running the Asylum” required reading.

“Yes, a typical minivan sliding door would perhaps be more useful, but it’s surely not as trick or slick in its operation or appearance.”

Yes, no need for any comments with this great summary.

So much fluff in that Model X…

Maybe it will be an important failure for Musk. He said recently that he wants Tesla to be as respected for manufacturing prowess as for technology, and Tesla plan to hire automotive engineers with manufacturing experience to make it happen. So he’s not a bubble and is fully aware of the X’s problems.

So much better he learns this now with the X than learn it with the Model 3. It’s sort of odd that he couldn’t foresee some of the X’s problems, but sometimes visionaries can get swept away by their own visions. Musk strikes me as the sort who, if he overlooks something or makes a strategic mistake, will fixate on a solution with manic obsession until he’s overcompensated for the mistake to make it into his greatest strength.

> So much better he learns this now with the X than learn it with the Model 3

I’m not so sure about that. Now he wants to turn manufacturing on its head also, so that he can solve all of the fundamental problems with the way cars are made. I’m sure he is right when he says there is MUCH greater scope for improvement in “the machine that builds the machine”, but if you think this means LESS risk for Model 3 you are kidding yourself.

But he wants to hire engineers with experience in automotive manufacturing. I don’t see how that makes Tesa’s build quality even worse.

And this is exactly why so many will buy it…
Why people need so big smart-phones with big screens? Basically, for show off they have the bigger or the newest one. I only need a phone to phone or making some useful stuff, I don’t need a tv screen in my pocket that bother me when I’m walking or want to seat. But, what we can do? Electric car windows? For what? Manual ones do the job for decades so why put motors that will have issues or smash my kid hands (the first ones maybe)?
Automatic gear box for what? Sure, only for lazy people!

In general, motors almost never “have issues”. Plus, I’m sure that manual car windows can smash your kid’s hands, too.

Yes, some automation is unnecessary (only for lazy people), but some IS necessary (for the infirm), time-saving and valuable in other ways.

It is nice that if you have to prepare some stuff in the back (like putting a child in) you stand dry while it rains.

Not life important, but a nice little plus in comparison to sliding doors.