Tesla Model X Falcon Door Fun – Video


Tesla Model X - all doors open

Tesla Model X – all doors open

Tesla Model X seems to really enjoy its Falcon Doors and automatic opening/closing of the doors.

One of the early Model X adopters expresses how happy he is:

“The Tesla Model X Doors open & close automatically. This video speeds up the process and adds a flappy bird mode just for fun.”

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6 responses to "Tesla Model X Falcon Door Fun – Video"
  1. 2013VOLT says:

    That is truly absurd. Looks like a reliability nightmare in the making.

    1. Anon says:

      Scrubbing video to make something appear to move more quickly and repetitively than in real life– is a RELIABILITY NIGHTMARE?

      Please explain…

    2. goaterguy says:

      My 2014 Volt as a vehicle is much more complicated with the multiple powertrains, transmission integration and all that. In the car world, complicated is relative.

    3. pjwood1 says:

      “door gate”…<get it?

    4. evcarnut says:

      If the proper metals utilized at the Factory level, are also properly”Heat Treated” #1 #2 They should be properly lubricated periodically, There shouldn’t be many Issues if any At all, ……….