Detailed Tesla Model X Exterior And Interior Review From Europe – Video

AUG 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 5

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Autogefühl tracked down a relatively rare Tesla Model X in Europe this week (Tesla demonstrator vehicle), and presented the all-electric SUV as only they can.

Namely with as thorough an exterior and interior walk-through as you will ever see.

The look of the Model X with Falcon Wing doors was called spectacular, while tests shows that the third row isn’t the best choice for tall passengers, but most should be pleased.

Editor’s note:  Of course, this review was taped early this week…before Tesla announced the pending arrival of the the 100 kWh editions of the Model X and Model S (details here).  That said, we are featuring the video given its unique attention to detail on the aesthetics of the Model X

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For anyone interested in Model X European deliveries, here’s a Tesla Motors Club thread. Up to date month by month and country by country tables for both Model X and S.

Haven’t seen a detailed walkthrough before, and have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by some of the small details…

No decent storage on the front doors (my econocar has pockets that can easily handle a road atlas, small items, and a full 1.5-litre bottle).

No pockets on the seatbacks of the front seats, which are very useful to have (let alone, on car in this pricerange intended to carry multiple passengers & families I’d expect airline-type seatback trays like many minivans have) — what’s with the odd hard shiny surface instead?

And the carbon-fibre cabin accents in the Performance model? 100% tacky. Yuck. They have no place except where they serve as a genuine weight-saving purpose.

Coming from my (third) Volt (a 2017) acquired in March, to my Model X, acquired in June, I won’t completely disagree with your observations. Yes, I would like pockets on the back of the seats. I wish there was more room in the front door pockets. [Rear doors have no pockets, presumably so things don’t fall out as they shift orientation]…which leads to significant lack of storage options back there. However, it is always easiest to see the deficiencies when you are used to something. Once you sit under the panoramic windshield, you will wonder why every other car doesn’t have this. All things considered, the interior experience is a step up going from the Volt to the X… …now that vampire battery loss…THAT is something I am quite annoyed with. I hope they tweak their software soon. It is serious enough that I will not consider replacing our current standby vehicle (the Tahoe Hybrid) with the Model 3 until they get it figured out. I could potentially use more miles sitting than traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with the X. However, my recommendation definitely has some caveats, depending on how you use a car.

In every Autogefühl review of an EV that I’ve seen they say something that isn’t just totally wrong, but also shows they are utterly clueless about electric cars.

This time they claimed you can charge the 90 kWh pack to 80% in half an hour on CHAdeMO. I must have a special genius for math, because I don’t need a calculator to work out that the absolute most a CHAdeMO charger can deliver in half an hour is 25 kWh, which is much less than half of 90 kWh and therefore clearly a LOT less than 80%.

If these were some amateurs trying to entertain us maybe I would be more lenient. It isn’t. It is a bunch of people who are making a living giving people advice about cars.

The reviewer suggested that when the falcon wing door didn’t fully open, that is the outer portion didn’t lift up to its full height, it was a malfunction in an early production model.

On the contrary, it seems pretty obvious to me that it didn’t fully open because his head was too close to the outer lip of the door as it was opening.

He noted later that the FW door did open fully when he tried it again, but didn’t show it in the process of opening, so you can’t tell if he stood farther away that time, as I’m guessing he did.