Tesla Model X Ludicrous Easter Egg Inspired By Spaceballs


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Elon Musk’s love for Spaceballs has inspired this rather simple Tesla Model X Ludicrous Easter egg (which can also be found on Model S Ludicrous sedans – see below),

Here’s how you access it, according to The Street:

“Switch the control panel on the touch screen over to Ludicrous Mode (itself a Spaceballs reference), hold it for seven seconds and voila, you’re hyper-blasted into warp speed on the car’s control screen, with an image that’s used in Spaceballs. You won’t even need “the Schwartz” to find it. (Barf, Princess Vespa and Lone Star unfortunately not included).”

And here’s what you’ll see:

And on the Model S (hat tip to mega):

Nothing too mind-blowing and certainly not as grand as the 3-minute Christmas show that all Model X SUV can apparently perform, according to a Musk tweet:

Source: The Street

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Minor correction: this isn’t a Model X easter egg, but a Ludicrous Mode easter egg, and is available in the Model S with Ludicrous Mode as well:


The ‘Model Xmas’ easter egg is supposed to be available in the Model X eventually, as tweeted by Elon Musk back in December.

I see many websites implying it’s a Model X easter egg, so I had to say something 😉

Thanks Mega, we should mention that it is specific to Ludicrous mode. We’ll add in the video to the Model S vid of the same…with a hat tip of course, (=

Got your e-mail, it seems we are an impasse.

I thought it might at least go to plaid.

My son and his friend refer to EV acceleration as “hyperdrive ” however my Volt is not “Ludicrous ” 🙂

Still can’t use car’s to comb the desert…

Glad there is a company putting fun as well as sustainability into automobiles.

I think the established automakers forgot how to have fun with their products…

+ 1