Tesla Model X Deliveries Now Underway In China

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Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X deliveries have officially commenced in China where six of the electric SUVs were handed over to owners just a few days ago.

Tesla celebrated the occasion with a hand-off ceremony, which was followed by comments (mostly on the charging infrastructure in China) from Robin Ren, Tesla’s vice president for the Asia-Pacific region.

Here’s some of what Ren had to say:

“I am quite happy to say that charging is no longer a roadblock for most of our [Tesla drivers] in China.”

“Today you can drive all the way from Harbin, a city in the north, to Shenzhen which is located in the southernmost part of China with a Tesla car by using our supercharging network.”

According to Ren, China is home to some 100 Superchargers with approximately 400 charging stalls. The map of Superchargers in China (see below) seems to show far less Superchargers, but perhaps some are still absent from the map.

Superchargers In China

Superchargers In China

Rend adds:

“In bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai, because of our stores and supercharger installations, people have … embraced the Tesla brand. For a big market like China, it takes time to educate people about a new product.”

He concluded with this statement.

“Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and we cannot do that without the biggest car market in the world.”

Source: South China Morning Post, Tesla China

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I am in Shanghai for work this two week and I’ve seen more Teslas here in a week than back home in a year. Yesterday I saw one with the new front end.

There are 107 superchargers on that map. 🙂

You’d have to zoom in to count them all, but Supercharger.info shows 107 as well.

That first pic illustrates that when two Model X’s pull into adjacent parking spots, both Model X owners can’t open the falcon-winged doors that are facing each other. The Falcon wing doors would overlap/strike if the Model X cars in the first pic were parked in normal sized parking spots. Sliding doors wouldn’t have this problem.

Minivans that typically use the sliding doors can easily seat 7 people and a ton of cargo, look like a bus and don’t have the inconvenience of needing to be charged. Perfect reasons besides doors to go buy a minivan.

You had me until you said “don’t have the inconvenience of needing to be charged.” 🙁

Yeah, that is why he stumbles around in the dark at night. Too inconvenient to turn on the light switch.

They will sense each other’s doors and not strike. Not that they are side by side much but of course they handle this. It just wouldn’t look as pretty as this picture.

Exactly, prior to the latest firmware update, we had an experiment at one of the tighter supercharger site. The one had the doors open first would have theirs fully extended. The second and third one would have droopy wings.