Tesla Model X Crosses The 10,000 Sold Mark

SEP 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 36

Tesla Model X sales in U.S. (cumulative)

Domestic Tesla Model X sales – cumulative (also includes Canada ~400 sales through August)

After the August sales reports came in, we have realized a couple points of interest in regards to Tesla’s all-electric SUV.

Tesla Model X waiting on a new owner

Tesla Model X waiting on a new owner

First, it has been about a year since the launch and first deliveries of Tesla Model X (September 29th, 2015).  The volume of early deliveries throughout 2015 were marginal to say the least, but since March of this year,production growing pains have finally been put in the rearview mirror at Tesla, and deliveries have accelerated.

The other thing of note is that Tesla Motors has now delivered about 10,000 Model X worldwide – our tally figures almost 10,000 domestically and few hundred more in Europe and Asia (around ~650 combined all-time).

For a comparison of interest; Tesla delivered more than 12,000 Model S sedans domestically in the first year, and over 50,000 in the past 12-months.  So with 29 more days of sales to be reported before the first anniversary mark of the arrival of the Model X, sales appear to be just about on par.

Tesla Model X sales in U.S.

Tesla Model X sales in U.S. (est)

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Cue the naysayers…

But, the Bolt EV… 😉

Given that the FWDs are less problematic than anticipated, I’m bullish on next year’s sales. Less than a third of reservation holders have their cars, but many of these are waiting for cheaper trims to become widely available, or are abroad. The supply of inventory cars is low. The 30+ issues that plague my car look to be resolved.

Tesla just needs to add a few more sensors to the front and FWD doors, fix the ghosting in the windshield, and all will be good.

That ghosting issue may be a tough nut to crack, because of layered nature of the glass and the steep curvature.

Go Tesla!

But Tesla had durn well better ramp up production of the Model ≡ much, much faster… or a lot of those Model ≡ reservations will be cancelled in favor of something available sooner.

I think it’s a given that Tesla will ramp Model 3 vastly quicker than they did the X. The design is much more straight-forward for them to execute, and they’re investing billions to prepare for high volume from the start.

Maybe for some but I would not want to give up my spot in the waiting list to a tesla model 3 for anything less than a tesla, having driven both model S and model X and seeing the progression of technology I expect it to be amazing. And anything without autopilot isn’t interesting to me anymore either.

What?!? Do I detect a crack in your confidence? Or, worse still, your crystal ball? You usually speak as if the future is well known to you, and, of course, belongs to Tesla alone. I am surprised the Tesla stock price hardly budged in response to the Bolt news. Besides beating expectations at every turn and garnering – so far – rave reviews everywhere, the Bolt shows GM is really doing their best to sink the Tesla ship before they can finish building it. That would make me worried if I were an investor. In fact it makes me slightly nervous as a mere Model 3 reservation holder! I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating: Tesla has lost $3 billion so far. It is valued at 60% of GM with less than 3% of the revenue. And GM is profitable! The only way to justify the heady stock price then is by expecting not mere profitability, but juicy profits, from Tesla in the future. The Bolt – especially if you consider it simply as a sign of things to come – casts considerable doubts over whether such juicy profits can materialize. To my mind, it seems inevitable… Read more »

I can’t answer for everyone, but I’ve been saying since at least May that:

1) they are nuts to cut their production timeline in half, when they haven’t demonstrated the ability to produce any vehicle on time, and without major initial quality issues; and

2) If they are not profitable by the time Model 3 sales approach a steady-state at or near target volumes (say around 2020-2022), then they are screwed. They will have run out of viable excuses. S, X and 3 sales, plus Tesla Energy sales, must cover all operating expenses and new model development by then, like any other automaker.

It’s been a slower ramp than Tesla and everyone wanted, but they are cranking along pretty well now. I expect a big push for September to close out the quarter strong: at least 2,500 Model X sales in the US is my guess.

Now that the X is past the initial growing pains, I expect it will continue to grow sales and finish 2016 strong as a major player in the luxury SUV market.

Tesla’s upgrade to the new top of the line X from the 90 to the P100DL, less than a year into production is remarkable and is sure to draw in a lot of rich dudes who want the quickest SUV on the planet.

Any word on addressing the extreme delays in model X warranty work?

I would say since that is not a thing, no, nobody is addressing it.

Are you being sarcastic?

Why would you confuse accuracy with sarcasm?

I like most writing. Bottom Line, Go TESLA Model 3 for Me ! Elon u the Man.

Didn’t they initially have ~29,000 pre-orders? Sure would stink if they delivered Model III’s before that queue was done. They really need to increase manufacturing numbers at a quicker pace here…

10K to date isn’t a lot, given the Tesla forecast of 80K-90K unit sales in 2016, split roughly even between S & X.

Delivering on that means they’d need to sell 40K-45K units of the X in the next 3.5 months… A bit over 12K per month on average (all numbers for worldwide).

When was that forcast made? Can you provide a link? If all goes well Model S could hit about 24k and Model X about 16k so about 40k for the year. A forcast of more than double seems very unreasonable.

Tesla’s own guidance in its SEC reports:
and they said they were still on track 5 months ago.
Which is going to be tough, after missing the numbers for both Q1 and Q2:

And note that that 80K-90K guidance is itself less than the 100K Musk predicted 3 years ago (not a formal guidance for sure, but following the trend of his being overoptimistic):

Roy, I suspect you’re talking only about Tesla’s North American sales, which is what is reported on InsideEVs’ own Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard.

Tesla’s worldwide sales are roughly twice that… so perhaps out of the question, based on your numbers.

Yes, that is where I got my data from.


They are definitely way below Model X forecast, that does not bode well for revenue forecasts.

Considering they only delivered a litttle over 2000 Xs in their best month, they are in for a large shortfall.

You are new at this, aren’t you?

LOL! Yep!?

That is pretty amazing considering how much they cost. I see a lot of them around my area. I’m wowed watching those falcon wing doors open to drop off a kid in the car in front of me when I take my daughter to school.

390 Tesla model X is delivered in Norway. http://www.itanywhere.no/Tesla.php

I know that the haters/shorters are gnashing their teeth after their endless, whining posts labeling the Model X as a “failure”, blah, blah, blah.

However they are too blinded by their hate/greed to consider the fact that, at least in the US, Tesla makes the ONLY EV SUV now and that little oversight means their desperately lame predictions were WRONG in more ways then one.

Some of us have not forgotten that, in 2012, Tesla delivered a new car that had lots of problems with early production units. And very nearly every review of the car gave it rave reviews.

Most… not all, but most… of those early production problems have been solved, or at least severely reduced in frequency. As most or all of us know, the Model S is now the best selling car in its class and price range in the USA, and regularly beats the sales of models from more established auto makers such as BMW, Audi, Infiniti, and Porsche.

Now, admittedly there were more early problems with the MX than with the MS. But that was a matter of degree, not kind. Those people who thought the same improvement over time wouldn’t happen with the Model X… either failed to learn from history, or are outright Tesla bashers.

Go Tesla!

Yep, 2015 #1 seller in North America and Western Europe! Beat Merc S-class! Very cool.

I don’t see a lot of Audi Q’s or BMW X’s with roof racks, so it’s possible that the Model X can do what the Model S did (though, I would presume that the competitions’ middle row seats fold flat…).

An anecdote from Norway, to illustrate what it is like when EVs have become just 3% of the total fleet (but considerably more in cities). I live in Kristiansand, a city of about 80,000 people (“metro”, even though our little city is certainly no metropolis!), and driving from my gym and home yesterday – a 12 minute drive mostly on smaller roads in residential areas with little traffic – I noticed these EVs on my way home: Tesla Model X Tesla Model S Nissan LEAF Renault ZOE VW e-Golf VW e-Up Citroën C-Zero (possibly iOn or I-Miev; the triplets are easy to confuse) KIA Soul BMW i3 Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Only the X provoked any kind of reaction. It does have a futuristic, spaceship quality to it (if “quality” is he right word to use in connection with Model X). I’m definitely not used to seeing it yet (though I know of two in my neighborhood). But the oddball thing about yesterday was that the car I saw most of was the e-Up. Such is the nature of random walk and small amounts of data – but normally it’ll be LEAF by some margin with Model S, e-Golf and Soul… Read more »
Now, you make me jealous describing your journey…:) Good for you being able to have a sort of glimpse of our future! To be fair, here in rural Portugal (near the Fatima Sanctuary for those who already came here and know the country), I’m more and more happy with my own journeys around my county (360 km2 and almost 45.000 souls) each days. In fact, now it’s very rare having a day without saying an EV and it’s almost every week I see a new EV in the streets of our two cities (it’s not common to have two cities (each with some 7.000 souls) in the same county here in Portugal) and the roads of the rest of our county. In 2014, only two Leafs existed here. In 2015, some others Leafs came, as one Twizy and an electric Kangoo. But, since the beginning of 2016, the first Model S (a Blue 90D) came to a village near my parent’s village and other two (a white one and silver one have been seen regularly in our roads. But some more 10 new Leafs came too (one in my parent’s village), an i3 and some Zoés (3 for the City… Read more »

Thanks for both of your stories! It’s fascinating to hear how things are going elsewhere in the world.

My X arrives early November. BOLT not a serious threat to TESLA. Although I agree that the charger issue makes the BOLT DOA, many of you, especially non-Tesla owners are forgetting one very important issue,  Reliability. I’m loving my Tesla Model S and I have traveled all over the country without difficulty and with true peace of mind that I am driving the safest, sharpest, fastest and most reliable car in the world.   And it’s built in the USA! Since owning Tessie, I visited the dealer twice, once for annual service (new tires) and another time for tire rotation at 35000 miles. On my last visit for a tire rotation, the service manager found moisture in the tail lights and replaced both assemblies, found a click in the steering wheel that I hadn’t noticed and repaired it and most important of all found a gentle hum in the motor between 0 and 30 and replaced the entire motor and invertet at a cost over $15,000 to Tesla. When I picked up the vehicle my bill was Zero.  Yes 0!  And my car was fully detailed looking like new.  You are not going to get that service at any General Motors… Read more »

Some models have better reliability than others. Your stories about Tesla service are not uncommon. Glad to hear your Tesla experience went well.

May I ask why you sold the S, meanwhile, you’re getting an X and you are a 3 reservation holder?