Tesla Model X Crash Aftermath – Video


Crashes are inevitable, so why not buy one of the safest vehicles on the planet?

Tesla Model X Post Crash

The Tesla Model X, along with the Model S, is a 5-star rated vehicle, according to safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The X’s safety was recently put to the test. As Teslarati explains:

“The aftermath of a Model X 75D accident was shared by Jordan Hart, a Tesla enthusiast and owner of YouTube’s Driving The Future channel. According to Hart, a small sedan ran a red light in front of his wife’s Model X 75D, which was traveling at about 55 mph. The accident resulted in a collision that damaged the electric SUV’s front left side.”

“Despite the significant impact, however, the Tesla was able to protect Hart’s wife by cocooning her in the safety of Model X 75D’s twelve airbags.”

According to Hart, the Model X was still driveable. Hart’s wife moved the X to the side of the road and exiting the vehicle. Tesla received an immediate notification of the major collision and responded by reaching out to the driver. Hart’s wife presumably was uninjured.

The damage was considerable, estimated at $40,000, but that’s fine by us, as the car did its job of protecting any and all occupants.

Source: Teslarati

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Another Euro point of view

I have no doubts Model X is a safe car but unless a crash is scientifically tested in a special purpose lab it has no value as evidence, too complex combination of forces. In the first half of 20th century some racing racing drivers escaped rather unscathed from high speed accidents that literally blew their cars to pieces after many rolls, did that make their racing cars safe ? No. Stating the obvious here and I understand many articles are for entertainment only.

Is the race car unsafe, or is racing unsafe despite the engineered safety of the car?

” Tesla received an immediate notification of the major collision and responded by reaching out to the driver.”

Another unique safety feature.
Computer on wheel.
No bulky engine in the face. Best crumple zone.
Safest of all. Period.

It is not unique but rather normal these days. People tend to glorify Tesla on any occasion. No doubt it is a very good vehicle but its greatness in its drivetrain the rest of the car is at best on par with premium German brands, Volvo and Jaguar/LR.

If one compares a Tesla to a Chrysler or Honda or some other cheap stuff then Tesla is great in all nominations 🙂

I’m an owner of 2016 MS90D and 2012 Audi A6 Avant quattro and use both cars quite regularly and therefore can compare. Both cars came to market in 2012. If equipped properly, Audi can have more bells and whistles, have better interior quality, excellent Navigation with Google satellite view, connectivity, better headlights, HUD, better luggage space (ski hatch), rear climate control, sun shades on panoramic roof and rear doors, sound proof glass, feeling that you paid money for something well built, etc. I still prefer Tesla to drive everyday because of the electric drivetrain but Audi is very good for long trips especially in winter.

“It is not unique but rather normal these days. People tend to glorify Tesla on any occasion.”

Completely, utterly, 100% wrong.

Tesla’s crash ratings and record for safety are exemplary; they are among the very best in the world.

Tesla detractors and Tesla Hater cultist like to point to one or two other auto makers that have a very limited number of models which may or may not be as good or better than Tesla’s cars, depending on which yardstick you choose. But the Tesla Hater cultists’ attempts to paint Tesla’s safety engineering and record for safety as “only average”… well, it’s just one more Big Lie coming from those cultists.



That testing already exists. This is supplemental data on top of test crash results.

Funny how the haters say “but what about real world results? This is just a test” when they hear good test results….

Another Euro Point of view

Here a nice subject for an article just in case:


It’s in French but it concerns the USA and Nissan (and Electrek being so busy with Tesla we could imagine they could miss that one).

I can relate to the safety of the Model X. Here is mine from June 2017. On coming car hit deer in WY and it flew up in the air and came down into my windshield. We went off the road through some fence post and stopped at a tree. My son had some minor abrasions, exited, and called 911. I was hit in the face and had/have some left eye injuries but the rest of my body was unscathed. First responders then and others now considered us pretty lucky considering the situation. We bought another Model X (used w/4K miles) once we determined how the medical and other bills worked out. Auto insurance gave us about 80% purchase value (plus state taxes, etc) and we had it for 16 months and 36K miles.


And the deer?
Happy you are uninjured and protected.

I don’t believe the deer fared well. 🙂 There is a reason I only provided black and whites. I was very happy my son escaped with no injuries.

I imagine a change of drawers was in the offing.


Glad you and your son escaped with such minor injuries. And I hope your eyesight wasn’t permanently affected by your eye injury.

I can certainly see why a crash like that would make you a Believer in Tesla’s safety engineering!

Would like to see a photo of the small sedan that ran the red light.

why ALL airbags have been released in the Model X? I understood that only the wife drove in the car. Doesn’t seem to be a very intelligent system compared to what I know about some German systems that just open where necessary.