Tesla Model X Confirmed For Geneva Motor Show


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

According to our friends over at eGear, the Tesla Model X will indeed be on display at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.

This marks the first time that the Model X will be officially presented in Europe and it’s the first time the X will be on display at a major auto show.

If you recall, the Model X wasn’t shown in Detroit at the 2016 NAIAS because Tesla withdrew from attending the event. The X was later shown at the Canadian International Auto Show (not considered one of the major auto shows).

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show opens to the media on March 1 and to the public on March 3.

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From what I read just watch, no touch.

But stand #4242 is pretty cool too 😉

? Because it is the answer?

Look as though they’re going to boost demand for X.
It’s likely they have got the line up to speed now.

The Tesla Exhibit in Toronto at CIAS was in Auto Exotica, where there was only 1 car in the whole space that was cheaper than a Tesla Model S in Canadian pricing.

There was the Model X, flanked by two Model S’s! It was packed with about 3X the crowds, or more, than Bently, Jaguar, Land Rover, and the Porsche, Renault, and other Million Dollar Exotics. It is not cheap, but Toronto is amazingly home to about 186,000 Millionairs, so it will become a vehicle that is chosen over the traditional ICE SUV by the local well to do!

I expect the Model X will attract similar crowds in Geneva, and will draw orders and reservations for itself, the Model S, and the Model 3!
The Model X will do the job of corporate sales rep, bringing new customers on board!

I am every year at Geneva, all models presented there where always accessable, even before the final Model S was to be delivered in Europe. Geneva is THE european show, so the Model X will be showed in full glory.