Tesla Model X Configurator Is Live – Build Your Own Today


Tesla Model X Configurator

Tesla Model X Configurator

The Tesla Model X configurator is now live on Tesla’s website.

UPDATE:  Full Model X update and live specs, pricing, etc. can be found here.

While it’s live, there’s definitely an issue that caught our attention.

Tesla lists a 75D option for the Model X battery pack, yet right below that it states “70 kWh battery.” We presume Tesla made a typo and that 75D is actually a 75-kWh Model X.

A couple of other figures worthy of mention include an EPA-estimated 237 miles of range for the base Model X, its $80,000 price tag and that deliveries for the base version are expected to begin in June 2016.

UPDATE: Within minutes of posting the configurator, Tesla made some changes. The automaker eliminated the 70 kWh/75 kWh confusion we pointed out above and raised the price of the base Model X to $83,000. New screengrab of configurator below:

Updated Screengrab

Updated Screengrab

In addition, we learned that the 5 -seat interior is included in the base price and that the 6- and 7-seat options cost extra:

Seating Options

Seating Options

Ticking all the option boxes on the 75D version of the Model X drives the prices up to over $111,000:

Gets Expensive When All The Options Are Added

Gets Expensive When All The Options Are Added

Configure your Model X by clicking here.

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Now if only I could just win the lottery rather than waiting for the Voltec CUV that’ll probably never come.

I totally agree Scram, despite having excellent Voltec technology, GM’s legacy-based leadership and inertia is causing it to SQUANDER its opportunity here to own this market.

Because these opportunities don’t come often makes it even more damning.

I believe this is because of their inherent conflict of interest in maintaining GM’s ICE sales and the 19th Century stealership model of selling cars.

I’ve been with you guys all the way on that – when Bob Putz said that it pretty much only works with a Volt-sized vehicle, I was shocked and appalled. It is clearly and unequivocably scalable, particularly up to larger vehicles, where the tech can do the most good.

Agreed – I’m on my last year of my Volt lease – (my 2nd) and I still don’t see anything on the horizon that would remotely work like a Voltec CUV.

– 4wd
– 25 miles real electric range
– Voltec like power train
– CUV size

Please, someone built it and take my money.

BTW, Tesla appears to have fixed the 75 kWh battery typo.

Whoops! Heh, I see you beat me to it. 🙂

Model S new front with adaptive lights and hepa filter is also up

The typo has already been corrected.

June Delivery for the 75D?

That extra charge for more than five seats has been known for a long time.

Yep – insideevs had a post of screenshots from a Model X reservation holder when they configured and ordered their X.

That’s one way to keep the promise of being only $5k more than the same Model S drivetrain configurations – make the whole point of the vehicle optional…

However, if I were in the market for the X, I would probably stay with the 5 seats. I only plan on having two kids, so that would fit a family of 4 easily with lots of sitting comfort and cargo space.

Or, I’d go with the 6-seat arrangement, and the rear seats would just be folded down about 93% of the time.

It’s just like the Plymouth Grand Voyager LE that my parents had when I was in middle- and high-school. The second row was two “captain” seats with fold-up arms and reclining backs, and the third row was a bench seat.

Since it was just the 4 of us about 99.99999% of our travel each calendar year, the bench seat sat in our basement most of the year (back then, seats did not fold down, but they were removable).

Fastest price raise in history – lol. But worth it.

The configurator site seems buggy, or the price is fluctuating wildly. When I first viewed the page I set it to ‘cash’ and it quoted $66k for Model X 75 but if I select a different battery size then RESELECT the 75, the price has gone up by $3k! Same selection, different price. Then refreshing the page recreated the situation.

Then a minute later the same situation is happening but now it goes from $69,300 up to $71,800

Well, can’t say I’m surprised that the base pack, and the base price, has gone up accordingly. It had to happen in order to justify the premium over the 3 and its derivatives.

so … a 70kwh model x could exist? if someone order it before tesla open the configgor eveverybody! this coud make the car even more exclusive then the P40 (performance 40kwh limited Model S).

There were no P40s just S40sthat were really 60s

I read on tesla forum 2 post about some P40, there was even a picture of the dashboard and instruments panel