Tesla Model X At CES 2015 – Video


Tesla Model X At CES 2015

Tesla Model X At CES 2015

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tesla Motors once again wheeled out its pre-production prototype of the Tesla Model X:

“Tesla Model X in a short Hands On at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.”

States the video description.

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see the production-intent version of the Model X, as it’s now been delayed more times than we can remember.  This particular X we have seen appear at several events over the past couple years.

Hopefully this is a case of Tesla keeping their powder dry ahead of the big NAIAS in Detroit next Monday and the production version of the X, along with all the specs and pricing, will still be revealed at that time – or shortly thereafter.

The latest official word from Tesla on the Model X launch is:

“…we now expect Model X deliveries to start in Q3 of 2015, a few months later than previously expected.”

And this:

“Work continues on the finalization of Model X with the testing of Alpha prototypes and initial builds of the first Beta prototypes. Model X powertrain development is almost complete with the early introduction of Dual Motor drive on Model S. We recently decided to build in significantly more validation testing time to achieve the best Model X possible. This will also allow for a more rapid production ramp compared to Model S in 2012.”

Bonus Model X at CES 2015 video below:

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Is this the Beta Model X? If yes there is not hope, Tesla will stick with the ugliest nosecone in the market, is time to replace Franz von Holzhausen Tesla’s designer for someone with more imagination.

Nice moustache

If Musk didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be there.

Are you suggesting Musk be replaced?

da faq?? i thought tesla was gonna put cameras to replace the side mirrors?? waht a fawking rip!!

Read the article, it’s not that long. This is the pre-production prototype that’s been out for years.

You can’t have rear view cameras only, US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) only allow mirrors.

If you have stuff and people to haul, man – this thing will do. It has a really deep trunk in front, and that cavernous storage area in back – that is incredibly deep. Hauling large items like a truck, or sleeping in back ( flat floor ), probably not.

Chrysler spent a whole chunk of money ( too lazy to research, but I remember the number fazed me! ) developing their “magic seat” for their Caravan minivans. To date, no competitor could match those mid-row seats that sink into the floor. While it doesn’t look so in this X concept, it would be great if the center seats were easily removable and the rear row could fold flat. Just think of the possibilities – full sheets of plywood from Home Depot, or camp and sleep in back!

The thing is : launching a new model is a lot of work and investment. Tesla factory can’t keep up with the demand for Model S.

In short term, it seems like Tesla will lose money if they launch the Model X now. May be this is a reason why it takes so much time. Of course, on long term is a totally different story.

The Tesla factory has no problem keeping up with the demand for the Model S.

But it’s been a lot harder for Tesla to develop the Model X than expected so even though they would earn more money by having it ready now and put into production they can’t.

The intermediate hard things seems more like the Dual drive Model S’s. That is the Model X drive-line so they got that worked out. They get a LOT of $ales of that and a LOT of testing as an existing model (S). Press, investors, etc would be a lot harder on a Model X that had the initial flaws of the Model S Ds.

“The Tesla factory has no problem keeping up with the demand for the Model S.”

Of course the factory can’t, but not because Tesla is slow, but because the demand is too high! Still months of waiting for those who wants a Model S.

I don’t know how they did it – but I’m assuming Ford’s patents on the foot-activated automatic hatch mechanism have been thwarted. I noticed other automakers rolling them out. It would be cool on the X.

Is it my imagination, or are the “Falcon Wing Doors” higher now. That one gentleman in the video seems shorter than Mr. Musk, but on the earliest rollout X ( gold one ), Elon’s head seemed to touch the door, he had to dip down a bit to enter the back seat. I’m about Elon’s height, 6’1″, and it would be nicer to have a tiny bit of clearance as
not to have that feeling you are going to bop your noggin’.

An observation of hatchbacks is that eventually, the hydraulic cylinders start getting tired, or in cold weather, they work slowly. If you move in with those groceries too fast, you smack your gourd. This leads to how those doors are actuated, and will they act like those hydraulics with age and temperature?

What makes you think that Ford owns the patent? Ford could have licensed the patent from the patent holder with a period of exclusivity that has now expired.

I think the falcon doors are the same height as they previously were, but I think Tesla uses some photo tricks on their website to make them appear to be lower. Look closely at the pic on the Model X on Tesla’s webpage with it’s doors open in the seemingly standard-sized garage, and you will see that the garage door and ceiling are actually at least 10 feet high!!! The door directly to the right of the passenger-side falcon-wing door is much taller than the standard-sized doors on the back wall and back right-side corner of the garage. The door knob on the taller door on the right is at the right height, but the extra height of the door makes it appear to be placed too low.



I’m with you on the doors. I actually use them to get in and out of my seat. Add to that the taller profile, it’s a deal-breaker.
Oh well, it might be a BAD design for only certain folks.


On a side note, I think these Disappearing Car Doors are much more impressive then Tesla’s falcon-wing doors.


I noticed this video a few years ago on YouTube, and the first thing I thought of was weight! Omigosh, can you imagine what strengthening/buttressing is required for the entire side of the car’s structure to be open? I’ll tell you – lots! Remember that convertibles are heavier than their roofed sedan and coupe counterparts. Second, I think door operation needs to stay a manually-operated device. Relying on electronics to exit a vehicle would be problematic. Imagine trying to exit that car if you are partially or totally submerged in water! “Fuggetabbouddit”! Also, in an accident, the door mechanism has to be as simple as possible as not to create more situations than even exist today, where the passenger(s) need to be cut out of the vehicle.

Another question – with disappearing doors that hide under a vehicle, where’s the space for the battery pack? Remember the passenger doors need to be strong enough to bear side impacts. To accomplish this – these large disappearing doors would have to weigh a ton, or employ high-strength materials more akin to a fighter plane than an affordable passenger car. This is why these doors are a novelty best saved for wealthy Arabs seeking another way to throw money at nothing. I’m sure the Sultan of Brunei would love to have a Rolls or Bentley, gold-plated with disappearing doors – impressive! Likely a rapper or three would love to equip their Escalade as such also. Big whoop for the paparazzi and arm-candy they so dearly need to do their thing.

I like the dash layout much better than the Model-S. I honestly have never liked the dash in the Model-S.

As a side note. I like having all of the controls as software controls on the screen. But I think the single large screen is too big. I’d honestly rather they break the screen up into two smaller screens so that one can be positioned at a slightly different angle so that the dash can curve like a regular dash.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait to see the real thing!!!

I would have settled to see the pre-production prototype at last year’s Detroit Auto Show. I hope it (or something) is there this year. I want to see this thing in the flesh.

Sorry, should clarify. Tesla only had a couple Model S at the show last year.

This exact prototype was shown at the 2013 Detroit auto show. Could they have shown it again last year? Sure, but it wouldn’t have drawn as much attention. This is its first time at CES in front of an audience that has likely never seen it in person before.

“The devil is in the details”. It appears Tesla can build rockets but possibly misjudged just how much goes into building a CUV! – Or so it seems.

The rumormill says it’s the Falcon doors that tripped them up. I say it’s lots of things, like the seats – how they’ll make rear access easy, etc. You notice the Tesla employee saying they cannot get inside the car because it’s a concept.

Does it puzzle anyone else how/why no Tesla mules with camo wraps aren’t seen by spy photographers like they are from other carmakers?

Usually, well-paid spy photographers follow around engineers who are high altitude, hot weather and cold weather testing said mules. Where does Tesla test the Model X? Does it disturb anybody else that masked models of it aren’t spotted doing laps of the Nurburgring or testing the high altitudes of the Rockies the way other cars are? Do they know if those fancy doors will open when covered by frost and ice?

I’m assuming Tesla does all their testing under cover of darkness, or Elon has some kind of secret-mastermind laire under a volcano on an island somewhere we don’t know about. What do you guys think?

The type of test mules you describe are usually for testing drive trains. However, the Model-X has an identical battery and drivetrain to the Model-S. So there isn’t a lot of reason for these tests.


It’s at Syndrome’s Island.
They do the cold weather testing in a huge building like the Ski mountain they have in Dubai.

Tesla doesn’t test its cars on the Nurburgring, because they can’t complete a full lap at full power. The batteries and/or motors start to overheat and the Tesla goes into a reduced power mode.


I still think it’s sh1tty that they can’t use camera’s for side view. Seems old dinosaurs are stuck in their ways.

I sure hope this SUV will be able to take the off road hits like a real SUV.

While I dig the camera rear view idea, and we know it’ll clean up aerodynamics and increase efficiency, I’m still not sold on them due to much the same reasons I debunked the “disappearing door” comment above. Certain components really do need the K.I.S.S. philosophy applied to them – I think rear view mirrors apply. Even though modern electronics exceed limitations of ones just a few years back, there are many situations we can think of in which an electronic device fails when a manual one does not. Water, weather, vibration and heat, condensation and the like wreak havoc on electronic parts. Two of my cars today have rear view cameras, and I have to get out in the freezing cold and/or wet and rub them clean so I can get a good, clear look. How is that superior to a simple mirror?

Mirrors can get knocked off, but so can cameras get bumped, hit or broken. Making a special trip to the service department due to a malfunctioning electric mirror system seems like a trip I’d not like to make.

IMHO – K.I.S.S..

I think it will be a big hit. It certainly attracts a crowd. Soccer Mom’s will eat it up.

Probably so in demand, Tesla knows they won’t have enough Panasonic Cells to keep up. So, they’re holding off for a bit longer, while they rush to get the gigafactory online? *shrugs*

This is also the first time they’ve serialized totally different models from the same base platform. And the target kept moving while they simultaniously did a mid cycle refresh on the Model S. Has to be totally crazy work environment…

I wouldn’t make volume predictions until we hear about the price. It was supposed to be Model S plus 10%.

What if it costs more? I wouldn’t be surprised at all and this will make sales harder beyond a niche.

Not every soccer mom or her husband have $100K to shell out on a new SUV.

I’m curious as to the when the first person put down the first deposit on the Model X. I think at least, Tesla is making it refundable if desired (interest free).