Tesla Model X Certified For Sale In Australia


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The government in Australia took its time approving the Tesla Model X to be certified for sale. Apparently, a substantial shipment of Model X vehicles has just been sitting at the docks. Five months back, Tesla held a launch event announcing that the electric SUVs would be coming to OZ, and the company followed through, but paperwork tied up the process.

Tesla's latest store in Australia. Image: Gizmodo

Tesla’s latest store in Australia. Image: Gizmodo

The Vehicle Identification Plate approval paperwork allows for the vehicles to be legally registered and delivered in Australia. On Friday, January 20, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development sent Tesla a letter verifying the status.

Now that OZ has given Tesla the official “go ahead” on paper, those vehicles will soon be transferred to Sydney and Melbourne. The SUVs will first head to pre-delivery locations in both major cities, and then orders will be filled. Customers should expect delivers in the coming week. Sources are speculating that the unforeseen shipment contains as many as seventy Tesla Model X vehicles, all of which are pending delivery.

Australia’s Evoke Limo service is slated to be the first to take delivery of the much-anticipated Model X SUV. The company has been showing off pictures of its “future” vehicle. The zero-emissions luxury chauffeur agency is the first of its kind in the country, and only uses Tesla vehicles. Now the company will have the larger vehicle to add to its fleet.

This will be yet another bump in Tesla’s sales as the company continues to surge forward, performing beyond the expectations of many skeptics.

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I’m not sure I would consider 70 to be a “surge” when Tesla already managed to sell 9500 in Q4 2016.

This is, as stated clearly in the article, a bump in sales as THE COMPANY surges forward.

Please read carefully before criticizing.

What’s the cost of each vehicle in Australian dollars??? $65K+?

Miles, you wish. Add another $100K for the base version. :p
You can check the prices in the Tesla website anyway.

Looks nice but totally unrealistic. I did a pricing design on the Tesla site and I had the base model with some cold weather updates for Canberra, nothing flash. The final figure came to around $184,000. I am all for electric vehicles and doing what you can for the planet etc. but this is just not cost effective. Why would I tie up that much capital in a car.

Is this the first you’ve heard of Tesla? That’s the market for their current vehicles. They’re not expecting someone to trade in their Forester or CRV for one. Wait a couple of years for that, though!

The X is quite expensive. Although a pre-owned Model S can be purchased for about $50,000 USD.

Hopefully prices for a pre-owned Model X will come down significantly over the coming years as well.