Tesla Model X: Build Quality Issues And Resolution – Video


You lost us at self-described Tesla fanboy…

Just A Bit Uneven

Just A Bit Uneven

Or not. This is actually a rather well balanced video on the build quality of an earlier Tesla Model X, as well as on the various problems that have come up during ownership.  It’s not all peachy, y’know.

But just as importantly, the video covers how Tesla well responds to hiccups along the way.

Video description:

“I discuss the problems that I have had with my Model X and how Tesla fixes them and prevents future problems. I also discuss the overall fit and finish of my early 90D Model X.”

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My nearest Tesla service center is ~2hrs away. I don’t want to have to drive there every other week getting stuff fixed. Stop w/all the cowbell, and make the M3 simple/robust please.

I have 3 Chevy dealers in my town that will be selling/servicing the Bolt EV (if it ever needs it, chances are low).

If the initial reports of the M3 are anything like the Model X, my $ is going to go to the Bolt EV.

I remain unconvinced of the value of dealerships, which is straight out of the manual from Chevy.
A good independent mechanic and shop on the other hand is a treasure, and Tesla does not have that, due the proprietary nature of service done to their vehicles.

I wonder what the certification of service would be other than through GM or Chevy would entail, since the Bolt is coming out.

I think it’s a crying shame that you can’t get a car properly diagnosed and serviced by a “shade tree mechanic” anymore, but proprietary software in computers that control a car’s engine or motors have made that impossible. Tesla isn’t responsible for making the shade tree mechanic or the independent auto shop obsolete; that happened decades ago.

More fanboy nonsense.
Tesla is only one of few that makes secret out of repair manuals, has restrictions on spare parts sales and try their best to work around “right to repair” laws. It is the same evil Microsoft in software world decade ago. No wonder, as Musk was kicked out of Paypal CEO chair partly for the attempt to join the “Dark side” by switching Paypal servers to MS.

Tesla needs to release their manuals. I have no idea why they don’t; it can only help them.

Many States, such as Massachusetts, have “Right to Repair” laws. There are a few idiosynchrosies that I don’t understand; but both I chauk up to the “NEWNESS and FLARE of Tesla”. 1). The NEC has said for YEARS that any refueling station MUST have fire-suppression and a CUSTOMER-OPERABLE POWER KILL BUTTON FOR THE ENTIRE DISPENSING AREA, unless the facility is manned 24 hours, in which case the ‘kill button’ has to be within reach of the operator. Since Tesla Superchargers are ‘unattended’ in the general case, I don’t understand why they do not have to have either requirement – even the dirt-cheap one of a kill button on the Corral. Let alone an accessible Disconnect, in view of the power levels involved. Much smaller, safer charging apparatus requires the Disconnect. How these things pass inspection is beyond me. 2). Tesla will specifically NOT recognize any non-tesla repairs – even if said repair fixes a SAFETY ISSUE, or fixes a factory oversight. No reimbursement is made. Sometimes the fix is 10% of the cost and 90% of the trouble is inspecting the difficulty. Tesla refuses to reimburse even though their Factory Service Centers repeatedly missed the problem. What is an owner… Read more »

I agree Kdawg. I wouldn’t own a Tesla if I was more than an hour from a service center based on their track record so far.

Not a problem in Houston, but an issue outside the big cities today. Here is the current service center map: https://www.tesla.com/findus#/bounds/36.4345949,-116.42080971970847,36.4086418,-116.4235076802915,d?search=service,

Is that “coming soon” location in Detroit near you Kdawg?

Model ≡ needs to be KISS.

I bought a Ford Fusion a while ago and I find that I have to stop at a service station EVERY FEW DAYS with the same problem. The gas tank doesn’t seem to hold the gas. And they haven’t been able to do a thing about that petroleum smell. Then there’s all the noise that comes from under the hood. I’ve complained to the dealer but they just say that’s normal noise from the motor. I then asked them to just remove it, but they said that wasn’t covered under warranty. ‘sigh’ What’s a guy to do?

“This is actually a rather well balanced video. . .” Really? Did you just watch the same Tesla commercial as I did? The guy was promoting Tesla to get referrals for Tesla swag. The guy took his Tesla in to get the spoiler fixed and the Service Center did a half-a$$ed job and didn’t even bother to test the spoiler to see if it worked properly after the alleged repair was completed. Just eyeballing the spoiler would have revealed that something just wasn’t lined up right. Not only that, the repair itself caused the spoiler to scrape and scratch the paint on the Model X. That’s incompetence on the part of the Tesla techs or any mechanic, if no outright deceit. And the quality control team at the factory should have spotted a non-functioning active spoiler before releasing the car for delivery. He claims that unlike Tesla, when other automakers find one of their parts is defective they invariably wait until the next model year to redesign the part. That is patently false. Other automaker do redesign and switch to improved, non-defective parts in the middle of the production year. Tesla for its part decided not to redesign and change… Read more »

sven said:

“Did you just watch the same Tesla commercial as I did?”

Yes; it’s just that since he isn’t a serial anti-Tesla FUDster, he was able to give his honest opinion about it.


I heard PRAVDA in Moscow is looking for employees, you would have a good chance to get a job 😉

Another personal attack on me, instead of discussing the subject of the news article: the video itself and whether is was “well balanced.” But that’s what is to be expected from Poo-Poo, Tesla’s biggest apologist and their head cheerleader. 🙁

I agree, the whole video is just making excuses for inexcusable service center f-ups and and issues that should have never left the factory. I would be pissed if my $100k+ car was not perfect. If my Volt, which is 1/3 the price of an average Model X had any of these issues, I would be upset. The one time I did have to take my Volt in for service, the dealer provided a free loaner. I’m not encouraged by the service center’s backlog – 4 weeks is a long time. Tesla better get this rectified by the Model 3 starts shipping.

Agreed MTN – my current ELR is 1/2 the cost of the Tesla – I’m using the price people actually pay for both cars.

I don’t buy the explanations, they were the same ones I’ve heard years ago – and there is no way Nissan would release a low-cost Versa, or Chevy a low-cost Sonic with paint scraping problems.

I basically have free maintenance for 50,000 miles. For a half-priced car that is a superior deal to Tesla, AND if there are any issues I get a very nice loaner car.

The ELR was a brand spanking new body to be put on the voltec frame. You would think there’d be all kinds of growing pains, but my car was flawless and has stayed so. I bet the very first one sold was also perfect.

This guy seems to be making a lot of excuses for his car.

Note I used to work in the automotive industry. Major auto manufactures do not wait for a model year update to make changes. If there are issues changes can be made on a day to day basis depending on the type of issues.

Virtually every manufacturer has some problems on some models in the first 50k cars, just take a look at the consumer report cars cars to avoid. Manufacturers who make the same car with little innovation often look great on reliability because they use literally the same parts for a decade or more.