Tesla White Interior Blue Jean Transfer Fix: Video


Plus, how to keep that from happening.

We love the ultra-white seats that come as an option in Tesla vehicles. They really give a premium look to the interior, especially in Model 3, which is somewhat starker than Model S or Model X. But, like many others, we worry about ticking that box because of the risk of staining. Sure, the California automaker may say “Black and White Interior is our most durable option available, made with easy-to-clean, stain-resistant material,” but we still worry. And for good reason.

Sure, we’ve seen red wine spills get cleaned up with no damage, but we’ve also seen examples of indigo dye transfer from blue jeans. This, it seems, is a more difficult situation. As we can see in the video above from the Marc Benton YouTube channel, though, it is possible to remove. Apparently, all it takes is some Orange Degreaser, maybe some 70-percent isopropyl alcohol, and some elbow grease with a nylon brush. Whew!

Besides demonstrating how to fix the problem, the video also addresses how to prevent it in the first place. Besides the common-sense step of using wet wipes on the regular,  the key seems to be ceramics. Or, at least, specially formulated ceramic-based coatings for automotive interiors. There are lots of different formulations for this application out there, and this video doesn’t make a specific recommendation. So, if you’ve had good luck with a particular product, let us know in Comments.

Video description:

We have had our Tesla Model X since June 2018 and ever since, it has had some blue jean transfer on the white leather (vegan leather.. or plastic) seats. I have tried everything to get it out! I asked my detailer, Eric, about getting it out and said he could get it out. I had my doubts but had him come see if he could do it and the results surprised me.

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“…the video also addresses how to prevent it in the first place. …the key seems to be ceramics. Or, at least, specially formulated ceramic-based coatings for automotive interiors.”

Or, you could just use the common-sense low-tech solution recommended in discussions on the Tesla Motors Club forum: Get a towel which closely matches the seat color, and sit on that every time you’re wearing blue jeans.

Yeah, that’s what I would want to have to do to my $100k vehicle, throw a towel on the seat, classy.

You can get seat covers at your local Wal-Mart! Or for the larger bench seats, a blanket will do nicely.

If we can’t have blue-collar pricing for EVs in 2019, blue-collar interior is the next best thing… right?

In that case might as well just get the black interior, save $1k and call it a day.

If style over practicality means so much to you, then just pay to have the seats replaced every few weeks. 🙄

If you want classy, why are you wearing something as pedestrian as jeans?

My suggestion was to drive naked….get intimate with your Tesla.

But you could accidentally transfer brown streaks onto the chair… ROFL

Thanks for the mental image….

I think there’s a compromise here: wear your whitey tighties. Seriously, though, if you’re putting a coating on the seats that it doesn’t come with already, that’s a shortcoming. They should consider that a factory add-on.

Hope Electronic Arts doesn’t see this, that’s their trademarked copywritten logo you are using car detailer guy.

I have a fix for this, %100 effective.

Don’t buy white seats. I made that mistake with one car, spent years cleaning the seats. Never again.

maybe NOT buy the white interior if you’re a true bloke – we blokes can get properly soiled just being a bloke. If I’m honest