Tesla Model X Back Seat Wrap – Video


That's A Wrap

That’s A Wrap

The Tesla Model X has several very unique attributes, one of which is the high-gloss backing on the seats. There’s a problem with this high-gloss treatment though and it’s solved with a vinyl wrap, according to Guardian Wraps.

Video description:

“Model X’s are one of the most beautiful, technologically advanced vehicles that could roam this earth. There’s one problem though…”

“The back seats can be easily scratched due to how glossy and reflective they are. Guardian Wraps provides protective, self healing vinyl services so you can keep the same shiny look (unless you want a different color because we can do that as well) while protecting those back seats from kicks, scratches and scuffs!”

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The Chevy Bolt EV has that shiny black plastic on the center console below the shifter. So many cars today ( hello, Honda! ) have gone from the ubiquitous silver plastic in 2000-era cars to the shiny black plastic accents all over their interiors and dashboards. Total fingerprint and scratch magnets, that’s all I can say.

Now we have to buy added “shields” to protect these plastic surfaces from scratches….Cleaning the fingerprint smudges off of pesky touchscreens is bad enough!…

Do you have kids? Elon does…So he should know all about the fact that kids are constantly kicking and putting their shoes up on the backs of the front seats. I thought this situation would be over once my kids reached a certain age. But when I detail my cars, the dirt and damage they do back there from putting their feet up on the seats and console just keep on and on…

If I had a nickel for every time I shouted: “Stop kicking the freakin’ seat!”…..I’d surely be as rich as Musk.

Make them take their shoes off.

Or put on shoe covers, like in a clean lab.

Not all kids are like that. My parents would have seriously punished me if we did that. We quickly learned to behave. Or at least, I did. My brother was always far more placid. People like to think all kids are like their own kids but it’s not true.

“The Tesla Model X has several very unique attributes, one of which is the high-gloss backing on the seats.”

Nice but no. Many cars/brands have had this for decades. One of those is Porsche.

I use my Model X when I take my cycling trips, so I throw the bike in the back…

1) Too late for me already. Scratches just don’t take that long if you treat it like a sport UTILITY vehicle. This stuff is invisible so you better get it in there on day 1.

2) I have my doubts that it would have solved my problems anyway. This stuff just doesn’t look like it would do squat when the front fork of the bike ends up being the point of contact. Maybe for toddlers enamored with putting their feet on the seat backs…but this is not serious gouge protection, and I bet it ain’t cheap either.

Shiny seat backs?
Who’s brilliant idea was that?

I hope they don’t have anything that silly on the Model 3.

I agree, this seems to be a “WTF were they thinking?!?!” situation.

I can’t think of any good reason for this. There are some other things about the Model X that seem questionable, but you can see the reason for them; the falcon-wing doors, the strange seats that won’t even recline, let alone fold down to the floor.

But super-glossy seat backs that are all too easily scratched? I can’t think of any good reason for that.

Not that I think this is really all that important. It certainly wouldn’t be a deal-killer for me, were I interested in getting a Model X. But if I could afford one, I’d probably look into some sort of aftermarket seat cover, and not a thin “wrap” that is likely very expensive, and as flmark already pointed out, won’t actually provide much protection.

Good thing EV sites cover this! Now for the third party offerings for the i-MiEV!

I swear this site just needs to find an angle so they can mention Tesla to make something “EV news”.

And it used to be the best. What a pity.

This line of attack criticism of the website is becoming increasingly tiresome, and I for one wish it would stop or at least decrease significantly.

Fact: Inside evs main focus is electrical vehicles.
Fact: Tesla is the maker of the most advanced premium evs.
Fact: Tesla is in the news everyday, all day and has been for years.

I think that what is pity at this website is not the fact that they do do a lot of stories on Tesla, but that the caliber and tone of comments to the site have markedly fallen.
I.e., the comment previous to this.