Tesla Model X Autopilot Jalapeno Challenge – Video


Model X Autopilot Challenge

Model X Autopilot Challenge

*Editor’s Note: There’s definitely some NSFW language and references throughout the video.

Video description:

“What is going on Cupbangers!?”

“In today’s episode of LTACY, I finally bring Pedro for a ride! We decided to test out the Tesla Model X’s auto-pilot system in Hollywood. Every time we have to disengage autopilot, we eat a JALAPEÑO! How does it end? Check out the shenanigans…”

For some, eating a Jalapeno isn’t a challenge, but for those who aren’t keen on hot pepper, there’s an actual risk here, so this may be the first time we’ve seen Tesla’s Autopilot tested in such a way that one’s confidence in the system determines how much he or she is willing to put on the line.

One jalapeno, two jalapeno, three….

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Tesla Autopilot is NOT designed to work on surface roads (non-freeway). Implying otherwise, as in the video, is DANGEROUS. I’m not impressed.

They pretty much show that, eating a lot of Jalapenos. Also they were aware that Autobilot isn’t designed to react to traffic lights, which would be key for non-freeway imho. On the other hand… Americans have to put “content hot” on their coffee cups… so what do I know…

I used it on non-highway roads regularly. I keep very close attention and guide it sometimes into smooth turns and odd roads. This learning is sent back to Tesla and I’ve seen then take the roads better in the future. It is an added safety feature as well because it brakes pretty quickly if I’m looking off to the side or something and the car in front of me brakes for some reason (turn, something in road, car ahead of them braking unexpectedly, etc).

Did anyone actually watch the entire 21 minutes straight through? I couldn’t…

Next stop hot box video https://youtu.be/vs_X29DzUfo